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Whether you’re just turning 65 or perhaps you worked a couple of extra years beyond and you’re calling it quits, I understand there’s a lot of different Medicare options out there.

You’ve got Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, then there are Part D drug plans on top of it!

Those, along with every little option in between to try and learn about when it comes to Medicare.

And if you’re turning 65 of course, your mailbox is probably full of brochures every day!

I’ve been where you are…

Believe me, I understand.

When I tried shopping for Medigap insurance for my Mom almost 11 years ago, I was totally confused and stressed!

I played it cool with Mom though, I told her I had it all under control.

But let’s face it, Medicare can be pretty overwhelming.

Medicare Supplement Plans
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My name is Russell Noga and after trying to help Mom, I knew there had to be a better way to shop for Medicare insurance.

So I created along with one of the most popular Medicare Youtube channels out there today.

I wanted people to not have to go through what I did and make it as easy as possible for them when it came to learning about Medicare.


Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


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So in this article, I’ll be discussing one of the most popular Medigap insurance companies out there and the different Medicare supplement plans they offer.

This is about enrolling in a Cigna Medicare supplement.

Cigna is a top company in the industry, and definitely one you’ll want to consider. They offer a variety of different insurance plans, such as life insurance and disability insurance.

As most insurance carriers for Medigap., they offer a number of different companies within the company’s umbrella.

Their family of the company includes names such as:

  • American Retirement
  • Cigna Health and Life
  • Loyal American
  • Cigna Health & Life


Medicare Supplement Plans


Which company you’ll end up with depends on what state you’re in, and you might not end up enrolling with Cigna at all if we find an option that works better for you.

But I’ll break down exactly what the different Medicare supplement plans from Cigna cover, and then you’ll have a great idea of which plan is best for you.

Like every other company out there that sells Medicare supplement insurance, Cigna offers the most popular plans.


These are:

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • Medicare Plan F*


Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F


Medigap 2020Medicare supplement plan F is only available to people who were enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020.

This is because the plan became very expensive, and Medicare eliminated it for all new beneficiaries.

Don’t worry, though. You didn’t miss out!

Medicare plan F is far too expensive with too little benefit over a plan like Medicare Plan G from Cigna.

Plan G will absolutely be their most popular plan this year. and for good reason as the coverage on Plan G is fantastic.

You can change to a different company and keep Medigap Plan F if you currently have it, and you probably should if you want to keep it. There are likely lower premiums available.

Or, consider Medicare supplement Plan G. In fact just click the banner below to see the difference in rates of Plan F vs. Plan G.


medicare supplement plans


Cigna Medigap Plan G


Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan N 2021So before I get into the details of Medigap plan G let me just offer this one big piece of advice :

When it comes to Medicare supplement plans every single insurance carrier has the exact same coverage.

That means whether it’s a plan G or plan N it doesn’t matter what carriers offering it, it is the identical coverage between each of them.

medicare part g

That means a  Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G is the same as Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G, and the same as that of an Aetna Plan G.

It’s all identical coverage. However, each company charges entirely different amounts for it!

Sometimes substantially higher or lower.

So can you imagine calling only one insurance company and getting their rate and signing up, not even knowing that there could be six or seven others with far lower rates!

For FREE, we shop those rates for you.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G


As I mentioned is going to be the most popular plan regardless of which company that we sign you up with, because there’s only one out-of-pocket expense with Plan G.

And that is you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself before Medicare and the plan begin paying. In 2021, that deductible is $203

This will go up slightly in 2021.

This means the first $198 of your medical bills are paid by you, and after that Medicare and the Plan, G come in and pay 100% of all your approved expenses for the rest of the year.

As you can see that is fantastic that coverage.  And the premiums are relatively low, plus Cigna offers a household discount in many different states.


Medicare part B deductible


This deductible that you pay is called a calendar year deductible.  That means you Medicare part Bonly pay it once during the year and then you’re covered 100% on plan G until the end of the year.

Then it resets in January.

Now this deductible has nothing to do with plan G.  In fact, it’s got nothing to do with Cigna either.

This deductible is required by Medicare before they start paying any part of your medical bills.  So even if you had no Medigap plan, you would still have to pay this deductible out of pocket prior to Medicare part B paying anything.


Medicare supplement plan N


Medicare Plan NNow another very popular Cigna Medicare supplement is called Medicare Plan N. This plan is a terrific plan with great coverage and lower premiums than plan G.

It’s fairly similar to Plan G in that you still pay the annual part B deductible yourself, but then it’s got a few other out-of-pocket expenses that you could have to pay.

In the insurance world, these are called cost-sharing options.  That means in exchange for a lower monthly premium, the policyholder (You) agrees to pay some other possible charges that might come up.

The most common of these charges on plan N is the possibility of a co-pay for each doctor’s visit after you pay the deductible.


Plan N Co-pays – $20 each visit or Less


For example, on plan N let’s say you go to the doctor in January and you meet the part B deductible of $198 in 2020.

Well if you return to the doctor or specialist a few more times during the year, you might have a co-pay for each visit but it will never be more than $20.00

Now there’s no guarantee that you get a co-pay at all either.  It could be no co-pay, or it could be an amount that’s less than $20.00.  It just depends on how they code your doctor’s visit.


Emergency Room visits on Medicare Plan N


Medicare Supplement Plans


Another out-of-pocket expense that you could get on plan N is if you were to visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted, they’re going to charge you a $50 co-pay.


Medicare Part B Excess Charges

It also doesn’t cover what’s called Part B excess charges, but those are extremely rare and you probably never see one of those.

However, there’s always a slim chance. What these are, is if the doctors don’t accept the assigned rates for Medicare you might have to pay a small percentage extra, because they can charge up to 15% extra on the bill.

For starters, it’s estimated that 97% of all doctors take the assigned rates in this country.  In the event you do find one of the 3% of that duke charge excess charges, they have to do for their entire practice all the time.

If you’re worried just ask your doctor if they take the assigned rates for Medicare.


Cigna Plan N – An affordable option

So Plan N from Cigna fantastic option, but there’s one more benefit Plan N actually has over Plan G believe it or not, and that is Medicare Plan N seems to have lower annual rate increases.

This is a great plan for people who are healthy or may be coming off a Medicare Advantage plan and they’re used to lower premiums, and they just know they need great coverage just in case but they don’t want to pay a higher premium each month.


Cigna Medicare Supplement Rates


So by now, you’re probably thinking “Great, either plan sounds awesome. How much is a Cigna Medicare supplement Plan G or a Plan N?”

Well, rates for Medigap insurance plans are determined by a number of different factors.

So you might be 65 and your friend might be 67, and he or she could say they pay $XX per month.

That’s great, however, it’s entirely different for you especially if you live in different states, even if you’re the same age.


Example Cigna Medicare Supplement Rates


The easiest way to get rates that are accurate for you in your area is to simply just give us a call now at 1-888-891-0229.

Or just click below to get started viewing rates from a few of the top carriers, though we most likely have other options in addition to those.

medicare supplement plans


Medicare Supplement Quotes – We Show you the Rates!


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