How to Apply for Medicare

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Medicare is a government-sponsored healthcare plan available most commonly to people aged 65 and over in the United States. If you’re wondering how to apply for Medicare, it really is easier than it might seem. There are three ways that one can easily enroll, either online, by phone, or visit the Social Security Office.

In this case, ensure that even as you reach 65, you are ready with your papers to enroll for the plan, it’s possible to apply for it three months before you celebrate your 65th birthday. If you opt to visit Social Security offices, you will be able to apply for Medicare Parts A and B.

For the other plans like Medicare Part D, you can still enroll. However, it will be covered by a Private insurance company. However, this is voluntary to enroll under Social Security since it’s readily available by the insurance companies.


When to Apply for Coverage

For any person to be eligible to apply for Medicare, you must have attained the age of 65, except for some states which accept people with disability to apply at an earlier age. You need to apply by yourself unless you are taking Social Security benefits or Railroad Retirement Board benefits. In this case, one is automatically enrolled, and the card is delivered within two months.


Initial Enrollment Period (IEP)

You are eligible to enroll for Medicare Part A, B, and D three months before your birthday, your birth month, and up to three months after your 65th birthday. This amounts to seven months. If you are still employed and have benefits through your employer, you may delay enrollment into Part B and D with no penalties and enroll at a later date.

How to Apply Online for Medicare.

You do not have to leave your house to apply for Medicare, and you can enroll in less than ten minutes. You only need to visit the Social Security Website and click on the Medicare tab. It will guide you on howApply for Medicare online to proceed and make the application.

You can apply for Medicare only, or for both Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare at


How to Apply for Medicare By phone

how to apply for MedicareTo enroll by phone, you may contact the Social Security personnel at 1-800-772-1213  who will schedule an appointment for you and make the application using the telephone conversation during the scheduled appointment time. Sometimes the customer service officer you are dealing with may opt to send you the forms to complete and hand them over.

Either way, what is most important is for you to enroll at the earliest and start using the card at your convenience.

How to Apply for Medicare in Person

You can always apply for Medicare in person at your local Social Security office. There they can process your application quickly, so if you waited until the last minute this might be your best option. You can visit to find the nearest office near you.

In the Office, you will be able to fill out the forms for Medicare Part A and B and in a short time, you will be able to access the services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Medicare

When is the Open Enrollment for Medicare?

The open enrollment takes place three months before your 65th birthday and three months after your birth month. Applying during this time will help you avoid any penalties.


When Will I get my Medical card?

One will be able to get it approximately three weeks after the application, and if you applied before 65, then you will get it approximately three months before you celebrate your birthday.  If you are currently drawing a Social security check then you are automatically enrolled in both Part A and B Medicare, and you should receive your Medicare card in the mail approximately three months prior to your 65th birthday.

Do you have to apply for Medicare on an annual basis?

No, this is a one-time enrollment so long as you keep paying your Medicare Part B premium, except for Medicare part D drug plans that auto-renews annually.

Medicare supplement plans, Part D drug plans, and Medicare Advantage plans should be reviewed with us on an annual basis to ensure you have the correct coverage. We handle all of that for our clients for FREE and make it easy for you.


How long does it take to get Medicare Part B After Applying?

You may start both Parts A and B on the first day of the month you turn age 65. For those who delay Medicare Part B and start at a later date, it will always go into effect on the first of the month after you apply, or whichever month you decide to begin.

Feel free to contact us for more information on Medicare, and we will be happy to assist you further.