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Medicare Supplement Plan G is now the most popular Medigap plan and for great reason. With Medicare Plan G you only have one small deductible to pay and then you get 100% coverage of all your Medicare-approved expenses for the rest of the year.

And like all the Medigap plans you have NO network. Visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare and they will gladly also accept your Plan G.


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Medicare Supplement Plan G – The Best Plan?


Medicare supplement insuranceMedicare Supplement Plan G is a high-coverage, low-cost supplement plan that is a good choice for many Medicare subscribers who have extensive medical needs.

You will want to sort through quite a few Medicare supplement Plan G quotes to make sure you are finding the one that costs the least.

Now Plan G is one of the higher-coverage plans, but it won’t cover every supplemental expense.

Essentially, it only leaves a Medicare Part B deductible for Medicare subscribers to pay out of all supplemental charges. This is $203 for the year 2021. Let’s look at what it does cover though.

With this plan, you will have all skilled nursing care covered for up to 100 days. You also get covered for some more blood each year (up to three pints) and all Part A coinsurance. That coinsurance applies to hospital fees such as the cost of staying in a room.

Even with Medicare and Plan G’s coverage, you will still need to pay some of these costs on your own, but they offer a huge buffer between you and massive hospital bills

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Why Medicare Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is our second most popular option among our clients, with Plan F being the exception. Below we will explain why Plan G is quickly becoming the new leader in Medicare Supplement and why many have not heard of it before.

Overall, Plan G coverage is almost like Plan F. It offers people high-coverage insurance and peace of mind. It covers all your coinsurance, copays, and hospital deductibles each year, just like Plan F. However, it does not cover the Part B deductible, which is the main difference between the two.

As you can tell, Plan G offers basically the same benefits and coverage as Plan F, with the deductible for Part B being the only out-of-pocket expense each year. In return for this, these policies are often much cheaper as well.


Plan G Rates


What Is Covered Under Medicare Supplement Plan G?


When enrolling in Plan G, your portion of the claim is covered after Traditional Medicare covers 80%. The only out-of-pocket expense is the deductible for Part B.

It will help cover costs of hospitalization when needed, including skilled nursing, blood transfusions, and hospice. In addition, it will cover all costs for doctor visits, diabetes supplies, lab work, X-rays, medical equipment, surgeries, ambulances, etc.

First, Medicare covers their portion of the claim. Afterward, Medicare Supplement Plan G kicks in and covers the rest, after the yearly deductible is paid.

Also, Plan G provides emergency benefits in foreign countries, up to $50,000.


How a Small Deductible Means More Savings


best Medicare advantage plans 2022There are many reasons why Medicare Supplement Plan G has started becoming more popular. Let’s take a look.

The first reason it’s popular is the fact it covers the 20% gap after Medicare covers its part. The only exception is, the deductible for Part B is an out-of-pocket expense each year. In 2021, this amount is $203.

We can help you find the best rates for Plan G in your area, saving you time and effort in manually getting quotes.

Another reason it’s popular is due to the lower premiums. By paying the deductible yourself, the monthly premium is greatly reduced, which often saves much more than the deductible comes to.

Plan G reassures seniors that they are covered in case they need a hospital stay. All of the hospital costs are covered, including the deductible that is more than $1,400 by itself.

When it comes to outpatient services, you’re responsible for the first $203. After that, Medicare Supplement Plan G covers the rest of the expenses. First, Medicare pays 80%, and the rest is covered by your Plan G policy.

If you’re new to Medicare and Supplement plans, it is important to know what is covered by Medicare. Supplement plans only cover the gap left by Medicare, and will not cover any services not approved by Medicare.

So, if you find a Plan G policy in your area at a much lower rate than Plan F, it only makes sense to consider going with that one.

Especially if it’s over $200 per year in savings, which covers your deductible. Although, in many cases, the lower premium will have a larger offset than that.


Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits


Medicare Plan G


Here’s a great example of how Plan G works in the real world…

Plan G Medicare

Bob has been a diabetic for years and uses Medicare Supplement Plan G to cover his expenses. He only visits his primary doctor once a year for an annual checkup.

However, he must see his endocrinologist multiple times per year to get his prescriptions renewed.

His first visit is in January to his doctor and the specialist. The bill is Medicare, which covers 80%, minus the $203 deductible for outpatient services.

Plan G covered the remaining 20% of the costs after the $203 deductible was paid out of pocket.

Because Bob uses Plan G, the policy covered his testing strips, lancets, and a new glucose meter at no additional cost. After the Part B deductible, Bob’s bill was covered 100% between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plan G, including supplies.

Bob will not have to stress over any out-of-pocket costs for the rest of the year for Medicare Part A and B approved services. It’s all taken care of.  Bob has a separate Medicare Part D policy, which he only has a copay for prescription medications.

Therefore, after that $203 in January, he will not have any doctor copays. Further lab work is covered, including imaging, surgery, or any other Medicare-covered treatment, he’s covered.

That is why Medicare Plan G is such a great policy.


Plan G Rates


Medicare Supplement Plan G FAQ


What is the deductible amount for 2022?

The Part B deductible for 2021 is $203, and the deductible for 2022 should be a few dollars higher. They will release this information in October so keep checking back.


What’s Covered by Medicare Plan G?

It covers all Medicare services, including coinsurance, copays, and hospital stays. Your only out-of-pocket expense with Plan G is the annual Part B deductible.


Is Dental Covered Under Plan G?

No, routine dental care is not covered under Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans.


Are Prescription Drugs Covered By Plan G?

Coinsurance costs for Part B medications are covered. Generally, these are medications that were given to you in clinical environments, such as a shot, chemotherapy, etc. It does not cover medications prescribed by outpatient clinics. These require a Part D prescription drug plan.

Is Medicare Supplement Plan G Better than F?

This is one of the most asked questions about Plan G. Although there’s more out-of-pocket expense initially, in the long-term, it is typically the better value plan. Plan G has lower premiums and lower rate increases than Plan F. In fact, we never recommend Plan F anymore.



What does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover?


Plan G will also cover all co-payments and the Medicare Part A deductible. These are common expenses that would generally be charged almost every time you visit the hospital or go see your doctor. Additionally, Plan G covers your excess charges from Medicare Part B and offers a foreign emergency benefit for people while outside the country.

If you want to save some money on this plan, then you will want to look at a number of different Medicare supplement Plan G quotes using our FREE quote engine at the top of this page.


But I Thought Plan F was the Best?


When many people first get on to Medicare and start looking at Medicare Supplement plans they are immediately drawn to Medigap Plan F. This is because it offers 100% coverage of the gaps in both Medicare Part A and Part B. While this may seem attractive (and it certainly is!), in many cases, people overpay greatly for plans.

When you compare a Plan F vs. a Plan G the only difference is who pays the annual Part B deductible. Plan F pays this for you, and in 2020 amount is $198.

Considering that’s the only difference, if you pay more than $203 or Plan F over Plan G in annual premiums, then it is actually costing you money to have Plan F!

Use our quote engine at the top of the page to compare premiums for Plan G against Plan F in your area to see the difference. Now, some people don’t mind paying extra to never get a medical bill, and we certainly understand that.

Our job is to show you all the options, then help you choose and apply for coverage while saving you the most money possible. Remember, every company has the same Plan G, but they all charge different rates for it!


Reasons to Consider Medicare Supplement Plan G


Medicare Plan G


Although the lower premiums may be a good reason, it is not the only reason people have started choosing Plan G over other plans. When comparing the long-term benefits of Plan G, the rates have a slower increase over time compared to the annual rate increase of Plan F.

Furthermore, if you already have Plan F and your Part B deductible was covered already, you are not responsible for paying it until the following year.

If you have decided that Medicare Supplement Plan G is the right option for you, we have authorized agents ready to help. We can answer your questions and explain ways to get the lowest premiums around.

With more than 30 carriers compared against each other, it is much quicker than manual comparison.

Furthermore, if the doctor’s office makes a billing error, we’re here to help. Our number is 1-888-891-0229.



Let us help, there’s no charge!


And the plan being offered is the same no matter where you buy it from. Medicare ensures that all carriers are providing the same coverage for each plan, regardless of how much you pay for the plan.

So God forbid you or your spouse ends up in the hospital, you can both have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re only out-of-pocket expense if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan G is the small, annual deductible to pay which is currently $203. That’s fantastic coverage!

That’s why you’ll want to find the lowest price possible. Each company sets its own rates, and some of them may be outside of what you can afford. We can help! It’s easy enough for us in just minutes to find the best rates being offered.
We give you Medicare supplement Plan G quotes from major carriers that are offering the plan in your area. That way, it is simple to just look at the available quotes and compare them to see which one is the lowest.


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