After 8 years in business and tens of thousands of people watching our videos, at first glance we might look like a really big company. But in reality at we’re a small group of experienced agents with a massive desire to help people. And we plan on keeping it that way.Our personalized service year-after-year is why our clients keep telling their friends about us, and we’re proud to help people find the best Medicare supplement coverage to fit their needs.We’re based in Austin, TX and you can be sure you’ll not only get a healthy dose of Southern hospitality, but also the highest level of service each year when it comes to your Medicare insurance. Plus, we just all love working together!

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 Russell NogaOwner 

Russell created in 2009. Knowing there was a far easier way for people to understand Medicare and Medigap insurance, his videos have helped tens of thousands of people easily learn about Medicare Supplement plans. Born and raised in Fairfield, CT. he now lives with his wife Mari and son Zachary (and Chuy, their dog) in Austin, TX.

Russell has helped thousands of people with their Medigap insurance in over 40 states across the country. When he’s not working he enjoys as much time with his family as possible, traveling, reading, and playing golf and ice hockey.

Dianna FirthAgent

Dianna is most well-known for her incredible, unlimited supply of energy and her outstanding service. Her clients absolutely love working with her and we love having her on our team.

With her Medicare and service experience it’s no wonder Dianna has an amazing amount of her clients telling their friends to call her to help. She’s a proud Wife and a Mother of two adorable sons, and is one of the most dedicated agents you will ever find. Plus, you just feel great after talking with her!

See What Dianna’s Client’s Say About her!

“My name is Jim and I viewed several of your podcasts on the Internet today. They were helpful in navigating this medicare quagmire. I also filled out the form to get a quote. This caused me to make contact with your company.

As a result, one of your agents, Dianna, called me. I am writing this message to comment on her performance. She is excellent. She gave me an hour on the phone, patiently explaining the difference between and Advantage and Supplemental plans, discussing different companies, and answering all of my questions, whether valid or inane. Her answers were accurate, concise, and patient. By the time she finished explaining things to me, I completely flip-flopped from feeling ripped off because I could have gotten a much cheaper Advantage Plan, to feeling more secure, in the long run, with a Supplemental Plan. 

Dianna is worth her weight in gold and you are very fortunate to have her working with you.


Jim H.

Hi Dianna: I received your thank you card today and I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have.  They all certainly look like a happy group. I also received everything from Aetna that I need thanks to your fantastic help. Let me know when I should sign up for drug coverage. I look forward to working with you from year to year and will definitely pass your name and phone number on to anyone that I hear of who is looking for medigap insurance.Take care of yourself and that gorgeous family!Sincerely,Judy K. 
“Dianna Thank you so much  for the update on my coverage!   I have been very happy with the Mutual of Omaha coverage and the cost has been so much less than most Medicare supplements.   I had to use it last year and the care and coverage I received was fantastic. Thank you for your excellent service!”Ruth M.  

ChuyThe Boss

Russell might be the owner, but Chuy is the boss around here. He keeps close watch on us all, and while we don’t get too many walk-in clients, nothing makes him happier when we do because he knows it will result in endless attention.

When he’s not protecting the office against package delivery drivers (we ALWAYS know when UPS is here, as do the people we’re on the phones with!) he loves long walks in the park, snuggling, and of course belly rubs. 


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