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One question that’s extremely popular is when people ask me  “Russell, When can I buy Medicare Supplemental health insurance?”

I’ll be discussing it in this article many different types of scenarios and how they apply to when you may apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Everything will be covered, so keep reading!

In the event you have a Supplement plan which you would want to change, often because of those dreaded rate increases, I’ll tell you the easiest way to switch, which to change to and why you should change all the same.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Russell Noga

My name is Rusell Noga, the founder of Medisupps.com.

We are a small independent insurance agency, where we get to shop all the top companies for our clients.

We find the lowest premiums for current sign-ups, and in the future when you get rates increases.

So, I hope you’ll allow us to help as well, because you pay us nothing!

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding Medigap Insurance and Medicare, so let’s dive more into Medicare Supplemental insurance.


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Turning 65?


When buying Medigap insurance the most common time to enroll is when you first turn age 65 and come onto Part B Medicare.

This includes people over 65 who kept working and delayed Part B and are  now coming on.

But if you are just turning 65 and enrolling in both Part A and B then your Medigap coverage should start the same day.

This is most often the first day of the month you turn 65 which is when Medicare begins.

So, why do we even have these plans to begin with?

Well, Medicare doesn’t cover everything.


Medicare Part A and Part B – Original Medicare


what each part of Medicare covers


Part A covers hospital, while Part B covers doctor services. However, both of these leave medical bills uncovered, leaving some costs to be paid out of pocket.

These costs include items such as:

  • Deductibles
  • Co-payments
  • Coinsurance

With a Medicare Supplement Plan or Medigap plan, it means the same will relieve the financial burden by paying most of these costs and reducing your medical bills drastically.

medicare open enrollment


There is what’s called a six month Medigap enrollment plan period that’s allowed once you come onto Medicare.

If you have Medicare Part A and B, the six-month window is open for enrollment to a Medigap plan of choice, and no medical questions are asked at this point.

You will have the option to apply to any company and most likely get approved for coverage the same day.

Now, this is the six-month Medigap open enrollment period that begins the first day you’re on Medicare Part B.

So that’s one group out there that I’m sure is reading this and it’s people new to Medicare. But what about if you already have a supplement plan?

No problem!


Changing Medigap Plans


With an existing Medicare Supplement Plan, there is the open enrollment period or annual election period, which takes place every year from October 15th through December 7th.


Medicare Supplement Plans


During this period many different changes can take plan. But many people think they can only change their Medicare supplement plan during this time.

Not True!

You can change Medigap plans any time during the year.

You do not have to wait until October. So if you recently got a rate increase then call us NOW!

There’s no need to pay more than you should for this coverage, every company has the same thing!


Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Rate Increases


Medicare Supplement plans have rates increases each year.

This is something that all companies do.

That’s why here at Medisupps.com we plan, think better, and help to keep you saving money.

On the anniversary of your supplement plan, which happens every 12 months, you will get a rate increase.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and not get one, but let’s keep expectations low!

This does not happen each January, or by calendar year. It’s on the anniversary of your policy.

This depends on start date of your Medicare plan.

If you are turning 65 and coming on to Medicare and a Medigap Plan in April, then the expectation is that you’ll probably get a rate increase the following April.

You do not have to wait until October, which is the Open enrollment period to change your plan.   Call us right away!

We will shop for you and get the best rates and see if we save you money no matter what time of the year.


Medicare Supplement Quotes


You can always visit my website, Medisupps.com, where I’m one of the few, if not the only people out there that will show you rates online.

I do what I say I’m going to do.

You’re going to get quotes, and you’re going to see the rates from the top carriers for Medicare Plan F, G, and N if you enter your information.

And you will only get a call from one person here to answer any questions you might have.

We never sell your information and we show you the rates!


Medicare supplement rates


And just to recap, you don’t have to wait for the annual enrollment period to change your Medicare Supplement Plan.


Leaving your Medicare Advantage Plan?


Then there’s the group of you who have a Medicare Advantage Plan and want to change for various reasons.

And believe me, I’ve heard them all.

Medicare Supplement Plans


This keeps us busy through that enrollment period from bell to bell, changing people saying, “Russell please, get me off this Advantage Plan!”

There are several reasons why people are unhappy with their Advantage Plan.

To understand better the differences between Medicare Advantage vs Medigap feel free to watch my video below!


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I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials promising zero premiums, which most people think means zero cost. Well, I assure you it’s not.

Many people wish to be able to have the flexibility of choosing any doctor or specialist anywhere in the country. The top Docs and specialists who accept Medicare.

This does not work with a Medicare Advantage plan since you’re required to stay in your network.


Medigap Plans have No Network!


With a Medigap Plan you have the flexibility of going anywhere.

Now, for your folks who want to come off your Advantage Plan and back on Medicare Supplement Plansto Original Medicare, when can you apply for the supplemental coverage?

During that Medicare open enrollment period from October 15 through December 7.

The only exception is if you have an Advantage Plan and you are within the first 12 months of signing up.

If that’s your current situation then call us today, because we can get you back to Original Medicare and onto a Medicare Supplement Plan.

For most of you who want to change, the chances are that you’re outside of that period and change would need to occur during the open enrollment period in October.


Medicare Supplement Underwriting


This does mean that you have to go through what is called Medicare underwriting with the Medigap company we are applying with.

This applies to each carrier where they have their own set of Medical questions, that you’re required to answer and pass them.

This makes a lot of people very worries and possibly for a good reason in some cases. Maybe you’ve got a medical condition, and it’s worrying you, and I understand that.

Medicare Supplement PlansHowever call us, because within a two-minute phone call we can let you know if we think you’ll get approved or not.

We know the underwriting guidelines of all of these companies since we have been doing this for 11 years, and we’ve had a lot of people get through.

Sure the chance of a decline based on health conditions is possible, however we will determine at that point when a better time in the future is to apply.

But don’t just automatically think you’re a decline, we’re surprised many people by getting them approved!

If you’ve got a Medicare Advantage plan and you want to switch, remember you’ll just have to wait until October 15 through December 7 to make the change.

But either way, the best time to call us is always now. Let’s set up a game plan to make the switch as easily as possible. You’ll be glad you did!




Medicare Part A & B Only?


So, I covered the top two groups of people who would want to change whatever coverage they have now on to supplemental coverage.

Those included people coming off an Advantage Plan, or maybe just shopping for a better premium and they already have a supplement.

Medicare Supplement PlansWell, there’s one other group, and that’s people who just have Part A and B Medicare alone.

And there’s quite a few of you out there that didn’t get a supplement or an Advantage Plan.

But now maybe you’re thinking that you want a Medicare Supplement Plan.

If you just currently have Part A and B Medicare, and you’re reading this, we can sign you up for a Medicare Supplement Plan anytime during the year.

So call us today if you’re looking to get a plan. The same rules apply that I just mentioned for folks coming off an Advantage Plan or even changing Supplement Plans, you do have to answer the medical questions on the new application.

Give us a call within a couple of minutes we will find out if we think you’ve got a good shot at getting approved…and it’s worth it.


Apply Today!

Now, if you’ve got just Part A and B Medicare, don’t wait until something goes wrong and then you want a Supplement Plan.

Hopefully you remain healthy for the rest of your life, but I’m the one who gets all the calls of people now wanting a supplement and some cannot qualify.

My point is, don’t wait till it’s too late. Call us today, and we can help you out, regardless of those scenarios above you fit into.

Call us today at 1-888-891-0229.

We will discuss your current situation and find the best options for Medicare Supplement Plans now and for years to come.


Medicare Supplement Plans