What is the Best Supplemental Insurance for Medicare in 2023

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Supplemental insurance for Medicare was created to help people get more of their medical bills paid for them.

Original Medicare Parts A (hospital coverage) and B (Doctor services) do not cover everything and have expenses in them that you must pay.

These expenses are things such as:

  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Coinsurance
Medicare supplemental plans

The Best Supplemental Insurance for Medicare plans are:

  • Medicare Supplemental Plan G
  • Medicare Supplement Plan N
  • High-deductible Supplement Plan G
  • Medicare Supplement Plan F*
  • High-deductible Plan F*

*Plan F is no longer available to anyone enrolled in Medicare on January 1st of 2020 or later

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2023

There are no changes scheduled for Medicare Supplement plans in 2023, but in today’s economy, every dollar counts.

That is why so many people are now using our FREE quote engine on this website to check their rates and see if they can save money.

Below is a description of the best Medicare Supplement plans to help you see if it’s worth changing plans to save money.

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What is the best supplemental insurance for Medicare?

Below are the best supplemental insurance plans for Medicare that most people enroll in.

The most popular plan by far in 2023 will be Medicare Plan G, with Medicare Plan N rising in popularity because of its low premiums and great coverage.

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Medicare Plan G Benefits

Medicare Plan G


Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular plan for people new to Medicare due to its fantastic coverage and few out-of-pocket expenses.

The only expense you have to pay on Plan G is the annual Medicare Part B deductible.

Before Medicare Part B begins paying 80% of your doctor’s bills, you need to pay this deductible once per year. This deductible amount is currently $233 for 2022 and should be close to that amount in 2023.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

  • Has No Network – You may visit any doctor or specialist in the United States, provided they accept Medicare
  • No referrals needed for a specialist
  • No Co-pays
  • No coinsurance to pay
  • 100% coverage after you pay the annual Part B deductible
Medicare Plan G

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Medicare Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is another plan that people love as it has lower premiums than Plan G, but still provides excellent coverage.

Thousands of people will be switching from Medicare Plan G to Plan N to save money in 2023.

What is Medicare Plan N?

On Medicare Plan N you pay the annual Part B deductible once per year just like on Plan G.

After that is met there are a few out-of-pocket expenses that you might have to pay.

Medicare Plan N


  • After you meet the annual Part B deductible, Medicare pays 80% of your doctor’s bills
  • Then Medigap Plan N pays the additional 20%
  • A small co-pay of $20 may be required once that deductible is met. Telehealth visits do not apply.
  • If you visit the emergency room and you are not admitted, a $50 co-pay will be required
  • Medicare Part B excess charges are not covered on Plan N (These are rare, and not even applicable to CT, MN, OH, PA, RI, VT, MA, or NY)

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High-deductible Medicare Plan G

Aside from a standard Medicare Plan G that’s offered, there is also a high-deductible Medicare Plan G.

On high-deductible Plan G, you need to pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible just as you do with standard Plan G and Plan N.

After this deductible is met, Medicare Part B begins to pay 80% of all doctor’s bills for you. You will then need to pay the remaining 20% until you reach the high-deductible amount ($2490 in 2022).

Once the high-deductible amount is met, HD Plan G pays 100% of what Medicare Part B doesn’t cover. This plan is a great option for people who do not want a Medicare Advantage plan, or for those who do not visit their doctor often but want great coverage in case something happens.

High-deductible Medicare Plan G - Key points

  • Has a much higher deductible to pay than standard Plan G
  • Still has No Network and can be used nationwide
  • Has considerably lower premiums than standard Plan G

Which Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan is best for you?

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