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Well, if you’re new to Medicare and just turning 65 or maybe you are just retiring, as you enter the world of retirement remember that you still need great insurance.

Many of you are just coming onto Medicare you are most likely looking at Medicare Supplement Insurance to add into that to make sure you’ve got all your coverage.

This article is for those who realize they need more coverage than just Medicare, but still want the flexibility of choosing their own doctors.

Well, enter Medicare Part G!


Medicare Plan G


Many people have been emailing me and saying, “Russell, what does Medicare Part G cover? I hear it’s the best.”

Well first off I’ll just quickly cover what is a “part” of Medicare and what is a “plan”, because it gets confusing. Medicare Part G is really Medicare Plan G and is not technically a part of Medicare.

But in this article I’ll explain what everything covers and why Plan G is a great option to add!

But first, who am I?


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Medicare Basics


Now, let me quickly start first with the basics of Medicare.

I like to keep things simple. When it comes to Medicare, it doesn’t have to be confusing as those big stacks of books that you’re getting in the mail make it seem.

God bless if you can read every page of those…who has time? Who can stay awake that long?

Well I’m known as the guy on Youtube and the internet who makes Medicare Easy!



So let’s just begin with the basics of Medicare because I wanted to define ‘what is a Medicare part’ and then ‘what is a plan letter.’

I know, It’s alphabet soup because they use letters for everything.

Medicare Supplement PlansThere are two parts of Medicare that are your core benefits. These two parts are known as Original Medicare..

They are Medicare Part A, which covers hospitalization and Medicare Part B, which covers doctor services.

There’s also a Medicare Part D, a drug plan that you can add to that.

Medicare Part A and B do not pay all your medical bills. You are required to still pay portions of your bills. These are called the “gaps” in Medicare, which are simply items they don’t pay for you.

These are things like:

  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Co-payments


What is Medigap?


Medigap Plans, which are also called Medicare Supplement plans, help pay some or most of these gaps for you. And just for the record, Medigap and Medicare supplement plans are the exact same thing.


 Medicare Plan G


The one we’re talking about today is called Medicare Supplement Plan G.

There are ten different Medicare supplement plans available to choose from and they all are lettered. Each letter provides different coverage.

Medicare Plan G is the most popular Medicare supplement plan available, especially for those who are new to Medicare.

Medicare Plan G Coverage


The name “Medigap” comes from the fact that these policies help pay the gaps. And Plan G pays almost all of them for you!

The only “gap” that isn’t paid for you on Plan G is called the Medicare Part B deductible.

Remember, Medicare Part B pays 80% of your medical bills. Each time you go to the doctor you will be using Part B Medicare.

Medicare Part BBut before Part B begins paying for you, you must first pay the annual Part B deductible which changes in amount each year.

In 2020, this deductible amount is $198. This will likely go up slightly in 2021 as it does every year.

This is also what is called a calendar-year deductible meaning that you only pay it once per year, then it resets in January.

For example if you pay it in July, it’s paid till the end of the year.

So to put it simply, Medicare Part G or Plan G covers all Medicare-approved expenses except that small deductible. After you pay this deductible each year, it’s 100% coverage!

Now you might be saying, “Russell, that sounds amazing!”

And you’d be right! It’s fantastic coverage.

Can you imagine with Medicare and a Medigap Plan G, you can visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital anywhere in the country as long as they take Medicare.

There is no network with Medigap plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Now, it’s about this point in the article where people start saying, “Wow, it sounds a little too good to be true.”

“And if it is true, how much does it cost?” Well, it’s not nearly as much as Plan F was.


Medicare Plan F vs Plan G


If you’re reading this now and you kept plan F (only people on Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 are allowed to have Plan F), you might be interested in Plan G.

And that’s a very wise idea, because Plan F has become a complete waste of money in most cases.

And it’s only going to get even more expensive as the years go on.

Now for your folks turning 65 or just coming on a Medicare, you may have read about Plan F or heard about it.


Medicare Supplement Plans


The only difference between Plan F and G, is that Plan F pays the part B deductible for you. While that might sound like a good thing, remember the amount of this deductible?

In 2020, it’s $198.

What if I told you that you would likely pay an extra $400 per year for Plan F? Then they pay the $198 for you?

Simple math tells us you’re giving them an additional $200 just to write a check with your money. Enroll in Plan G and keep the money for yourself!

So you still have a Plan F, by all means, let us help out and check the rates for Plan G.


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Medicare Plan G Cost


An important thing to remember is that every single insurance company has the exact same Plan G. But they all charge different premiums for it!

That’s why it’s important to use independent agents like us to help you!


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