What Are the Best Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans?

Aetna sells a few different Medicare Supplement plans. It does not offer the full list of available plans, so if they are not offering the right plan for you, then you should look elsewhere, but we want to focus on what are the best Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. We are going to show you what each of them offer and how they compare, so that you can know which to pick if you have decided on Aetna as your insurance plan provider.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

If you go to Aetna to buy your supplemental Medicare insurance, then you need to to know that there are just three plans to pick from- A, B and F. All insurance companies are required to sell Plan F, but beyond that, they can pretty much just pick and choose which ones to sell you. They cannot change the coverage these plans offer, but they can set prices, and you need to compare the rates to find the best deal and to get affordable coverage. As you may guess, the cheaper plans are the ones that cover fewer medical expenses.

Plan A is the cheapest and lowest coverage of these three. It still takes care of a number of medical expenses for you, though. It will cover the cost of Medicare Part A hospital coinsurance. And that provides you more hospital coverage than you get with basic Medicare. It adds 365 days of coverage on top of what the basic plan provides.

Plan A will also cover you for Medicare Part B coinsurance, as well as for Part A hospice coinsurance and three pints of blood you use throughout the year.


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If you go with Plan B, you will end up with even more coverage. You will be covered for all the things that were included in Plan A, plus the Medicare Part A deductible. That is an expense you are only responsible for paying once a year, however it will cost $1,340 for each benefit period.

Plan F, on the other hand, takes all that coverage from both plans A and B and adds on more coverage to it. It gives you full coverage, and of course, it is the only plan to do so. In addition to what we already talked about the other plans covering for you, Plan F will take care of the cost of foreign emergency medical transportation, the Medicare Part B deductible, the Part B excess charges and the coinsurance payment for skilled nursing care. Together, that creates a powerful coverage package.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Rates

By choosing Aetna as your medical insurance company, you can enjoy some benefits you might not get elsewhere. This is a company that has been in the business for decades, after all, and they have a lot to offer their members. You can look into specific benefits they are providing, but you probably also want to look into their customer service record to see if they might be easy to work with and to tell whether other seniors have had pleasant experiences with them.

While we already looked at what are the best Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, we want you to be aware of what the cost of these plans would be. Each plan is priced differently, and Aetna sets its own prices and does not have to follow Medicare’s direction regarding prices or base its rates on what other companies are charging for the same plans. They can decide on their own rates, and those rates can change without warning. Of course, if you do sign up for one of their plans, then your rates would be locked in and guaranteed for the entirety of your contract with Aetna.

You will want to compare Aetna to other insurance companies to see how they stack up and who is offering the better prices and better benefits.





Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F


We have looked at the plans in some detail, but we haven’t told you yet which one is the best one. Out of the three plans, you would think that there would be one that is better than the rest, and for each individual, there is a best plan. However, we don’t know what the best plan is, because it changes from one person to another.

There could be someone with only a few medical expenses to pay after they apply basic medical coverage to their healthcare costs. That person would not need a full coverage plan like Plan F. They would benefit from something smaller that is less expensive and that provides only minimal coverage for their healthcare expenses.

Someone with a lot of medical costs to pay out of pocket, even after basic Medicare provides coverage for them, will need something robust and something with extensive coverage. That could be Plan F, or it could be something similar that is sold by another insurance company. But a low coverage plan like Plan A or Plan B may be best for them.

So, you see how the identity of the best plan will change with each person and their circumstances. In order to determine the best plan for yourself and for your needs, you have to look at what your medical expenses are and what kind of expenses you may have in the near future. You can consult with your doctor about your health and what kinds of things he thinks you should be covered for.

That way, you can prepare for the coming year and choose the right plan base and the evidence presented. If you are wondering what the best Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are, then that examination and that research can help you to make that decision. You can find a plan that saves you money and that meets your coverage needs. Just look at what Aetna is offering and compare it closely to determine the most appropriate plan for yourself.


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