United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G

One of the more popular plans being considered by Medicare subscribers is United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G. Based on the reputation of AARP as a trustworthy company that cares for seniors and Plan G’s reputation as a very economical, high-coverage plan, many people are getting ready to sign up for this plan as soon as its available.

About AARP

AARP is a senior-focused company that offers its customers a number of services. It provides medical insurance and other forms of insurance, retirement plans, personal advice from skilled professionals and a wealth of other services that benefit seniors. They have been working to protect, educate and serve America’s retirees and elderly for generations.

They have partnered with United Healthcare to ensure that their medical coverage plans reach as many people as possible. These include Medicare supplement plans that are used to cover additional expenses that Medicare’s basic plan doesn’t cover. They don’t just offer a single supplement plan, though. They also provide consumers with all the most popular Medicare supplements plans, including the other two high-coverage plans N and F.

If they do start offering Plan G, then this will actually be the first time they are offering it, which is really exciting for those Medicare subscribers who know how cost effective of a plan it is. They may be offering Plan G as early this year, which would be big news for the medial insurance industry and consumers alike. Whenever AARP does something different, it is worth taking note of, as they have a great track record with senior care and senior services, and much of what they do is done to benefit consumers and not just increase their bottom line.

So, if they announce that Plan G is coming to United Healthcare, or United Healthcare announces it, which is more likely, Medicare subscribers and those who will be subscribed to Medicare soon, should take note. This may become their best way of purchasing the plan. That’s because United Healthcare and AARP both have excellent customer service records, and the benefits of joining with them can make them worth considering, even when competitors offer lower prices than them.

About Plan G

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan GNow, let’s talk about Plan G. This is widely considered to be the most cost-effective Medicare supplement plans out there. Other plans may be cheaper and Plan F may cover more, but nothing offers as much value for your money as Plan G does. That’s because it covers so much, and it is usually offered at a similar rate to Plan N, the next lowest coverage plan on the list of Medicare supplement offerings. When you compare Plan G up against Plan F, the different in price is astounding. Most companies will charge far more from Plan F than Plan G, even though their coverage isn’t very different.

In fact, only one item is different from the two plans. Plan F will cover you for Medicare Part B deductible, and Plan G will not. That’s it. And those charges even aren’t that much. That’s why many people who need high-coverage plans turn to Plan G and choose it over Plan F, if you have done their research. So, if an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G is available, it may be worth considering, no matter what your current coverage is like,

Of course, you only need Plan G if you need a lot of additional coverage beyond what Medicare’s regular plan does for you. Let’s look at a coverage breakdown of this plan so you can see for yourself all the benefits it offers.


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Plan G will cover you for Medicare Part B excess charges, for most deductibles, for all a number of co-payments or coinsurance, for hospital expenses not covered under Medicare basic (for up to 365 days), for foreign travel exchange (to appoint) and some additional blood. Some of these are things that Medicare offers some basic coverage on with its original plan, but Plan G adds more coverage for them, filling in the gaps that Medicare leaves behind for you to pay.

Really, the only thing Plan G doesn’t cover that part of the supplemental expenses is the Medicare Part B deductible. This is a $183 deductible, and you only have to pay it for certain types of medical services. It’s not something you will have to pay constantly again and again, in many cases. Even if you do pay it several times throughout the year, it may still be cheaper to go with Plan G than Plan F, simply because of how expensive Plan F can be,

It’s worth looking at the prices on these two plans and comparing them to see if you are getting the best deal possible. You can talk to your doctor or an insurance agent to find out how often you might have to pay that Part B deductible and then determine if Plan G is right for you or if you need something else.

Get the Best Rates for United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G

You always want to choose the plan that saves you the most money, when it comes down to it. You may want to factor in coverage for unexpected expenses, such as emergency care. You can’t predict when emergencies will take place, but you can plan for them, so it may not hire to have some extra coverage, if you can afford it.

You also want to ensure that you get the best price for the plan you have chosen. United Healthcare may not be offering the best available price, and you should shop around to see what the competition offers. Our site provides a free resource you can use to find quotes from the various insurance companies selling the plan you want in your area.

Of course, you won’t find United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G on there yet, since it is not available right now. But it may be there in the future. It is worthy checking back with us to see what new companies are offering the plan you are looking for and how much they are charging for it. The prices could change between now and when you are ready to buy.


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