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When you need additional coverage for your medical bills and Medicare isn’t enough, you can use supplemental plans. But with so many providers offering these plans at a variety of different rates, it can be difficult to tell which one is offering you the best deal. Looking at what Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans are available can help you find out if they are the right choice for your supplement plans.

Transamerica is a long-standing company that boasts millions of members around the country. The company offers many different kinds of insurance, including life and dental. But their Medicare supplement offerings are the focus here.

They have all the most popular plans, including plans F, G and N. These plans offer subscribers the highest amounts of coverage available, and we will break them down for you.


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Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan F


This is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan. Other supplemental plans do come close, but Plan F stands above them all as the highest coverage plan viable.

That does not mean it is the best plan to apply for, because not everyone can benefit from full coverage. For some, it is simply too expensive, and it may cover things that don’t really apply to them.

Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover all supplemental medical expenses, which are medical care costs that are not already covered by Medicare and that don’t include medication, vision, hearing and other tangential medical care costs.

Specifically, Plan F will cover you for the Medicare Part A deductible and the Medicare Part B deductible. These annual costs can be quite expensive, and it can be cheaper to have them covered than to try to pay for them on your own.

Plan F is also going to cover the cost of blood for as much as three pints each year. That’s coverage that you get on top of what is provided by the basic Medicare plan.

It also covers your emergency foreign medical transport costs, or at least 80% of them for each incident. That comes with a deductible you need to pay, so be aware of that.

Plan F covers the Medicare Part A and Part B copayments, as well as the Part A hospice care coinsurance costs. It even covers you for skilled nursing care coinsurance expenses and Part B excess charges, providing a well-rounded coverage plan that takes care of all the bases.

Once you have Plan F’s coverage, you should have few medical costs to pay other than hearing, vision, medication and things of that nature. If you are already paying a lot of medical care, then you may want to consider this very robust plan and what it has to offer you.




Plan F comes with coverage for all supplemental expenses, including blood nursing care, foreign emergency care, co-payments, deductibles, and excess charges.

Plan G is offering nearly the same amount of coverage. Where it falls short is in the Medicare Part B deductible which it does not cover. But the loss of coverage is made up for by reduced premiums.

Plan N still offers high coverage to its policyholders, but not as much as these other two plans. It also requires policyholders pay for the Part B deductible. In addition, it requires payment for excess charges from Medicare Part B and a few small co-pays.



Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan G


With the coverage provided by Plan G, you will have few supplemental medical expenses left to pay on your own. This is a powerful and robust coverage plan that may not be right for everyone. You will want to examine what it has to offer and compare it to your own needs to determine if it is the best choice or not. It is definitely worth considering, though, since more seniors sign up for Medicare Supplement Plan G every year than any other supplemental insurance plan.

So, what does this plan have to offer you that makes it so popular for so many? Well, it takes care of all the copayments for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Those are common expenses that even Medicare subscribers have to pay for with every visit to the hospital or doctor’s office.

It is also going to cover the annual Medicare Part A deductible. It won’t cover the Part B deductible, though, but that is the only supplemental cost it does not take care of for you.

Plan G also covers the cost of foreign emergency medical travel in many situations, for as much as 80% of the per-incident cost. It covers you for $50,000 on this item over your lifetime.



Some of the coverage items get to be renewed every year, such as the blood coverage, which takes care of three pints of blood for you.

Plan G is also covering the cost of Medicare Part B excess charges. That’s not an expanse too many seniors would normally have to pay, but if it applies to you then you’ll be glad to have it covered.

Plan G covers the cost of skilled nursing care coinsurance as well as the coinsurance payment for Medicare Part A hospice care. For that latter coverage item, you get 365 days of coverage.


Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan N

If you were to sign up for Medicare’s supplemental Plan N, then you would get the majority of possible supplemental medical coverage. This insurance plan will take care of tons of different expenses for you- all things you have to pay even as a Medicare subscriber. Now, not all the coverage items it offers will necessarily apply to you, and you will need to examine your own needs and see how Plan N compares. We will show you what exactly it covers so you can have a god idea as to whether it may suit you or not.

Plan G takes care of the skilled nursing care coinsurance cost for you, as well as the Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance expenses. These two expenses won’t apply to all seniors, but you can definitely save money with this plan if they are applicable in your situation.

Plan N also covers the cost of the Medicare Part A deductible, which is due each year and costs $1,316 for every visit. The Part B deductible, which is considerably less expensive, will not be covered.

Under Plan N’s coverage, you will not have to pay for the Medicare Part A copayment or Part B copayment anymore. These regular expenses will be included in this plan.

Foreign travel emergency cover is also provided, which can cover you for 80% of the cost of every time you need this service. Your blood use can be covered too, with as much as three pints of blood covered for every year you have the plan.

There are only a few supplemental expenses to pay once you have Plan N, and it is a coverage plan that is worth considering for everyone. Compare it to the other options to see if it is the best choice.

With any one of these plans you would be getting some extensive coverage. And you can count on that coverage to be there when you need it since it won’t be changing anytime soon. In fact, Medicare has already notified its members that no changes are coming down the line. That gives you some time to get the most out of a Transamerica Medicare Supplement plans. There are a number of them to choose from, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits you.


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