Stonebridge Life Medigap Insurance 2016

For more than 40 years, Stonebridge Life has been providing its customers with a variety of insurance plans. These include dental, health life and accident policies. Many of their most subscribed to plans for the upcoming year are likely to be Stonebridge Life Medigap Insurance 2016.

Medigap plans are plans that supplement what Medicare already offers. They are only for Medicare subscribers, but they add additional coverage in varying amounts, depending on the plan you choose. Out of the plans that Stonebridge Life has available, the ones that continue to remain popular and should still be the most popular in 2016 are plans F, G and N.

Plan F gives policyholders complete coverage. Here’s the list of what it covers:

  • Professional nursing care
  • Coinsurance for Part A of Medicare
  • Deductibles from Part A and B
  • Co-payments from Part A and B
  • Excess charges from part B
  • A foreign Emergency travel benefit
  • More blood each year


Plan G comes in second place with its coverage, requiring that policyholders only pay for a Medicare Part B deductible. Other than that Plan G is identical to Plan F.

With plan N, similar coverage is provided. Policyholders still get all the coverage they would with Plan F, but they will need to pay for a few things from Medicare Part B- a deductible and any excess charges beyond what original Medicare already pays.

As you can see, these plans retain their popularity because they require that Medicare subscribes pay so little out of their pocket. Their rates tend to be higher than other plans because of their substantial coverage, but for many that price is worth it.

These plans will maintain the same coverage through the next year, as any changes to their coverage will be announced far in advance. But it is always a good idea to purchase the insurance as soon as you can. You never know when you may need it, and you able to lock in your coverage. Buying your Stonebridge Life Medigap insurance for 2016 when you first turn age 65 allows you to get a policy that is guaranteed renewable. This means as long as you pay your monthly premium they can never take the policy away from you, regardless of your health.




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