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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated February 5th, 2024

Are you looking for clarity on what Nassau Life Insurance Company offers in lieu of traditional life insurance policies? Focusing on annuities, Nassau aims to cater to modern financial security needs. This article details their annuity products, assesses their industry standing, and helps you navigate their services, ensuring you have all the information at your fingertips.


Key Takeaways

  • Nassau Life Insurance Company, with a history dating back to 1851 and led by CEO Phil Gass, has transitioned from offering life insurance to focusing on annuities with a variety of living benefits.
  • The company maintains a B++ financial strength rating from AM Best but trails behind industry leaders like Northwestern Mutual and New York Life, yet it shows low complaint ratios indicating customer satisfaction.
  • Despite ceasing the issuance of new life insurance policies, Nassau still supports its existing life insurance clientele and provides an array of policy management tools and customer support services online and via phone.


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Exploring Nassau Life Insurance Company

Exploring Nassau Life Insurance Company


Established way back in 1851, Nassau Life Insurance Company, formerly known as The Pyramid Life Insurance Company, has seen many transformations over the years. With its headquarters nestled in One American Row Hartford, CT, Nassau Life continues to make significant strides in the insurance sector under the able leadership of Phil Gass, the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Nassau Life, a subsidiary of Nassau Financial Group, is not merely an insurance firm, but a brand of distinction, recognized for its quality life insurance products. As it stands today, Nassau Life plays a prominent role in the insurance terrain, offering superior products that guarantee its clients’ financial stability.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Nassau

Comprehensive Services Offered by Nassau


Nassau’s journey in the insurance industry has seen a shift from providing life insurance coverage to focusing on annuities. While they previously offered term, whole life, and universal life insurance policies, their current focus is on a diverse range of annuity products.

Nassau’s annuities come with a suite of living benefits including:

  • Guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit riders
  • Potential for increased returns via underlying investment choices
  • Death benefit protection
  • Accumulation value
  • Chance to profit from market gains
  • Opportunity to tap into the expanding bonus Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) market

This is a testament to Nassau’s commitment to addressing its clientele’s diverse financial needs and securing their financial stability.



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Analyzing Nassau's Life Insurance Products

Analyzing Nassau's Life Insurance Products


Prior to its shift to annuities, Nassau provided an extensive array of life insurance products, grouped into two main categories: term and permanent policies. The company was steadfast in its commitment to offer products catering to the varied needs of its policyholders.

Despite discontinuing its life insurance coverage, Nassau’s products were known for their quality and reliability. We shall examine their offerings in the subsections that follow.


Term Life Insurance Solutions

Term life insurance, a popular choice among many policyholders, provides coverage for a specific duration through a life insurance policy. The policyholder can choose a term that suits their specific needs, usually ranging from 10 to 30 years.

Certain term policies offered by Nassau have the following features:

  • The option to be converted to permanent policies
  • Automatic renewal at the end of the term, provided that the policyholder is still alive
  • No need for a new medical exam when renewing the policy, but the premium payment will be adjusted based on the policyholder’s increased age.


Permanent Coverage Options

Permanent life insurance, another key offering from Nassau, offers continuous coverage for the policyholder’s entire life, contingent upon the consistent payment of premiums. Whole life insurance, a form of permanent life insurance, guarantees a lump sum payment to the designated beneficiary upon the policyholder’s demise, provided that the mandatory premiums have been consistently paid.

These policies also feature a savings component known as cash value, which grows over time due to the insurance company’s investment returns and the accumulation of premium payments. Upon reaching a certain threshold, the policyholder can withdraw the cash value, borrow against it, or allocate it towards their premium payments.

Financial Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

Financial Ratings and Customer Satisfaction


Financial ratings play a crucial role when selecting an insurance provider. Here are some key ratings for Nassau, as evaluated by a credit rating agency:

  • AM Best has upgraded Nassau’s Financial Strength Rating from B+ to B++
  • Nassau falls behind top life insurance companies such as Northwestern Mutual and New York Life
  • Nassau was not part of the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study
  • Nassau has a low complaint ratio, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by its swift response to complaints and its commitment to resolving issues to the customer’s satisfaction. In spite of its lower rating compared to industry giants, Nassau continues to hold its own in the market, maintaining a loyal customer base.

Riders and Additional Benefits

Riders and Additional Benefits


Riders play a key role in life insurance policies, serving as optional add-ons that come at an extra cost. Nassau Life Insurance Company provides a variety of riders, such as income, care, and family protection riders, within their fixed indexed annuity product portfolio.

One crucial rider is the terminal illness benefit, which enables policyholders to expedite a portion of their death benefit in case of a terminal illness diagnosis. The company also offers a Children’s Term Rider, which can be added to term life insurance policies for children by policyholders for an additional fee.

Navigating Policy Management with Nassau

Managing policies with Nassau is straightforward due to their comprehensive online account management system. Policyholders can easily access policy details, update personal information, and review premium payments. To update personal information, individuals are required to submit a written request via certified mail.

For assistance with policy management or other inquiries, policyholders can send a secure message or contact 1-800-814-3692. To register for Nassau’s online policy management portal, individuals should visit the login page at

The Transition from Life Insurance to Annuities

Nassau’s transition from life insurance to annuities was a strategic business decision. This shift was influenced by factors such as the merger with NLIC of Texas and the introduction of new products like Nassau Bonus Annuity.

This transition has not impacted existing Nassau life insurance policies, as they continue to be serviced by Nassau. The company has since ceased issuing new life insurance policies, focusing instead on retirement annuities and Medicare supplement insurance.

Comparing Nassau to Top Life Insurance Companies

When compared to other top life insurance companies, Nassau’s term life insurance holds a B+ rating, while Prudential’s term life insurance has been awarded an A+ rating. Prudential offers a diverse range of life insurance policies, including term, whole life, universal, and variable universal life policies.

As per the J.D. Power ranking, Prudential holds the 15th position out of 21 life insurance companies. Despite this, Prudential is often recommended as an alternative for life insurance instead of Nassau.

How to Buy Life Insurance Today

If you’re considering purchasing life insurance in the current environment, it’s important to assess your financial situation and determine the best timing for securing life insurance. The necessary life insurance coverage can be determined by evaluating final expenses, debts, and the financial needs of dependents, then subtracting any existing financial resources.

The process of applying for life insurance involves:

  1. Completing an application form with personal and health history details
  2. Undergoing a medical examination
  3. Specifying the type of life insurance and coverage amount desired.

Contacting Nassau for Inquiries and Support

You can reach out to Nassau Life Insurance Company’s Service Department at 1-800-541-0171 for service inquiries or to the Sales Support Desk at 1-888-794-4447 for annuities. For service or claims inquiries related to Pyramid Life or Constitution Life policies, contact the company at 1-800-999-2224.

Nassau also offers an online chat support service and general inquiries can be addressed to their customer service at 1-800-541-0171. Unfortunately, the specific operating hours for Nassau Life Insurance Company’s customer service are not provided, so it’s recommended to call during standard business hours.


In conclusion, Nassau Life Insurance Company’s transition from life insurance to annuities has allowed them to diversify their product offerings while maintaining their commitment to providing quality financial solutions. Despite lower ratings compared to industry giants, Nassau has proven its dedication to customer satisfaction and continues to maintain a loyal customer base. Whether you’re a current policyholder or considering Nassau for future needs, it’s clear that Nassau is a company committed to its clients’ financial stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Nassau Life insurance?

To contact Nassau Life insurance, call their Service Department at 1-800-541-0171 during business hours or register for access to their policyholder portal for assistance. Phone contact would be the most straightforward way to reach them.


Is Nassau a good company?

Nassau Financial Groups’ rating from AM Best is just B+ (Good), indicating that it may not be among the top life insurance companies.


Where is Nassau Life headquarters?

The headquarters of Nassau Life is located in Hartford, Connecticut. This is where Nassau Financial Group, the parent company of Nassau Life, is based.


What is the history of Nassau Life Insurance Company?

Nassau Life Insurance Company, originally named The Pyramid Life Insurance Company, was founded in 1851. In 2016, it experienced a major change when Nassau Financial Group acquired The Phoenix Companies, Inc.


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