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You may be familiar with Mutual of Omaha and know them by their reputation. After all, they have been in the insurance business for decades, and they have been offering senior medical insurance for quite some time. You can find some great coverage with the Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplemental Insurance for 2018.

It’s the same coverage as other insurance companies are providing. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that each company has their own set of coverage to offer you, because that’s not true. Medicare will ensure that each insurance company that sells its supplemental plans offers the right coverage, Medicare supplement Plan F will always be a full coverage plan wherever you buy it from, and Plan G will always offer just a bit less coverage than that.

What Mutual of Omaha Offers

So, if Mutual of Omaha isn’t going to give you exclusive medical coverage that you cannot get anywhere else, then what do they have to offer that would make them a worthwhile choice over one of their competitors? Well, it all comes down to customer service (and other factors relevant to a particular company) and pricing. The service that companies offer and member benefits can be different from one to another. There is a reason the people shop at one retailer and not another. Part of it is due to selection and convenience and part if it is often due to how they are treated there and what benefits shopping at one place gives them over another.

It’s the same way with medical insurance companies. There are perfectly valid reasons to choose one provider over another that have nothing to do with their pricing. You may get more selection from Mutual of Omaha than you would from other companies, or thy may give you better customer care when you have problems or you ask questions. These are all things to keep in mind as you try to find the right provider for your medical insurance plan. It is not enough to simply find the right plan for buy, but you also need to find the right provider who will take care of you and minimize the hassle that comes from subscribing to a medical insurance plan.


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As far as pricing goes, you will want to compare Mutual of Omaha to the competition. They may have higher or lower prices than other companies, and it is up to you to compare the prices. You can use a price comparison website to help you out, and that will find the prices a lot of faster and easier for you. Most of these sites should include Mutual of Omaha in their results, as it is one of the major Medicare supplement insurance providers.

The Coverage You Can Receive

We already mentioned that Mutual of Omaha isn’t offering any special coverage. It’s the same coverage on each plan as every other insurance company is offering, but you still need to know what that coverage is.

The Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 will cover you for some or all the following medical expenses:

  • Co-payments- These are regular expenses you would have to pay from your own pockets if the only medical coverage you had was the Medicare base plan. Most supplemental plans will cover you for both the Medicare Part A and Part B copayment.
  • Deductibles- Like the copayments, these are common expenses and you are required to pay them before you can be covered by your insurance plan. Many supplement plans will cover you for Medicare Part A’s deductible, but only Plan F will cover the Part B deductible as well.
  • Foreign Travel Exchange- This applies to transport for emergency medical care outside the United States. It may not be a common expense, but it can be quite expensive, and it’s helpful to have it covered. You can be covered for up to 80% of this expense by many of the plans, and none of them will cover you 100%. You will also have to pay a deductible before you can receive that coverage.
  • Blood- The basic Medicare plan gives you some coverage for pints of blood, but most supplemental plans will cover you for three more pints. This is renewed each year.
  • Nursing Care Coinsurance- This will give you coverage for skilled nursing care at facilities that have been approved by Medicare.
  • Part B Excess Charges- For those times when a healthcare provider charges you more for Part B services than what Medicare would normally allow, you are charged for excess costs. That’s covered by this item, but only for plans F and G.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018 Only Plan F will include all the coverage we just talked about. It’s the full coverage plan, and it costs the most, obviously. The other plans will cover some of these items, but not all. Some of the plans will only cover certain items for 50% or so, so be aware of how much you would be covered for by each plan. Make sure you are choosing the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Picking out the right plan is no easy task. You need to look at at least a few of them to determine if one is better for you than another. The more time you spend comparing he plans and their cost, the better you will be able to choose the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Mutual of Omaha may have just the right plan for you. You will have to look at what they are selling and compare it to your needs. Don’t just choose one of their plans because you don’t feel like you have any better choices, though. If they don’t have what you are looking for, then you can look at one of the many other insurance companies out there and choose the plan you want.

We simply single out Mutual of Omaha because they are a popular and well-respected insurance provider, and we think the Mutual of Omaha supplemental insurance for 2018 would be a good choice for many people.


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