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While many of the Medigap plans will help seniors to cover a few gaps here and there in their health insurance, Plan G provides ample coverage.

Most other Medigap plans simply cannot measure up, which is part of what makes Plan G a bestseller.

If you enroll in Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan G, then you can get that same powerful coverage backed by an insurance provider that seniors and industry experts both trust.

Medigap plans also come with standardized benefits.

These benefits have already been predetermined by Medicare, so Mutual of Omaha cannot sell you a Plan G Supplement that covers you differently from another Plan G sold by another insurance provider.

Mutual of Omaha makes their Medigap plans stand out by offering competitive prices, great customer service, and various member perks that they provide at no extra charge to you.

We’ll talk about some of this as we look at the value they bring to their Medigap plans like Plan G.


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Medicare Plan G


Medigap plans are known by the name Medicare Supplements as well and are designed to complement and work with Original Medicare.

You have to be enrolled in an Original Medicare insurance plan in order for your Medigap plan to be valid.

That’s because the Medigap plans have been specifically created to target leftover healthcare expenses that are not covered by the base Medicare plan.

They take the benefits that Original Medicare gives you and just extend them further.

Below is a great example of how Plan G and the costs work.

Mary Medicare Supplement Plan G


Medigap plans are being made available to any seniors aged 65 or older who do not have end-stage renal disease.

Other preexisting medical conditions should not prevent you from enrolling in a Medigap plan, but if you sign up after your initial enrollment period at age 65, then you could pay a higher price for your Medigap monthly premium than if you had enrolled during the initial period.

There are many Medigap plans available- 10 in all.

Some of them offer low coverage while others have lots of benefits to offer.

Plan G resides near the top of the plans when it comes to coverage. You might need all the benefits it provides and you might not.

Even if you don’t, you may benefit from the peace of mind that Plan G gives you and you may be able to easily afford its premiums.


Medigap Plan G Benefits


Medigap plansAs we said, enrollment in Medigap Plan G gives you the same medical benefits regardless of the price you pay or the insurer you buy from.

Medigap Plan G will cover you for common medical expenses, such as the Medicare Part A annual deductible.

This is a massive $1,408 charge you have to pay once a year to be able to get any insurance for Medicare Part A hospitalization services.

Under Plan G, you will also get benefits for hospice care and for nursing care, covering the coinsurance payments for both of those at approved facilities.

You’ll also be covered for any Medicare Part B excess charges.

That is an expense you typically need to pay if you go for Medicare Part B outpatient care at a healthcare provider that does not accept Medicare.

This could be a doctor’s office or an emergency room, among other places.

Plan G also covers you for three pints of blood a year. Couple that with the blood coverage you get from Original Medicare and you have full coverage for blood used.

Medicare Supplement PlansYou’ll also be covered for the Medicare Part B copays, which are due each time you visit the emergency room or go to the doctor and receive other kinds of outpatient care.

Finally, Plan G covers you for foreign travel exchange costs, equaling a lifetime benefit of $50,000 and a per-incident benefit of up to 80% coverage.

This helps you when you need to go outside of the US for emergency medical care, covering some of your travel costs.

Some of these expenses are very common and will need to be paid by most seniors who don’t have a Supplement plan. Others are less common, and you will want to examine them closely to see if they apply to you.

It can be helpful to have Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan G covers you for extra medical care costs that you don’t necessarily need to pay for each year.


Medicare Supplement Plans


That’s because the additional coverage can help you to rest easy and to enjoy peace of mind about your coverage. You won’t have to worry so much about what expenses you are responsible for with each visit to the doctor’s office or each trip to the hospital.

You can assume that your coverage plan is taking care of most of your healthcare expenses for you and leaving you with small medical bills to pay each year.

Compare Plan G to other Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans, such as Plan F which offers slightly more coverage but is only available to seniors who enrolled in Medicare before the first day of 2020.

You can also compare it to Plan N, which has fewer benefits than Plan G or Plan F but also a lower cost and might be more economical for most seniors.


Mutual of omaha medicare supplement plans 2019

Mutual of Omaha Plan G – Benefits


Mutual of Omaha is considered one of the best insurance providers to sign up with for Medigap plans.

You can check their ratings from Medicare for their Medigap plans. The plans are rated based on their overall performance or value, meaning that it is based on a weight of how much they cost, how much coverage they offer, how trusted and stable Mutual of Omaha is as an insurer, and what kind perks the insurer offers its members.

Like we said, Mutual of Omaha ranks highly in all of those categories.

The company tends to have affordable, competitive prices, and they do a great job of keeping the prices stable thanks to their own financial strength.

You can use our site to see what the rates are currently and compare them to the rates of other insurance providers. Our site provides you with quotes for your local area, giving you a listing of all the major insurers near you who are offering Medigap plans.

medicare part gIt’s so easy to compare their prices and pick out the cheapest one, but you’ll want to factor in other benefits that companies like Mutual of Omaha can offer you besides just their low rates.

When you enroll with this insurer, you get to enjoy some perks that won’t cost you anything extra.

One of their most common perks is gym access, giving you membership at any number of gyms spread out all across the country.

You’ll be able to use the gym any time it is open and not have to pay an annual or monthly membership fee to do so.

Perks like this will vary based on availability and where you live in the country. You can always talk to a Mutual of Omaha agent to find out what kind of member benefits are being offered to seniors on Medigap plans where you live.

The company also offers its members discounts for eyeglasses, hearing aids, mortgages, acupuncture, chiropractor care, and even massages.

As we said, you may or may not be able to access some of these services based on what is available in your location.

The price of Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans will vary based on location as well.

Be sure to check our site to see what the rates are near you and if they affordable for you.

You’ll also be able to see how they compare to the competition by using our site and getting a listing of different insurers and their Plan G Supplements for your location.

Is Medigap Right for You?


Supplemental insurance can be a great way for seniors to save some money. You’ll have to determine if it fits your needs and situation, though.

You can compare Medicare Supplements to other kinds of healthcare insurance plans, like Medicare Advantage.

You may find that the Advantage plans are a better fit for you and where you are at right now.

Advantage plans can replace Original Medicare by offering you most of the same coverage and then adding coverage beyond that, including emergency medical care urgent care, checkup benefits, and even a full prescription drug plan.

These overlap with Medicare Supplements like Plan G, though, so you cannot be enrolled in both of them at once.

Medigap plans have standardized coverage that only changes when Medicare decides it should change.

There are no scheduled upcoming changes to the benefits for Plan G for now, but you can be sure that we will list any updates as the information becomes available. Feel free to come back to our site as often as necessary to check quotes for Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan G and see if it is affordable for you.

We make it simple to find the best rates on high-value plans like these from trusted insurers like Mutual of Omaha.


Mutual of omaha medicare supplement plans 2019