Mutual of Omaha Medigap Insurance 2018

Mutual of Omaha is one of the most trusted and longest-standing insurance companies still operating within the United States. They offer a wide array of Medicare supplemental plans (Medigap). Many Medicare subscribers will be looking into Mutual of Omaha Medigap Insurance in 2018.

They offer some of the most popular Medigap plans available. While they don’t offer Plan N, they do have Plan G and Plan F. These are high-coverage plans with a lot to offer Medicare subscribers. Let’s look at what kind of coverage you can expect from plans F and G.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans


Medigap Plan G for 2018

With Plan G, you receive substantial coverage. You will be covered for all co-payments, both from Medicare Part A and Part B. And you receive coverage for excess charges from Part B and Part A’s deductible. That’s something Plan N wouldn’t cover. You are also covered for co-insurance form Part A and Part B (after you pay the annual Part B deductible of $183 for 2017), skilled nursing care up to 100 days at approved facilities, and a foreign emergency travel benefit.

Medigap Plan F for 2018

Medigap Plan F is identical to Plan G except for only one benefit. In addition to what Plan G already covers, Plan F gives you coverage for Medicare Part B’s deductible. This charge is not very large, and it’s only once per calendar year. So determining whether  Plan F or Plan G is the best for you often comes down to the annual cost of each of their premiums. Plan G will almost always save you money in most parts of the country just by paying the annual Part B deductible yourself.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plansEither way, these plans offer considerable coverage and they will definitely help many Medicare subscribers to cut down on how much they are paying in medical bills. That’s not to say that they are for everyone though. There are a number of plans, even from those offered through Mutual of Omaha. It is worth looking at all of them to determine which one offers you the most applicable cover.

Not everyone has the same coverage needs, and what works for you may not be a good fit for someone else. So take your time as you mull your decisions and consider the value of Mutual of Omaha Medigap Insurance in 2018.




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