Medigap vs Medicare Advantage

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Medicare vs Medicare advantage 2021Upon turning 65 years, there is a need to ensure that your health needs are well catered for. It turns out to be confusing about the best healthcare plan for, bearing in mind that there are several of them, such as Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Medicare Part D, among others.

To make life easier for you, we are going to elaborate further and explain the difference between Medigap vs Medicare Advantage to help you make a solid choice.




The Medical Benefits They Offer

Both of these plans conflict with each other since they offer the same or close to the same plans, and as such, Medicare allows you to pay for one of the plans.

This is dependent on the budget that you have and the need for the plan that best suits your needs.
The first requirement for one to access either of the plans is that you have to enroll for Original Medicare, and then you can

best medicare supplement plansMake a Choice

Among the benefits that Medicare Advantage covers are the Medicare part B benefits, such as the doctor’s office visits and emergency services. It also covers Medicare Part A benefits like a hospital stay, nursing coinsurance, and blood usage.

Medicare Advantage plans have a whole list of coverage, and attached also is the Medicare Part D, which caters to drug prescription that is a cost-saving plan. Some plans include hearing aids, routine checks, and the cost of eyeglasses. All these are dependent on one’s needs; otherwise, you are at liberty to choose the one that meets your health needs.

Medigap as well covers excellent benefits just as Medicare Advantage, such as the nursing insurance outpatient copayments, blood usage all to ensure that the seniors enjoy excellent health coverage. Since the plans are various, you still have the choice to pick the one that fits your health needs as well as your budget.



humana medicare advantage plans 2021Where They Will Cover You

One very important to note is that not all health facilities will accept either Medicare Advantage or Medigap. For instance, Medicare Advantage will only be accepted in those hospitals that accept Medicare plans.

At the same time, Medigap will provide full coverage for the hospitals taking Medicare Advantage. However, we find that facilities are keeping away from Medicare Advantage, and as such, you will cater for your costs.

On the other hand, Medigap may only cover Medicare Part B excess charges in the same facilities. Others accept the coverage if they have an agreement with the insurance provider. For instance, if you take a cover with Cigna, then you enjoy full coverage in hospitals they have a contract with. Otherwise, you will pay total charges if they do not have a contract.

But all hope is not lost because one can enroll for a PPO advantage plan for off-network coverage or HMO though at an extra cost. This will enable hospitals to take care of your health needs under this coverage.


Aetna medicare advantage plans 2021Medicare Supplement Cost

Any industry has different pricing, and this applies in the case of Medigap and Medicare Advantage. It all depends on your budget.

The average cost for Medigap is $143 per month though you can get lower or higher prices than this depending on the company and the plan you wish to enroll.

Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, has different figures but an average cost of $50 per month. This price is also dependent on the coverage, the ability to pay, and the place where you live. Since our site has a comprehensive package on these plans, we request that you have a look and make a decision based on what you find best.

Medigap plans have great coverage plans such as plans N, G, and F, but on the same note, one will be required to pay a higher cost of close to $200 per month, to access these services. Plan N is a favorite for many because it covers a higher coverage but in a more specific way.

This is way too expensive compared to Medicare Advantage, which goes to $150 a month, and some can be sold at $0 per month, yet you get the same services. However, it’s good to keep in mind the annual deductibles for you to get the monthly cost at$0.

Always compare prices to avoid being overcharged; our site will provide all the information needed to help you make this critical decision.



Comparing Insurers

Choosing the right insurer will also give you some peace of mind because they will be out to give the best services, excellent customer care, doctors call to service, and provide great perks such as gym access and many more.

Our site will provide you with this information, the quotes for each company, and their network availability.

You can search using your zip code for filtered results in your area and be able to compare not only the costs but all these other factors that will make them competitive.

The reputation of the company is of great importance to winning your confidence and be assured that you are not dealing with a scam company. Their reviews are what will give you an idea of who you are dealing with.

We have some reputable companies around, and it’s good we mention them and help to create an idea of what to go with.


Blue Cross Blue Shield is a company well known as Anthem, and its well known for its low prices, good reputation, excellent customer service, and substantial perks that are worth a mention.


aarp medicare supplement plans


AARP/United healthcare has been in operation for a long time, and its well known for giving seniors and retirees excellent services. They also have comprehensive network coverage with great membership perks and excellent customer service.


Aetna medicare supplement plans


Aetna is another fantastic company that has provided great health plans, excellent perks like fitness plans, and gym sessions, among many. It takes into account the preexisting conditions and as such liked by many



Humana cannot be left out because of its excellent reputation, low prices, great perks, and stability in the industry.
These companies have excelled over time, and it’s worth signing up with them. However, you are free to visit our site for more of these companies and their quotes to enable you to make a final decision.

We suggest that you sign up for these plans as soon as you turn 65 and enjoy reduced prices and benefits. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the annual enrollment window between October 7th and December 15th.

We are available on call for more information, and our joy is to see you succeed.

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