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With so many companies to choose from for your Medicare supplement insurance, one continues to stand amongst the best with over 100 years of service.



While Original Medicare is a federally regulated insurance program, it is not set up to lessen the bulk of out-of-pocket health care costs. Unfortunately, most of these supplemental programs do not cover co-pays and deductibles in full.

Given that the program specifically caters to the medical needs of seniors, the gaps still leave a financial burden.

That is where the Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans come in to address the “Medicare loopholes.”

Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement


The Mutual of Omaha is one of the top carriers offering Medicare supplements today, with over 100 years of experience in insurance. They have offered Medicare plans since it was signed into law, and the company has been in existence for even longer – since 1909. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the companies Medigap policies are available for purchase nationwide.

United of Omaha, Omaha Insurance Company, and United World Life are some of its subsidiaries. The insurers are national leaders when it comes to offering life, health, dental, and Medicare insurance.

The Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans follows federal regulations which means that their policies are the same benefits you would purchase from a different company.



Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019



Benefits of Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plans


The primary purpose of the Medicare supplemental insurance is to cover costs that the Original Medicare plan excludes. It does not mean that they pay all medical expenses, but they just cater for those medical expenses within A and B that Original Medicare does not cover. Most importantly, Medigap helps to cover in full, or part costs related to deductibles and copayments.

A coinsurance model is used to pay medical claims under the Original Medicare and Medigap. However, if you choose to buy a Medicare Advantage policy, then you will not be able to use Medigap to offset the costs not covered by your Original Medicare plan.

One of the benefits of choosing a supplement policy is the freedom to keep your doctor. All hospitals and doctor’s offices that accept the Medicare assignment will also take Medigap covers.

All insurers are bound by law to offer some Medigap plans. Each company can supply a maximum of 12 programs labeled from A to L. However, Mutual of Omaha provides Medigap plans A to N, but they do not offer the D drug cover.


The EyeMed Coverage By Mutual of Omaha


While Mutual of Omaha does not offer the D prescriptions cover, some boomers may find their EyeMed Vision Care cover attractive. The cover includes a $50 eye exam, as much as 40% off on eyeglass frames, and fixed price discounts for lenses.

EyeMed Vision Care retailers including Pearle Vision, Lenscrafters, and JCPenney Optical amongst others accept the policy through your Mutual of Omaha insurance card.


Medigap Eligibility


Anyone who is eligible for Medicare or already has an Original Medicare policy can sign up for Medigap. These policies are issued by private insurers but still function within state regulations. The complication lies in whether or not to even sign up for these policies in the first place.

These supplemental plans function independently from TRICARE, Medicare Advantage, Veterans Administration (VA), or employer/union covers.


Medicare Supplement Enrollment with Mutual of Omaha


When it comes to Original Medicare, you may be aware that eligibility begins at 65 and you must enroll in the program within a six-month window.

There are a few exceptions of cause where beneficiaries are signed up before reaching 65. Such situations include if you have ALS or renal disease in its final stages and if you are on social security and receiving disability benefits.

Now, you can decide to sign up for an Omaha Medigap plan during your Medicare open enrollment period.

At this point, the insurer cannot reject your application, you will no have to go through underwriting, and the policy is not subject to waiting periods before coverage begins.

You are also free to apply for a Medicare supplement if your employer discontinues an employee/union group policy you are under.

You can also leave a Private Fee for Service or Medicare Advantage Plan to sign up for a Medigap plan.

Worth noting is that having any of the policies mentioned prohibits you from purchasing a Medigap plan past your open enrollment period.



How to Enroll


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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019