Medigap Plans in Ohio 2023

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Medigap plans in Ohio (Medigap plans) are Medicare-approved plans put out by private insurance companies. These plans help pay for certain costs in Medicare Part A and Part B that are not covered. 

These costs are things such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Medicare Part B pays for doctor’s services, but only 80%. A Medigap plan in Ohio will help to pay the additional 20% and more.

There are 12 different Medigap plans in Ohio, and they are designated in letters with each plan letter having different benefits. 

Here at, we show you available plans and their rates online to make it easy to compare Medigap plans in Ohio. We’re here to help!


Popular Medigap Plans in Ohio are:

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • Medicare Plan F*
  • High-Deductible Plan G
  • High-deductible Plan F*

*Medicare Plan F is no longer available to people eligible for Medicare on January 1st of 2020 or later


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Medigap Plan G in Ohio

Medigap Plan G offers the most coverage and is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan in Ohio for people new to Medicare. This is because Plan F is no longer offered to anyone new to Medicare after January 1st of 2020.

Medicare Plan G covers 100% of the expenses that Medicare does not cover, except for the annual Medicare Part B deductible. In 2022 this deductible was $233.



Medicare Plan G



Medigap Plan G Rates in Ohio for 2023

The rates for Medigap Plan G in Ohio average approximately between $92 and $361 per month.

These rates are determined by several factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • Zip code
  • Gender
  • Household discounts (if applicable, vary by company)


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Medigap Plan N in Ohio

Medicare Supplement Plan N is right behind Plan G in popularity due to its fantastic coverage and lower premiums than Medigap Plan G.  In exchange for lower premiums, you may have a few out-of-pocket expenses extra throughout the year.

With Plan N, you pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible just as you do with Plan G. Once that is met, some additional expenses may come up:


  • Up to a $20 co-pay for doctor’s visits (telehealth visits don’t apply)
  • A $50 co-pay if you visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted (Urgent care visits don’t apply)
  • Part B excess charges not covered – Very Rare



Medicare Plan N



Medigap Plan N Rates in Ohio

The rates for Medigap Plan G in Ohio average between $70 and $280 per month.

Using our FREE quote engine you can check the rates and compare the cost between Medicare Plan G and N to see how much you can save.



Medicare Plan N Rates



Medigap Plans in Ohio 2023

There are no changes in benefits to Ohio Medigap plans in 2023.  

If you’ve been with the same Medicare Supplement insurance company for 2 years or more you could be overpaying by a large amount. This is because rate increases happen each year. We watch the rates each year for you so you don’t have to!

Using our website you can check the rates for FREE and see if you’re currently paying too much.


Medigap Plans in OH

When it comes down to it, the “best” Medicare supplement plan is the one that you’re comfortable with in terms of benefits and monthly premium.


Medicare Plan N vs G


Medigap Plan G – One low deductible, then 100% coverage. Higher premiums than Plan N

Medigap Plan N – Lower monthly premiums, small out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays, and possibly Medicare Part B excess charges (rare though)


By using our website you can check the cost between Plan G and Plan N in your area to see how much you can save.


Companies Offering Medigap Plans in Ohio

There are several companies in Ohio offering Medigap plans. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they all offer the same plans, with the exact same benefits. Their monthly rates for these plans are all different though.

And, each company has rate increases every year.

We make it easy as we shop for all the top companies to make sure you’re not overpaying on your Medicare supplement insurance, and we do this every year for our clients for FREE.


How to Enroll

The easiest way to enroll in a Medigap plan in Ohio is to just give us a call at 1-888-891-0229. Our experienced, licensed agents can answer all of your questions and find you the best Medigap plan and company, for the lowest cost.

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