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While there are several different Medicare supplement plans to choose from, Medigap Plan G is definitely the most popular!

Medicare Plan G has some of the best coverage you’ll ever get, for a relatively low Medicare Supplement Plansmonthly premium. This is because it only has one small out-of-pocket expense before it provides 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare Part A and B.

An important thing to remember though is that every single insurance carrier offers the same Plan G and benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plans
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But they all charge different rates for it! The only way to make sure you don’t overpay is the use an independent agency like us. We shop the rates from all the top carriers every year for you.

But you can use this website to get instant, online quotes in just minutes.

Yes, I actually show you the rates! My name is Russell Noga and I started 11 years ago to help Seniors find the best Medicare supplement insurance for the lowest premiums

And I do what I say, I show you rates! Unlike most sites that just sell your information.


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Medicare Plan G – The best plan?


For many years people enrolled in Medicare plan F because it was the most comprehensive plan offered.  The plan gives you 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare part A and part B.

Now only people who were enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 may have a Plan F. And those people are overpaying drastically.

For anyone new to Medicare just turning 65 or retiring and taking part B Medicare, you’re no longer allowed to enroll in plan F.  That’s OK though!

It’s too expensive for too little benefit.

Medigap plan G is a far better option, keep reading to learn why.


medicare supplement plans


 Medicare Basics


Medicare Supplement PlansFirst, I’ll briefly go over some background of Medicare and why you might need a Medigap plan, to begin with.

With Medicare, you have two basic parts.  Medicare part A and part B.

Medicare part A covers hospitalization and you paid for it your entire working life through payroll taxes.

Medicare part B covers doctor’s services, and you have to pay a monthly premium to have that.  This is for anything outpatient and what you’ll be using the most.

Then you’ll have a Medigap Plan, and most people add a Part D drug plan to that as well.

Now Medicare Part A and B don’t cover all of your medical bills.  They have what are called gaps, or expenses, that you are responsible for paying.


These “gaps” are things like:

  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Co-payments


Medicare Supplement Plans


Because they are called gaps, that is where the name Medigap comes from.  A Medigap plan pays most of these for you depending on which plan letter you enroll in.

Medigap plans are offered in letters A through N.

There really are just a few different Medigap plans that make the most sense due to their great coverage and low premiums.

These are:

  •  Medigap plan G
  •  Medigap Plan N
  •  Medigap plan F

medicare supplement plans


Medigap plan G coverage


The reason why Plan G is definitely the most popular plan is that it just has one small out-of-pocket expense that you’re required to pay.

Remember I mentioned the gaps in Medicare?

Well, one of those gaps is a deductible for part B Medicare.  Remember that part B is for doctor’s services.

Medicare Part B has an annual deductible that you must pay prior to Medicare paying any of your doctor’s bills.  This deductible is $226 in 2023.

After you pay the deductible Medicare will pay 80% of your medical bills.

The great thing about Medigap plan G is, once you pay this deductible plan G will pick up 100% of the rest of your Medicare-approved expenses.

This means that after $226 that you must pay, Medicare and plan G will pay the rest of your bills 100% for the rest of the year!

This is outstanding coverage.

The deductible you must pay is a calendar year deductible, which means you pay it once and it’s paid for the rest of the year.  It then resets in January.



Medigap Plan F vs. G


As I mentioned, Medicare supplement plan F was the most popular for years because offers 100% coverage.  The only people who are allowed to enroll in this plan are those who are eligible for Medicare prior to January 1 of 2020.

I often get the question “Russell, should I keep my Medicare plan F?” My answer is always the same.



Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare plan F has much higher premiums than the deductible amount.  And because we know the only difference between the two plans is who pays that deductible, why on earth would you pay $200 extra a year or far more, just for them to write a check with your money?

You wouldn’t and you shouldn’t. Let us help switch you to Plan G today! Remember you can change Medigap plans anytime during the year.

Medicare plan F also has higher rate increases each year and that will continue because it is a closed plan.

To save the most money, and be in a better spot for the future Medigap plan G is the way to go.


Medigap plan G rates


Different insurance carriers all offer the exact same plan G and benefits, yet all charge different premiums it is vitally important that you allow us to help you shop the rates.


We’re an independent agency which means we have access to all the top companies and can shop all of the rates for you. And…

…there’s no cost for our services!

Believe me, the last thing you want to do is just go directly to an insurance company.  They will give you one rate, and one rate only.  Theirs!

How will you know what all the other rates are from every other company?  You would have to call each one individually and believe me you will likely never find the lowest premium

We do this for you in a matter of minutes, in fact, the first phone call takes less than 5 minutes for us to find who offers the most competitive premiums.


Medigap plan G rate increases


Another big factor is that you will get a rate increase every year on the anniversary Medicare Supplement Plansof your policy.  This will happen with every single company, so don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

What happens then?

Well if you went direct to the insurance carrier, they will send you a letter stating that they’re raising the rates.  And then you’ll end up right back on this website trying to find another company.

Don’t get caught up in this process, it’s far easier to let us help.  Again there’s never a cost for our service but we will find you the lowest premium a Medigap plan G now, and for years to come when you get those rate increases.

Call us today to get started!


Medicare Supplement Plans