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One of the most comprehensive supplement plans for Medicare is Medigap Plan F, sometimes called Medigap Plan F. It covers the deductibles, coinsurance, and copays that keep you from paying anything out of pocket.

But is it the best Medigap Plan? Well, not anymore!

Click below to learn why Plan G is a much better option than Medigap Plan F.


Plan F is a top-rated plan, and based on a report from America’s Health Insurance Professionals, around 57% of all plans that were purchased were Medigap Plan F.

A Medicare supplement plan is an insurance plan that will cover the extra expenses that Medicare does not pay, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copays that you would typically pay out of pocket.

A Medigap plan will not replace Medicare Part B, and you have to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to be able to enroll in Plan F.

Whenever you purchase Medicare Plan F or even Plan G along with your traditional Medicare benefits, then you will end up with more comprehensive coverage than what you had. Medigap Plan F is going to be the Medicare policy that comes with the most benefits.

There are times when people will call Medigap Plan F “Part F”, or Medigap Part F. Still, the actual terminology is Plan F. Only Medicare will have Parts.


Medicare Supplement Plan F – Benefits


medicare supplement plan fMedigap Plan F is one of the most popular plans because it is comprehensive. It may be called Medigap Plan F, but it will cover your coinsurance, copays, and deductibles from Medicare, which means that you will not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Plan F is a popular plan. According to a report from a US health insurance professional, about 57% of all Medigap plans purchased are Medigap Plan F.

The Medigap Plan is an insurance plan that will cover things that Medicare cannot cover, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments that usually require out-of-pocket expenses. The Medigap Plan will not replace Medicare Part B. You must join Medicare Part A and Part B to join the Medigap Plan F.

Whenever you purchase Plan F or even Plan G and traditional Medicare benefits, you will end up with more comprehensive coverage than ever before. Medigap Plan F will become the Medigap policy with the most significant benefits.

There are a lot of great benefits for Medigap Plan F. It is one of the top-selling plans for the past few decades.

Most States Require Underwriting for Changing Plans

Changes usually require answering health questions with the new Supplement F company. However, we found that about 75% of customers passed the underwriting, no problem.

Make sure to work with an agency like us, which will purchase your Medigap Plan F fee every year. Our software can quickly compare Plan F rates. We can compare it with other popular plans (such as G and N) to understand which plan is the most valuable.

We can review health issues with you every year. If we find that you can pass them, it is likely to help you lower interest rates frequently.


Comprehensive Coverage from Medigap Plan F


Your cost-sharing can get covered by Medigap Plan F 100%.

The first dollar covers the Medicare Plan F policy. After Medicare pays part of your claim, Medigap Plan F pays the rest. You will not end up paying anything out of pocket.

  • Guaranteed to be renewable. Because of your health or the number of claims you submit, your coverage cannot end up canceled
  • No recommendation! The Medigap plan allows you to view any Medicare expert at any time. You do not need to be referred by a primary care doctor.
  • Choose any doctor – more than 880,000 doctors in the United States
  • Medical insurance plan F covers all excess charges in Part B. You will never pay the standard excess fee of 15% that Medicare allows doctors to charge for Part B services
  • It covers the 20% that Medicare Part B usually leaves you to pay
  • Plan F fully covers your Part A hospital deductible and Part B outpatient deductible


As you can see,  Plan F has comprehensive coverage and gives you peace of mind. Most people will ask if all Medigap plans are the same, and the answer is always yes. It does not matter what insurance provider you go through, the benefits will always be the same.


No Copays for Doctor Visits


Medicare supplement plans 2019One of the biggest reasons why Plan F is so popular is that it covers all the gaps in your coverage from Traditional Medicare Part A and Part B, which includes the outpatient deductible and hospital deductibles.

It also pays the 20% that Medicare Part B will not cover.

That means that you will not pay anything out of pocket if you have to see a doctor.

Whenever you ask what Medicare plan is best, you may notice that Plan F is the most popular answer, and it is easy to see why.

The Cost of Medigap Plan F


The cost of this supplement plan will vary based on different factors.

The cost for Medigap Plan F can vary based on if you are a smoker, where you live, what your gender is, and how old you are.

There are some areas where the prices are close to $150 per month for a woman who is a non-smoker and 65 years of age. However, you should get quotes for this plan in your area.

Many providers will have the Medigap Plan F to cost more for males.

If you are a smoker, then this plan will be much higher as well. Some companies will give you a discount if multiple people in your household purchase a supplement policy through them as well.

There are times where a person has been on this plan for many years.

The coverage is excellent, and they do not want to change carriers. The good thing is that no matter what carrier you go with, the coverage is going to be the same.

That means you can compare plans between different companies for the best price.

Taking a moment to look at the yearly prices of this plan can save you money in the long run.


Example of Medicare Supplement Plan F Costs


Gracie enjoys all the protection of Medicare Plan F.

Gracie applied for plan F Medigap, and the insurance company approved the plan. The next year, she went to see an orthopedic specialist to understand the knee problem. Medical insurance pays 80% of the cost of this visit to her experts. Plan F covers the other 20% arrears under Part B. Gracie has nothing.

The expert sent her to the imaging device to perform an MRI examination of her knee. Medicare paid 80% of the cost of MRI. Medicare F pays the remaining 20%. Grace will never pay anything.

The MRI results show serious problems. Her orthopedic surgeon told Gracie that she was a candidate for total knee replacement. She underwent surgery at the local hospital and spent several days in the hospital. Gracie also had a home health nurse going out several times in the weeks after the operation.

Gracie’s total cost of surgery, hospitalization, and follow-up care was $ 70,000. Medicare pays part of its bill and sends the remaining approximately $ 14,000 to Gracie’s supplementary insurance company.

The carrier paid all the costs, and Gracie did not owe any part A and part B services. Her only out-of-pocket expenses are medicines.

That means that Medigap Plan F is only the premium you paid for this particular plan. Medigap Plan F costs will vary by the insurance company, but you can rest assured that there are no backend expenses.


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Your Coinsurance and Deductibles get Covered with Medigap Plan F


For example: if there is no supply, you will have to pay a deductible of $1,500 when you go to the hospital, which is a part of Medicare Part A.

You also need to pay 20% for expensive treatments such as surgery because part B only pays 80%.

However, if you have a Medigap F policy, all these costs will be covered by your insurance.

You may be surprised to find that many reputable physical insurance companies have lower financial ratings than large brand operators.


The Winning Plan is Plan F


That is one reason that you can see that Medigap Plan F is one of the most popular supplement plans around. Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind while dealing with healthcare treatments, while Medigap Plan F takes care of the coverage?

However, some other supplement plans have the same value as Plan G and even Plan N.

Check out these frequently asked questions about Plan F Medigap.

You will quickly understand which insurance companies that provide you with the most extensive long-term savings and benefits.


Common Questions about Medigap Plan F


Who can enroll in a Plan F?

To enroll in Plan F you must have both Part A and B Medicare in place, and the effective dates of those must be before January 1st of 2020. Anyone entering Medicare after those dates is not allowed to get Plan F coverage. In that case, Medicare supplement Plan G or N is likely your best choice.


Is the Federal Medical Insurance Plan G better than Plan F?


  1. The coverage of plan G is lower than Medicare’s supplementary F plan. You need to pay your Part B deductible. However, you get a lower premium for Plan G, which sometimes makes it more valuable. Make sure to compare the numbers. In my opinion, the best Medicare plan is the one that costs the least annual out-of-pocket expenses and has the lowest growth rate in recent years.

What are the top 10  Medicare Supplement insurance companies in 2022?


That varies from region to region. Since Medicare’s supplementary insurance plan is standardized, you don’t have to worry about the benefits being different. That means you will want to find the lowest cost Medicare gap plan in your area. The best supplementary insurance rates will vary in each state, and your age, gender, tobacco use, and eligibility for family discounts will also affect your rates.

So should you join Plan F before it terminates? Or is it better to join Plan G because it is long-term?

Agents there will try to withdraw you from Plan F by using the upcoming 2022 changes as a threat strategy. Don’t let anyone panic. You should join the plan that suits you best. We recommend that you get quotes for both plans at the same time, and this is what we do here for our customers.

We often find that Plan G is a better value. The annual premiums you save on Plan G are usually higher than the Part B deductible you paid. If this is the case, then we think it makes sense to join Plan G.


Medicare Plan G rates



Will Medicare Plan F disappear?


Many people asked us about the upcoming cancellation of Medicare Plan F.

Yes, in 2022, their F plan is going to get phased out. New registrants will no longer be available. However, medical insurance beneficiaries who have already participated in the plan will be able to retain the plan.

Congress passed legislation that no longer allows the Medigap policy to cover Part B deductibles for newly qualified Medicare beneficiaries on or after January 1, 2020.


What is the most popular Medigap plan?


The best Medigap plans for 2022 are now Plan G and Plan N. Although Plan F has always been the most popular plan in the past, these two plans offer a far better value and anyone new to Medicare may enroll in them.

Get quotes for both using our website and see which can provide you with the best annual savings.


Does Medicare Plan F include chiropractic treatment?


Yes, Medicare has undertaken 80% of the adjustment, while Plan F paid another 20%. However, Medicare does not cover other services provided by chiropractors, such as X-rays.


Does Medigap Plan F cover dental, vision, and hearing benefits?


The Medigap plan also does not cover routine dental, vision, or hearing services. However, you can sign up for many excellent independent programs to provide these benefits at a reasonable price. Our agency allows you to use your provider, and the revenue will increase over time.


Does Medicare Plan F cover prescription drugs?


All Medigap plans cover drugs used in hospitals or clinical settings. However, the Medigap plan does not include retail prescriptions. You will need to register Part D to cover your retail prescription drugs.


What does Medicare Plan F cover?


It covers all your shared expenses for Medicare A and B services.


Can I still get part F?


Those who are eligible for Medicare before 2020 can continue to choose to have and purchase Part F.


What are the differences between Medicare Plan F and Medicare Part F?


The original Medicare itself contains four parts-A, B, C, and D. That’s all. The correct term is “Plan F,” but sometimes, when people are unfamiliar with Medicare, they will use the wrong name and call it “Medicare Part F.” An easy way to remember is that Medicare owns the parts, and Medigap owns the plan.


Medigap Plan F Versus Plan G: Which Plan is Right For You?


We often encounter problems with Plan F and Plan G. We compared the prices of Plan F and Plan G for almost all new customers.

We often find that by looking at the Plan G option, our customers can sometimes save $ 200- $ 300 per year. So what are the differences between Medigap Plan F and Medigap Plan and which one is better?

The insurance coverage is very similar to Medigap F, with one exception: Part B deductibles. In Plan G, you pay the part B deductible once a year. However, the premium may be much cheaper, and you can save money.

Plan G may help you keep more money in your pocket than the insurance company. We can prove the cost savings for you-get quotes for Plan F and Plan G immediately. We can also provide a quote for Medicare Plan N (the third most popular supplementary Medicare plan).

Our agency works with approximately 30 operators in each state. These include reciprocal Omaha medical insurance supplements, Antai insurance medical supplements, and Cigna medical insurance supplements. The 2020 plan G rates of all three companies are competitive.


Review of Medigap Plan F Coverage


Almost everyone in Medigap Plan F can earn five stars. It is the most comprehensive insurance you can buy. We also believe that Medigap Plan F is one of the most uncomplicated plans to understand. It is easy to remember that this is a plan that never requires you to take out your wallet for underwriting services.

That makes Medigap Plan F a simple starting point for getting a quote. Plan G quotation is also requested, and the value gets compared. Once you have a basic understanding of how the original medical insurance works, you can more easily understand your options.


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