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Aetna medicare supplement plansThe average American can only hope to keep health issues a bay by leading a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, age happens and brings with it a few medical problems.

With the cushioning support of an Aetna Medigap plan and the Original Medicare, facing the medical challenges that come with old age becomes less stressful.

Both the Original Medicare and supplement plans are available from private insurers, but they are all federally standardized. The government makes sure that these plans, despite different companies floating them, are similar in every sense.

That means the L plan you purchase from Aetna comes with all the benefits and capacities of a similar policy bought from a different insurer.

The reason why you would choose to go for both the Original Medicare and a Medigap plan is to make the costs of your future healthcare needs more predictable. Aetna is one of the private companies that offer these supplement plans with a variety of options.


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Why Do You Need an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan?


When you initially join the Medicare healthcare scheme, you also have the opportunity to purchase supplemental policies. The Original Medicare accords you two plans to cater for inpatient (A) and outpatient (B) costs.

Most beneficiaries receive the inpatient coverage a no charge but the outpatient plan is premium-based, and it also features annual deductibles.

While these two public healthcare plans would meet the medical needs of the average person, several instances could change your healthcare needs. For example, the government might increase the B deductible costs making it much more of a strain making these payments. Your health is no predictable, and you may need additional healthcare down the road.

Also, doctors could increase the costs of their charges (within agreeable Medicare standards), but you would still need to pay the difference out of your own pockets.

The Original Medicare excludes the coverage of several necessary medical-related expenses. For instance, the Original Medicare plans do not meet the costs of deductibles and excess charges. They also do not make payments for some specialized treatments, prescription drugs, and emergency healthcare overseas.

It is for this reason why most boomers need one of the ten standardized Medigap options available. However, the states of Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota have their own way of standardizing these plans. Aetna offers a selection of five Medicare supplements including the A, B, F, G, and N covers.






Aetna Medigap Plan Benefits


Keep in mind, before you purchase any Medigap plan, you should be a Medicare beneficiary. You should either have just signed up for the Original Medicare (A and B) or in the process of doing so. Also, you cannot get a Medigap policy without having both the inpatient and outpatient covers under the Original Medicare.

Your Original Medicare policy works using a crossover or cost-sharing model with the Aetna Medigap plan. When making medical claims, the Original Medicare pays for the costs first, and then the supplement plan handles the rest.


Aetna Plan A Medigap

When it comes to the Aetna Medicare supplements, the A policy takes care of hospital costs, coinsurance, and accords you an additional 365 days cover once you exhaust your A Original Medicare coverage.  The plan also handles Medicare B copayments/coinsurance, A hospice copays/coinsurance, and pays for the first three pints of blood you need annually.


Aetna B Supplement Insurance

The B cover from Aetna offers the policyholder all the A benefits, and it also takes care of deductibles.


Aetna Medigap Plan F

Aetna’s F cover handles additional out-of-pocket costs and comes with all the benefits under the A and B Medigap plans. The policy also takes care of B deductibles, B excess charges, full-payment for skilled nursing coinsurance, and extends emergency care coverage when you are abroad.

This comprehensive cover is a quite popular choice despite it having higher premium rates.



Aetna Medigap Plan G


Anyone looking for a bargain for value should consider the G Medigap plan. The only difference this cover has when compared to the F policy is the exclusion of B deductible payments. That is why it is amongst the most affordable and attractive supplement covers, and in 2017 the deductible amount was $183.



Aetna Medigap Plan N

The plan requires the policyholder to spend a pre-set amount on copays when visiting the doctor or ER before it picks up and pays for the costs. The cover does not include B excess costs making it more affordable than the F and G plans.

It would best server anyone who has a relatively clean bill of health and do not have qualms paying out-of-pocket expenses for a given period.

Should You Get Supplement Coverage?

Like with most other companies, Aetna charges a monthly premium for the supplement plans they offer. When you take up a Medigap plan, it does not replace the need for your Original Medicare coverage, and you must keep paying premiums for the outpatient B plan.

The Aetna Medigap benefits only supplement what your Original Medicare covers. Unfortunately, it also implies that you do not get coverage for costs related to dental and vision care, private nurse, and hearing aids.

However, the person who regularly needs healthcare services can appreciate the helping extended by an Aetna Medigap plan when dealing with out-of-pocket expenses.  The supplemental cover also gives you the liberty of using the services of your preferred doctor or clinic as long as they accept Medicare.

The frequent overseas traveller can also appreciate the value of being able to seek treatment without the financial burden. With a Medigap policy, you can visit a specialist directly without first having to get a referral from a primary care doctor.

To sum it up, everyone who gets Medicare supplement insurance is often thankful that they made the worthwhile investment. Getting a Medigap plan from Aetna sets you up to have your medical expenses handled by a company with an excellent track record as a top Medicare supplement insurer.

However, your location determines the ability to purchase the supplemental insurance from Aetna, and they might not offer some of the plans in your location. With a simple comparison, you can figure out whether an Aetna Medigap plan is the best choice for you.


medicare supplement 2019