Medigap Plan N

Not all of the Medicare supplement plans that offer high coverage have to also come with expensive premiums. Take Medigap Plan N, for example. This is a plan that comes with plenty of coverage, but also manages to be one of the more affordable supplement plans.

Medigap Plan N


Plan N covers a lot of the basics, when it comes to medical expenses. With the Plan N policy you get coverage for skilled nursing care services at approved hospitals and healthcare facilities. You also get covered for three additional pints of blood each year. And you will be covered for foreign medical care in emergency situations. This foreign coverage only gets applied if you cannot receive care for the same medical problem within the United States. And you are only covered up to 80% after paying a deductible.

Further coverage from Plan N comes for your Medicare Part A deductible. You don’t get covered for all co-payments on Plan N, as you might have some small ones per doctor’s visit after you meet your deductible, as well as if you visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted.

Medigap Plan N Out-of-Pocket Costs

On Plan N you will have to pay:

  • The annual Part B deductible ($147 in 2015)
  • Up to a $20 co-pay per doctor’s visit after meeting the deductible
  • A $50 co-payment if you visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted
  • Any Part B excess charges

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As you can see, Medigap Plan N is not comprehensive, but it still manages to provide enough coverage for many Medicare subscribers. Those who have heard that Plan F is the best plan may not have been told that it is really only a good fit for people with severe medical conditions who frequent the hospital. If you are in relatively good health and only need to visit the hospital a couple times a year, you will often be much better off with Plan N.

And you can get the same coverage with Plan N from any insurance provider. They all are required to give you identical coverage, but the premiums they charge are entirely under their control. So you can actually be charged much more for the exact coverage on Plan N than you would be somewhere else. That’s why you will want to shop around and compare the prices these insurance companies are charging. Odds are that with some looking, you can save some money over just going with the first offer you get.

Is Medigap Plan N Best for You?

So how do you determine that Plan N is the right supplement Plan for you? Or how do you determine if you need a supplement plan at all? First you have to look at how much you are paying for medical expenses. Is Medicare covering most of your expenses or do you need to really work hard to make ends meet and be able to afford your medical expenses? Is there plenty left over to pay in medical bills after Medicare has covered its part?

What you will need to do is examine carefully the kind of coverage each of these plans provides for you. Some of them may offer far more than you need, while others will offer far less. Medigap Plan N may be a good fit for you, but only if it meets your coverage needs while making your medical bills affordable. If it offers far more or far less coverage than you can actually uses, then you need to look at a different plan. There are plenty of other choices after all.


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