Medigap Plan N for 2018

One way many Medicare subscribers will be saving money on their medical expenses is through Medigap Pan N in 2018. This is a plan with plenty of coverage to offer and some surprisingly low rates for what you get. In fact, it is the least expensive of all the high-coverage Medigap plans.

Now the rates are going to vary from insurance provider to insurance provider. But they will always be less than what they charge for plans F or G. And Plan N still manages to give you some great coverage.

Here’s what kind of coverage you get with this Medigap plan:

  • More blood each year (another three pints)
  • All co-payments (both parts A and B)
  • Part A deductible
  • Part A coinsurance (which covers the majority hospital stay expenses up to 365 days of the policyholder’s life) and
  • Nursing care

Now there are a few supplemental expenses that Medigap Plan N in 2018 won’t cover. These are not covered by Medicare’s basic plan either. They are the excess charges for treatments classified as Medicare Part B and the deductible for Part B. Medicare only pays a portion of Part B expenses; any excess charges have to be covered by your supplemental plan or come straight out of your pocket. The deductible is required to be paid every time you have a treatment or service performed that is considered to be from Medicare Part B.



Now these expenses can be minor or they can be overwhelming. It all depends on how often you have them come up and how much those excess charges end up being. For those who require on some medical treatment each year, Medigap Plan N in 2018 could be a great choice, providing ample coverage at a decent price.

And it is important to note that the coverage listed above is not going to change through 2018. Medicare announces coverage changes well in advance of them happening, and right now nothing is scheduled. So you have some time to get all that coverage, but you should know that you won’t always shave the same options. Coverage can change, as it has before. And the rates will definitely change, usually increasing over time.

That is why you should try to subscribe to the plan of your choice as soon as possible, whether it is Plan N or something else. You will also want this coverage because your medical expenses can be unpredictable. You cannot foresee when your next emergency room visit will occur. What you can do is be prepared for it with the right kind of coverage.

Plan N offers some of the most comprehensive coverage out of all the Medigap plans. But it also comes with the lowest prices if the high-coverage plans. So you can still receive bountiful coverage without having to pay a lot of money. If you are looking for an affordable plan that does a lot for you, then you should at least consider Medigap Plan N in 2018.


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