Medigap Plan G

While there are several different Medicare supplement plans to choose from, Medigap Plan G is often considered the most economical plan for people with major medical needs.

That’s because it offers a lot of coverage without charging you a lot of money, if you manage to find it from an inexpensive insurance provider. It often costs far less than Plan F but it also offers nearly identical coverage. The often large price discrepancy comes with the recognition Plan F gets for being a full coverage plan. Plan G doesn’t get that same appreciation, but it does have a lot to offer. Watch the video below to see why Plan G could be your best option!



Here we will break down exactly what coverage you get from Plan G. First of all, you get all co-payments and nursing care covered. These are quite common expenses, and it can really help to have them taken care of. You also get covered for the Medicare Part A deductible as well as excess charges from Part B of Medicare. And you get more blood every year as well as cover for foreign medical emergency care (as much as 80% after a deductible is paid).

This comes up to quite a bit of coverage, as you can see, but it is not quite full coverage. Still, not everyone is going to need full coverage, especially when they can be saving so much money by choosing Plan G over Plan F. Now if you really want to save money on this plan, you will need to shop around. Because it is a high-coverage plan, it is very popular. That means a lot of insurance companies are going to be offering Medigap Plan G, and they all have different premiums for the exact same coverage!

So you can compare the prices they are charging for the plan and just find the cheapest one to use. And there really isn’t a downside to picking a cheap version of the plan. You still get the same coverage, since Medicare sets the coverage guidelines for each plan. You might miss out on some member incentives that various insurance companies offer, and each company has its own kind of customer service department and insurance agents to deal with. But ultimately it comes down to coverage and how much you are paying for it.

If you can save a lot of money on Plan G by choosing one company over another, then there really isn’t much reason not to do so. Medigap Plan G offers great benefits with only one small yearly deductible. Find out today if Medigap Plan G is best for you. Get Started Now!

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