Medigap Plan G for 2018

If you want nearly all the coverage of Medigap Plan F but without the hefty price tag, you might want to look into Medigap Plan G for 2018. This supplemental plan comes absolutely packed with coverage, but it tends to cost quite a bit less than Plan F.



Medigap Plan G 2018The reason to start looking at 2018 plans right now is because you want to be planning ahead for the coverage you will need. You should be prepared and know what you want well before it is time to sign up for one of these plans. Maybe you have a supplemental plan right now, but you know that your medical needs will change in the coming years. It’s a good idea to start looking at your options and see what might work better for you as your needs grow with your years.

Plan G is a nearly comprehensive plan- that is, it covers almost all the supplemental expenses. It takes care of the cost of nursing care for you, as well as the Medicare Part A deductible. It won’t cover the Part B deductible, however, and that one is only covered by Plan F. It’s not a big, costly deductible, though, so you shouldn’t really have to worry about it.

With Plan G, you will also find coverage for the co-payments for both Medicare parts A and B. You’ll also get covered for up to three more pints of blood every year as well as up to 80% of your foreign emergency medical treatments (after a deductible). On top of that, you can also receive 365 days of supplemental coverage for in-hospital expenses. You get similar coverage from Medicare’s basic plan, but this adds more coverage onto it for that heftiest of medical costs.

Plan G covers a lot, and there should not be much you have left to pay on your own after you have signed up for this plan. But that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be signing up for it. It’s just not suitable to everyone’s needs. First of all, it is a fairly expensive plan. It might not seem very expensive up against Plan F, but it can be costly. Secondly, it offers a lot of coverage that most people aren’t going to need. You may have some of these expenses once or twice a year, but that probably isn’t enough to warrant signing up for a high-coverage plan like this.

If you do decide you want Plan G or some other supplemental plan, then you should use our website to compare prices. We will give you quotes for free every time you enter a coverage plan search into our site’s search engine. This gives you several quotes that you can sort through to find the cheapest one. These are all quotes that are for your area too, so you know they will be relevant. You can even sign up for Medigap Plan G for 2018 or some other plan right from our site.



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