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When it comes to Medicare plans in 2022 there is no shortage of options.

Medicare Advantage? Medigap? Which one is best for you?

Well in this article I’ll cover the differences between both plans and help you decide which is best for you.

Original Medicare is the one everyone hears about; it is the one that becomes available to seniors once they become 65 years of age (or at a younger age if they become disabled).

This consists of both Medicare Part A and Part B, and everyone starts out there.

Medicare Supplement PlansYou then have the option of enrolling in one of the Medicare Advantage plans instead, or adding a Medicare Supplement plans to Part A and B.

Then of course there are Part D drug plans.

We are offering to help you find a way for sorting the different plans Medicare offers in 2021, and how to make comparisons of the plan rates in order for you to save on out-of-pocket money when it comes to your healthcare.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plans 2022


We will begin by looking at Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

These types of plans must be purchased through an insurance company (usually private insurance companies).

However, they have been put together by Medicare, and Medicare regulates and controls their coverage.

Although insurance companies are the ones that sell them to you and they can set their own prices for each plan, it is Medicare that controls the coverage each plan gives you and what medical expenses they will cover.

It is also Medicare that decides when a plan coverage will be allowed to change, cutting out any chance of the insurer making their own versions of Medicare plans for 2022.

Though it may not be sold by Medicare, they still guarantee coverage.

Medicare Supplements (also referred to as Medigap plans) because they fill in the gaps of coverage that are left behind by the Original Medicare plan.


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Both common and uncommon medical expenses are included in these gaps.

Your deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments depend on your health, how many times you might have hospital visits or stays throughout the year, and how often you see your doctor or specialist.

Medicare Supplement PlansSome Supplement plans provide coverage on the deductibles for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, including any excess charges under Medicare Part B care and the co-payments under Parts A and B as well.

These plans can also cover the co-insurances for nursing care and co-insurances that relate to hospice care under Medicare Part A.

Being transported during an emergency to a facility that is not in the United States might also be covered by your Supplement plan, including the first three pints of blood needed, and your base Medicare plan covers any other blood needed throughout the year.

As you can see by now, supplement plans all offer various levels of coverage. There is one plan that can cover every one of the expenses.


Medicare Plan F


Medicare Supplement Plan fWhich is Plan F. It has been put together to make a comprehensive plan coverage, and it is as expensive as it is comprehensive!

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies that sell plans like Plan F can determine their own rate at which they sell you the plans.


Plan F No longer Available


There are new guidelines in the making for 2022. The guidelines will have new rules about who can enroll in Medicare Supplement F.

Although Plan F is a popular one, it will not be on the list of available plans for 2022. The reason Plan F will be available to seniors that enrolled in it prior to January 1st, 2020.

Aetna medicare advantage plans 2021Both Plan F and Plan C will only be available in 2022 for those who were already enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020.

For those of you who are new to Medicare, it is our recommendation that you choose Plan G or Plan N, as they are both a good alternative to Plan F and Plan C.

The plans that are the most popular of the Supplement plans are Plan G and Plan N, for they both have almost full coverage, and both being economically priced.


Medicare Supplement Rates


The rate at which they charge can be changed at any time. However, the benefits of the coverage itself can only be changed by Medicare.

Should that happen, all Medicare participates would be notified in advance (they will not give you surprises like that).

Members can check on this site for upcoming changes. At this time, there are no changes in coverage scheduled for the upcoming year.

When you have concluded that a Medicare Supplement is what you want, the next thing for you to do is compare and make certain you are not being overcharged.

You can get multiple quotes on this site, free of charge for multiple insurers on each of the plans.


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This will let you know at the ones that are charging the lower prices. This is a great way to keep some of that money that would otherwise be going to pay medical expenses in your change purse.

It is suggested to compare against the other plans often to keep up to date, and this site welcomes you to do just that, whenever you like.

Even after you have received your new plan, you should always follow up on what is new for the following year.


Medicare Supplement Plans



This lets you plan ahead in case you want to change up your plan or your insurer to get the lowest price possible.

Up until now, we have not discussed, but Plan F, going over the benefits it covers (for Supplemental expenses).

Unfortunately, Plan F could be way more coverage than you need, and the cost of it is extremely high.

However, there is always Plan G and Plan N for you to take into consideration, it is medical coverage like Plan F only more economical.


Medicare Supplement Plan G


Plan G covers everything that Plan F does with one exception, which is that it does not cover the deductible for Medicare Part B of $203 (2021), but if you paid for this out-of-pocket, it would save you money in the long run.

Medicare Plan G is the most popular plan now that Plan F was removed for new beneficiaries.

Use our FREE online quote engine to the right to get instant quotes from the top carriers for Plan G!


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Medicare Plan N


Medicare Plan NThe other plan is Plan N. It is thought to be a higher coverage supplement plan that covers most of your supplementary costs.

However, it will not cover the deductible for Medicare Part B or its excess charges. It does not cover all of Medicare Part B’s co-payments.

Instead, you are expected to cover the co-payments for emergency room visits as well as for the visits to your doctor, which is $50 for each of your emergency room visits if you are not admitted, and $20 for each visit to your doctor.


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Top Medicare Supplement Companies for 2022


The following are several of the top insurance providers for Medicare plans in 2022:


Aetna Medicare Supplement




Aetna – (NYSE: AET) – Aetna gives a broad range of options for coverage.

With a large supply of resources, they make a good choice for seniors interested in cost competitiveness, a cost that does not keep moving upward, and good benefits for their members.

BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2020





Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) – (NYSE: ANTM) – Blue Cross/Blue Shield goes by different names since it is comprised of many small companies and in combination from all over our great nation making insurance coverage affordable for seniors.

Cigna Medicare supplement plans 2019




Cigna – (NYSE: AET) – Cigna has a huge number of customers that come from all over our great nation, and many employees as well.

They offer many benefits to their members, including Medicare Supplements.

mutual of omaha medicare supplement




Mutual of Omaha – This is a powerful insurance company that initially hails from Omaha, Nebraska, but has since spread all over this nation.

They have a superior reputation for their service with their customers. As they do with having a variety of plans.

The main reason seniors are drawn to Omaha is mainly because of their desire to serve their customers well.

United Healthcare Medicare supplement




United Healthcare/AARP – (NYSE: AARP) – AARP is now listed on the banner of United Healthcare.

The two healthcare companies have merged to combine their experiences in knowing the kind of coverage seniors need. They can now provide seniors with something other insurance companies will never be able to match.


Medicare Advantage Plans 2022


There are more choices for you to choose from other than Medicare Supplements.

For instance, Medicare Advantage plans, which are packed with some powerful coverage, and they take over where your Original Medicare plan leaves off.

A Medicare Advantage plan provides extensive coverage of your most common medical costs, and it covers all the benefit coverage of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, urgent medical services, including emergency room visits.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Advantage vs Medigap


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Prescription Coverage

Although optional, there are certain circumstances when an Advantage plan may even cover your Medicare Plan D expenses, including prescription apparatus, and yearly check-ups.

These things are optional, and not all plans do this. Always check out the plans prior to signing anything and be sure you know exactly the coverage you need from the plan.



Do not forget to use this site and compare the rates of the Advantage plans. This will help you get the best rates and the best deals on your coverage.

Keep in mind, the Advantage plans do not give as much of a wide range compared to the Supplement plans, as their provider networks may be limited.

An insurer will have a network which is made up of the gathering of hospitals, clinics, specialist, and physicians that have agreed to Medicare’s terms and to honor what is included within the coverage.

In other words, should you end up seeing someone who is not a part of the network, and your coverage may not cover these expenses at all.


Medicare PPO’s and HMO’s


You can select a PPO plan that will give you partial coverage for off the network medical care and get full coverage if you go to someone in the network.



However, most people will select HMO plans simply because it cost less and is readily available.

With HMO plans, you will get full coverage on the insurer’s network, and they are the best selection for your area, as there will be an abundance of network coverage.



Top Medicare Advantage Companies for 2021


aarp medicare supplement plans




You must purchase Advantage plans through a private insurance company (just like with Supplement plans). Now let us take a glance at some that are in the top running in the field who offer Medicare Advantage policies:

AARP/United Healthcare – The AARP Advantage plan is referred to as Medicare Complete, and it can also include Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage), which benefits this extensive network that has been provided to you from United Healthcare.






BCBS – The BCBS Advantage plan may also be referred to as Blue Advantage, Blue Value, Blue Saver, and several others, and they have an economical coverage plan for seniors.




Humana – (NYSE: HUM) – Humana Advantage plans are also referred to as Humana Gold Plus, Humana Choice Pro, and Humana Gold Choice. They are available in a wide variety with various prices, and some are going for as little as $0 monthly.


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Medicare Supplement Plans


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