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Medicare plan finder is a tool used to shop and plan for the available Medicare health plans in the US. It is worth noting that as soon as a senior turns the age of 65, they automatically become eligible to enroll in the government health care plans, which is the Original Medicare to cater for the primary health needs.

However, a senior may feel that the Original Medicare is not sufficient to help to satisfy the medical needs. At such a point, one goes ahead to register for other optional plans that have higher coverage and save on the out of pocket medical expenses.

Our Medicare plan finder will help one to search for these options and make a solid decision.  Some of these plans are outlined here below.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare plan finderMedicare supplement plan is also known as the Medigap. This is a plan that offers seniors an extra cover from what the Original Medicare is not able to cover.

Therefore, for one to become eligible for Medicare supplements, then they must be in possession of the Original Medicare.

Medicare supplements have a total number of eight primary plans that one can decide to choose from. Besides these, one is now given an option to choose the level under which you want your coverage to lie.

These could be high deductible versions, normally meant for those people who have a high risk of their medical conditions.

They are carrying a high price with them upon sign up. The other levels are the higher annual deductibles and the lower premium deductibles. This, however, depends on one’s budget and the coverage you wish to apply for.

Another plan is the Medicare part F under the supplements. However, it stopped being offered to the public, and most seniors are now going for Medicare part G, which has become popular over time.

However, if you had enrolled for Part F before it was frozen, then you are at liberty to keep renewing it but cannot make a new sign up.

When we come to Medicare part G, it is a supplementary coverage that has helped many seniors and has continued to be more popular than before. This is because of the wide range of services it offers.

These are Medicare Part A expenses and most of Medicare Part B expenses. A brief breakdown of these plans that one can be catered for are Hospice coinsurance, Three pints of blood per year, Medicare part A copayments for hospital stays, and Medicare Part B copayments for doctors’ visits.

It also covers foreign exchange travel, which is 80% of the emergency medical support while overseas, nursing coinsurance, and Medicare Part A annual deductible of $1,408, and Medicare Part B excess charges.

We also have plan N, which is relatively cheaper than Part G and offers comprehensive coverage. The only difference with part G is part N only covers the specifics, such that you do not have to pay for what you do not need, and this by itself makes it cheaper.

Otherwise, all the expenses under Part G are also covered in N.


Medicare Advantage Plans


Medicare Advantage plans are a great option for Seniors, and our plan finder is also able to search for the plan. It’s a plan that replaces the original Medicare and, on top, has other benefits. They include emergency medical services, Medicare Part A expenses except for hospice coinsurance, and Part of Part B expenses.

We recommend this plan mostly if you don’t want to keep paying from your pockets for the most common medical needs. Depending on the coverage that you pick, one can also be covered for higher plans such as visits to the dentist, optometrist, hearing specialists, and even health checkups.

It also includes Medicare plan D drug coverage, which covers the doctors’ prescriptions, and you can access the medicines from reputable pharmacies with as low as $1 per refill, which is a low cost taking into account that drugs are costly to buy.

The average cost of Medicare part C is about$150 monthly and can be sold at $0, mostly for those who sign up for annual deductibles. All this depends on what the insured wishes to settle for.


Medicare Part D Plans


Medicare Part D


This is the drug prescription plan that is of paramount importance to seniors. The fact that you can be able to access all generic drugs and some of the branded drugs at the pharmacies around where you live is enough proof that this is a worthwhile plan to sign up for.

They offer as little as $1 per refill, which is immaterial, compared to the cost of drugs if you were to pay out of your pocket. But since different insurance companies offer different prices, our Medicare plan finder will help you get the best prices and make comparisons before choosing the cost-competitive plan.

You will find all the available quotes here and be able to make a decision that is worthwhile for your health needs.


We’ll Help You Find the Best Plan


Before making a final decision, we find many seniors going to search for quotes from one company to another. You should not tire yourself out when we have our site ready with this information in addition to the Medicare Plan Finder that offers free quotes and within a short time.

You will only need to enter your zip code, and all the information relating to the companies around you will appear with their prices. This goes around all Medicare plans available, and you will benefit in finding the best rates, the most reputable, and their availability.

Besides the plans, the plan finder will also help you to check which among the competitive companies are available such as the Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and AARP, among others. One of the greatest fears with the seniors is the customer service they expect to get upon signing up.

Our site has all this information ranging from pricing, customer service, reputation from the previous reviews, and we assure you that all this will work to your advantage.

You can call us for more elaborate information, and you will find that no matter what plan you are interested in, it is available, and our team will walk you through each one of them to ensure that you are satisfied.

Therefore if you are taking Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, or any other, feel free to engage us, and we will be happy to help.