Medicare Part D

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Medicare Part D is a voluntary program that people on Medicare may enroll in to obtain insurance coverage for their prescription drugs. These plans are offered either as a stand-alone product or often combined in Medicare Advantage plans.

There are several different Medicare Part D prescription drug plans available as well as companies that offer them.


Medicare Part D Coverage

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans provide coverage for:

  • Various brand name and generic prescription drugs
  • Several Vaccines that Medicare Part B doesn’t cover
  • Many different prescriptions drugs that are commonly taken by people on Medicare

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans differ based on the company that offers them, as well as the different plans offered.

Medicare part d

Medicare Part D Premiums for 2023


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released their projection for 2023 for the standard Medicare Part D premium, which is $31.50 per month.

This is just an average, and different companies offer several different plans that all range in monthly premiums. You should never choose a prescription drug plan based on premium alone, as each plan has what is called a “formulary”.

This is the list of prescriptions that are covered within the plan, as well as their costs. They vary widely from company-to-company.

How to Compare Plans and Enroll

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