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Medicare part C is well known as Medicare Advantage plans, and this is a plan offered to seniors aged 65 and above to cover for healthcare plans that are under Medicare Part A and some of the Part B expenses.

This is a plan that one should be conversant about because of its comprehensive coverage to aid you in making an informed decision.


What is Medicare Part C


Medicare Part C is like a replacement of Original Medicare in addition to other benefits such as hearing aids, emergency care, optometrist services and a set of eyeglasses. If you are looking for a plan that will minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, then considering Medicare part C is a good deal.

If you want to enroll for the plan, there is a 7-month open window that starts three months before your 65th birthday up to three months after your birthday. In such an instance, one can enroll for a preexisting condition without an extra cost.

However, if you miss enrolling at such a time, then one can register during the official enrollment period, which takes place between October 7th to December 15.  During this time, you may be required to pay extra charges for preexisting conditions or still fail to get approval for the same. However, we can advise further on how to get a suitable insurance provider who can be a bit understanding. You only have to call our experts and they will take you through point by point toll you are comfortable about the coverage.

On the same note, Medicare Advantage may not be accepted for all seniors. Say, for instance, that you have another coverage that overlaps this plan, such as the Medigap. Medicare will not approve of the plan to prevent such overlapping since they have the same medical benefits.



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Medicare Part C Plans

With a Medicare Part C plan, you stand to enjoy numerous benefits once you pay your monthly premiums faithfully. In this plan, the essential needs are covered, such as Emergency care, medical tests, and surgery medications.

It also covers Medicare Part A expenses with an exception of hospice benefits and Medicare Part B benefits such as doctor’s visits, blood usage, foreign travel medical bills, among others.

Since there are other options in Part C, you do not have to take the basic plans only. You can add some other plans such as the Medicare part D drug plan to cater for prescriptions. With Medicare part D, you enjoy significant savings in accessing generic and some the branded drugs with as little as $1 per refill in reputable pharmacies.

Other covers under Medicare Part C plans include the hearing specialist, dental checkups optometrist, and general practitioner services.

As you choose the right medical coverage, keep in mind that your pocket determines what you need and, of course, the type of package that suits you best. Do not struggle alone. Just give us a call, and we will advise you and assure you that you will have peace of mind even as you settle for one.

Medicare Part C Coverage


Medicare has contracted private insurance companies to sell Medicare part C. It only gives an overview of what the plan entails. But, the cost is left to the insurance companies to decide.


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans


Humana is a company with an excellent reputation in terms of customer care. It also offers unique perks to the seniors, which has made it popular and among the best-selling Medicare insurance company.



Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans


BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2020BCBS is a non-profit company that offers superb customer service to its clients in many states. To make the service available to many seniors, it has subdivided multiple groups of companies whereby they can reach the seniors where they live.




Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans


Cigna Medicare supplement plans 2019Cigna on the other hand is a company with huge network coverage in most of the states. Besides, it offers international insurance to its members, which makes it a unique company of choice with great perks.



AARP/ United healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

United Healthcare Medicare supplementUnited Health also has a comprehensive network coverage with a wide range of services that it has continued offering to its members. Its customer service is recommended and besides other unique services such as prescription drop off at your home




Medicare Part C Plans Comparison

It is essential to know that every product comes with its limitations, and so it is for Medicare Part C. Not all hospitals or medical providers accept this plan, and as such, they do not agree to honor the bills. As such, one must cater for the expenses from the pocket.

However, some options can help you manage the out of pocket expenses when visiting a provider off-network. You could enroll for a plan known as the HMO, which will cover the bills within the company network of the available service providers.

You can also enroll for a PPO plan, which is an expensive plan but will cover you for off the insurance companies network plan. This plan is mostly suitable for those people who live in the rural areas where network coverage is a challenge or seniors who travel a lot. This is mostly the only way out if the Advantage plan is not sufficiently covering you.

Medicare Part C Cost

If you are looking forward to getting an affordable plan in Medicare Part C, falling for one company without research may not work well for you.

We recommend that you use our site to get a comprehensive list of the available plans in addition to the prices they offer and their network coverage.

This will give you an idea of who offers the best prices with coverage that meet your needs. Otherwise, Medicare Part C plans might be costly if you do not take care.

Furthermore, we have great tools to enable you to search for the best company that will save you money. You can call us for more information and advice and as you make the final decision, be sure that it will be a deal worth your money.



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