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Medicare provides insurance coverage for medical expenses. This coverage service is split into multiple parts, with each part covering a distinct aspect of medical costs. The parts are A, B, C and D, and we’ll explain those for you, so you can understand what kind of coverage is available and determine what you might need. Medicare can provide coverage for most medical expenses, so finding a plan that covers you properly should not prove too difficult.

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Medicare Basic

The original Medicare plan, or Medicare basic, generally includes Medicare parts A and B. If you sign up for Medicare, that’s what you’ll be getting, though you can add more coverage onto that basic plan.

Medicare Part A will cover many hospital services. It doesn’t cover doctor’s fees, typically, but it will cover expenses such as your hospital stay, nursing care, and even some home health care. This isn’t usually a coverage plan you pay a monthly fee for. If you paid taxes as an employee, then that covers most of the cost of this plan. You may be required to pay a yearly deductible for medical care with this plan, and that deductible will increase from year to year. It will also be different for you depending on your income bracket.

Part B is more optional. You can decide you don’t want Part B at all, and that will save you money on monthly premiums. That’s because there is a monthly cost for Part B. Like part A, you will pay more depending on your income bracket. Part B will cover many of the tests of procedures you undergo at the hospital, clinic, and doctor’s office. It can also cover some doctor’s fees.

Now if you decide to opt out of part B, it may cost more later to add it onto your coverage plan, if you decide you want it later. It’s a good idea to really look into it and make sure that you don’t need it before you choose to forgo this part of the plan.

Additional Plans

Beyond the basic plans, there are also optional coverage Medicare plans that you can use instead of Medicare or to add onto Medicare. Medicare Part D is the most common. This is the drug plan that will cover the majority of your prescriptions.

Part C is what is called the Advantage plan. This plan will give you additional coverage beyond Medicare parts A and B, while also including everything they offer. That may seem redundant, and that is because it is meant to be. Part C can only be signed up for if you first drop parts A and B. You can’t have both at the same time.

Now Part C is not something you would buy through Medicare. It is Medicare that designed the plans and regulates them, but it is the individual insurance companies that sell the plans to you. These companies sell the plans at all sorts of different rates. They are selling the same basic plans, but at whatever rate they choose.

Many people accompany Medicare with supplemental plans. These work with Medicare parts A and B. They add more coverage, taking care of expenses that are not covered by those original plans. There is no overlap in their coverage with those original parts, even though they may provide coverage for some of the same things. That’s because anything they cover that Medicare parts A and B cover is something they both only provide partial coverage for. So the two similar items of coverage are added up, providing excellent coverage for a single medical expense.


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One example of this would be hospice care. Medicare Part A covers some of your hospice care. If you get just about any Medicare supplement plan, you will receive more hospice care. When you put these together, you will have much of your hospice care covered, there won’t be any overlap in coverage.

Supplemental plans, like Advantage plans, are offered solely by private insurance companies. Medicare regulates them but never sells itself. These supplements are available to anyone who is eligible for the basic Medicare plan, though they are typically best suited to people who have extensive medical needs.

There are many different supplement plans, and they are differentiated by the amount of coverage they offer. Low and high-coverage plans are both available, so you should be able to find a plan that meets your needs.

Medicare covers many other things, such as the singles vaccine.

Choosing the Right Plan

With all these choices, it may seem difficult to choose the right plan that covers just what you need. But instead of being overwhelmed, you can look at it as having plenty of choices. You don’t have to feel restricted by a lack of options. You can find just the plan that works for you instead of having to go with something that isn’t quite right for you.

If you want to find a plan that works well for you and that won’t cost you too much, then you need to compare what is out there. You can use our site to get some help doing that. This isn’t something you need to do by yourself.

We offer a free service that can compare rates for you. Just tell us which of the plans you are interested in, and we will sort through the insurance companies selling that plan in your area. Then we tell you what price the top insurance companies are selling their plans at. You can have multiple quotes to choose from.

Since the prices can change often, and the insurance companies all have different rates, you need some way to keep track of the rates for when you are ready to buy. We allow you to do that for free. No matter what price the insurance companies charge for the supplement plans, they all offer the same plans and the same benefits for identical plans. For the best rates on these plans for Medigap insurance, you can use our site to compare the prices. We will help you save money!


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