Medicare Supplements for 2018

As your medical needs change so too do your coverage needs. Medicare may no longer be enough for you. That’s why you may want to consider what Medicare Supplements in 2018 can offer you.

These are plans that add some extra coverage onto what Medicare already provides. In some cases, that additional coverage is quite substantial. One plan that really covers pretty much everything is Plan F. As the only plan considered to be full coverage, it takes care of a lot for you. This encompasses all of your nursing care, co-payments, Medicare Part B excess charges, and coinsurance. It also gives you coverage for three extra pints of blood annually and coverage for most of your emergency care in foreign countries (once you have paid the deductible yourself).

While this plan is certainly the most popular, more and more people are realizing that they don’t quite need everything Plan F offers. That’s partly because it is so expensive. Now you can save some money on your plan by choosing the same plan from a different provider who offers it at a lower price. You need not worry about how much coverage you are receiving since the coverage is guaranteed by Medicare. That means Plan F doesn’t get different coverage just because you bought it from an insurance provider for a cheap price compared to if you have bought it at the highest market price.


Medicare Supplements for 2018


But Plan F could be offering more coverage (and higher premiums) than you will want. You have other options, and this includes Plan G. This is the second highest-coverage plan on the list of Medicare Supplements for 2016. With it you can be covered for all the same items as Plan F, save one. That single added expense is the Medicare Part B deductible.

If even that plan seems too costly and like too much coverage for you, you can opt for Plan N instead. This one will add another couple of charges onto what you would get with Plan G. These are excess charges from Medicare Part B as well as infrequent co-payments that are actually quite inexpensive.

You should always be aware of your options when you are shopping for Medicare supplements. Different companies will offer a different set of plans, but the coverage never varies. Now the coverage can change on Medicare’s discretion. They always let their subscribers know about these changes long before they happen, but they have already stated that no changes will take place until at least 2017. That’s good news for people who want to get their Medicare Supplements in 2018.



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