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The plans that Medicare offers to supplement its basic plan are great for people who just aren’t getting enough coverage from that base plan. For a lot of people, original Medicare is inadequate for covering their medical expenses and they need something more, which is why it is worth looking at Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019. These are plans you can sign up for right now if you are eligible for them.

How Eligibility Works

Supplemental medical plan eligibility is very simple. If you are 65 years or older, you qualify for both the Medicare basic plan and the supplement plans. You can only sign up for the supplement plans, hover, if you have a base Medicare plan.

You retain eligibility for supplemental coverage for as long as you have the base plan. You must have the base plan in order to have a supplement plans, because they are designed to complement the base plans.

There are exceptions to this set of eligibility guidelines, however. If you have certain types of preexisting conditions, you may not be eligible for some or any of the coverage provided by supplemental insurance. If you are unsure if you are eligible, you can find out for free by calling Medicare, an insurance agent that offers supplement plans or your medical doctor. You can also apply for a supplement plan before committing to it, and you will be notified if you are eligible for the plan before you have to pay anything on it.





How the Plans Cover You

The ten Medicare supplement plans will cover you in a variety of ways. Some of them offer tons of coverage, but at a high price. Others offer much lighter coverage and come with a lighter price tag as well. Let’s take a look at the coverage you could enjoy if you were to sign up for one of these plans. Keep in mind that these are not items covered by every one of the ten supplement plans.

Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles are covered by various supplement plans. Part A’s deductible will be covered by most of the plans, but Part B is a bit rarer, only being covered by two of the plans. This covers the cost you pay out of pocket for treatment related to Part A and Part B care.

Part A and Part B copayment coverage takes care of a major expense for Part B and Part A services. These are two separate items, but most plans will cover you for both of them, even if they only cover you in part.

Part B excess charges are only covered by two of the plans, and you may not experience this expense at all, so it may not be worth paying to have it covered.

Hospice care is covered by some of the plans as well, and this major expense can be covered for up to 365 days, beyond hospice care coverage provided by the original Medicare plan.

Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019 can also provide coverage for nursing care coinsurance, but that will only apply to nursing care received at facilities that have been approved by Medicare.

You can also be covered for foreign travel exchange, which may be a rare expense for most people. This takes care of much of the cost of being transported to a foreign medical facility for emergency care. It doesn’t cover the actual care, but only up to 80% of the cost of transport, once the deductible has been taken care of.

Which Plan Is the Best for You?

Medicare Supplemental Plans 2017It can be daunting looking at the ten different supplement plans and trying to figure out which one is a good pick for you in your situation. You can’t go by what other people have told you is the best plan. What works for them may not work well for you. Most people will choose a high coverage plan, such as Plan F, G or N. These are great plans for people who can actually use all the coverage they have to offer, but for those who are pretty much covered by the Medicare basic plan, they are simply overkill and a waste of money, to be honest.

You need to assess your current situation, look at your health and what kind of budget you have to work with and pick a plan based on that information. You can compare prices and find the best rates for the plan you want and that way save some money on our coverage plan. You don’t have to go with the supplement plan that most people recommend or pay a lot for coverage you need. You can take your time and choose plan that fits you and then find the provider that is offering it at the right price.

A big part of finding the right plan for your situation is to just find the best price on a plan that seems like a good fit. There are lots of companies that sell these plans, and while they often offer the same set of plans with the same coverage, the rates can be all over the place.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that Plan F or plan G always have their same coverage no matter who you buy them from or what rate you end up paying for them. Medicare oversees these plans and their coverage, so concentrate on finding a suitable plan, and then you can focus on finding a great price for that plan.

We recommend using a price comparison service to find great rates on plans that you are interested in. You can choose the lowest price you want and never have to worry about the coverage being affected at all. That’s the safety of the Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019, and if you do your research, you can find a plan that is good fit for you and yet doesn’t cost more than you can afford.


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