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Supplementary insurance tacks on to your current coverage and gives you more coverage for healthcare essentials. If you go to the hospital or doctor’s office and you come back with a big bill to pay, even though you have basic Medicare coverage, then you need that additional coverage provided by Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018.

These plans offer a diverse array of coverage options, so no matter what your coverage or healthcare needs are, you can get the help you need to be able to afford your healthcare. We are going to look at some of the most notable Supplemental plans so that you can be informed about your options and make the right choice.

The Coverage

Before we look at specific plans, let’s look at the general coverage that Medicare supplement plans can draw from. So, most of them will provide you with coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B co-payments. These are very common expenses, and it makes sense to have them covered under most supplement plans.





Common coverage also includes hospice care for up to 365 days. This may only be partially covered by some of the plans, as many of these items are.

Most plans will also cover you for foreign travel exchange, which takes care of a lot of the cost of being transported by emergency services for emergency care outside of the United States.

You will also receive coverage by most of the plans for both pints of blood (as many as three a year) and nursing care coinsurance.

Not quite as common is the coverage for deductibles. The Part A deductible is covered in whole or in part by nearly all the supplement plans, but the Part B deductible is only covered by a couple of the supplement plans, so you will have to examine if you really need that coverage or if you can do without it.




Medicare Part B excess charges are also not covered by most of the supplement plans, but these are uncommon expenses that you probably don’t even need coverage for, in most cases.

The Top Plans

We cannot say that tone or two of these plans is the best for everyone. That’s because everyone has different needs. Some people only need a tiny bit of extra coverage, while others need lots more, so saying any one plan is the best one would be misleading. Instead, we will point out the ones that most people sign up for. These are going to be the most popular plans, and coincidentally the ones with the most coverage.

Plan F is the plan with more coverage than any other. It’s a full overage plan which means that it takes care of every single one of the medical expenses we just listed up above. It’s also going to be the most expensive plan, though how expensive it is would be up to you. You can compare prices between insurance companies to find the cheapest rate out there. You don’t have to worry about its coverage changing just because you got a great deal, either.

Plan G is the plan most people are going to sign up for in 2018, as they have for the past couple years. This one doesn’t offer you quite as much coverage as Plan F, but out of the Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018, it may be the most valuable. That’s because it jam packs a ton of coverage into a fairly economical plan. It’s not priced as high as Plan F, but it offers nearly as much coverage. The only thing that Plan G won’t cover from the list above is Medicare’s Part B deductible.

Plan N is another popular plan and another one with a lot of coverage to offer you. It falls just below Plan G in total coverage, including everything on the list above except for Part B’s deductible, Part B’s excess charges and some copayments that are very small.

These are the three plans that most people gravitate towards, but their popularity doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for you. You may not need such comprehensive coverage, and we are going to discuss how you can find the most suitable plan.


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Get the Right Coverage

We don’t want you to end up with a coverage plan that you don’t need. A lot of people pay way more than they should for medical coverage, and they are just following the pack instead of looking closely at what these plans offer and trying to find the most relevant coverage.

Medicare Supplemental Plans 2018In order to get medical coverage that is suitable for your situation, you need to determine what your medical expenses are and how much of them you need to have covered by an insurance plan. You may already receive coverage from basic Medicare or other insurance plans, but for the remaining medical expenses what are you using to pay for them? If it is cheaper to have them covered by a supplement plan than to pay them on your own, then you need to look for the supplement plan that covers you well.

It may not be one of the ones we highlighted here, but rather a lower coverage plan that costs less than these two. Not everyone will benefit from a high coverage plan, so be sure to look at your other options and ensure that you get the most suitable plan for your needs.

As those needs change, when you get older or experience a change in your health, then you need to reexamine your coverage and look for a plan that’s more suitable than what you have. You need to keep up with the changes in your life with the right coverage plan.

That’s why we suggest you keep abreast of what supplement plans are being offered. You may not need a supplement plan right now, but one of the Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018 could be a good choice for you in the near future. It is worth looking at your options now so you know what’s available and you are ready sign up for the plan you need when the time is right.


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