Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2019

Medicare sells a basic plan called Original Medicare that takes care of many of the most common medical expenses for its subscribers. However, for many, that isn’t enough coverage, and they need something more. Medicare Supplemental insurance in 2019 may provide why they need to cut their healthcare costs and ensure that they can afford the medical care that they have to have.

We are going to look at supplemental insurance plans so that you can know what they have to offer and decide for yourself if one of them may be right for you.

How to Get Supplemental Insurance

It’s not that hard to qualify for supplement plans for your Medicare health insurance. If you qualify for Original Medicare, then you probably qualify for supplemental insurance as well. That doesn’t mean that you need a supplement plan, just because you have qualified for one, but you should at least know about their availability.


medicare supplement plans 2019


Usually, you need to be 65 years old and a US citizen to be approved for Medicare and its supplements. There are exceptions that will be made for people based on their medical history or financial status. As far as medical exceptions to this rule go, if you have kidney failure or suffer from some sort of disability, then you probably qualify for Medicare and its supplemental insurance plans at any age. That’s good news for those who have a serious medical condition and need the kind of coverage that Medicare has to offer.

You won’t be able to purchase supplement plans at Medicare, though. You can’t contact Medicare and request a supplement plan like you could do for an Original Medicare plan. Instead, you have to go to a private insurance company- someplace like Aetna, Mutual of Omaha or another company. You can request a supplement plan from them, and they usually carry a few of the available plans. So, you should have some chocies.

However, you can’t just apply whenever you want and expect to get through and be approved. You first have to apply during the right time. There is a period known as Open Enrollment, and it comes around once every year. Falling on the end of the year (usually through November and December), this period allows you to apply for and be guaranteed approval for any supplement plan you want. You can also sign up for Advantage plans during this time.

Now, once you sign up for a supplement plan, you can’t really change it until Open Enrollment comes around again, so make sure you have chosen the right plan and don’t sign up for longer than you know you will need it for. Most people sign up for a year at a time, but you may be tempted to sign up for multiple years just to enjoy locked in prices that you won’t have to worry about. However, you want to be sure that you have the most suitable coverage for you each year, and that is often best done by only signing up for one year at a time.

You can talk to your doctor and your insurance agent about Medicare supplemental insurance, though, and how it can affect you and what the right plan might be.

The Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2019Let’s look now at the plans that you can sign up for as far as supplemental Medicare insurance in 2019 is concerned. You could sign up for any one of the ten plans, but not every insurance company that sells these plans will be selling all ten. They usually only offer a limited selection, but they do have to stick to Medicare’s coverage rules.

What that means is that Medicare decides what coverage each of the ten plans has. These plans are labeled A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. No matter where you buy one of these plans from, you should know exactly what kind of coverage to expect from it. So, if you were to buy Plan F from Aetna, you would get the same coverage and the same benefits as you would if you were to buy it from AARP. The price may differ, though.

This plan covers a wide range of medical costs. Let’s look at the kinds of expenses you could have covered if you were to sign up for a Supplement plan.

You could be covered for hospice care, for nursing care, for deductibles that you normally pay each year, for copayments you usually pay for every visit to the hospital or doctor’s office, for blood usage, for foreign emergency medical travel costs and for excess charges related to Medicare Part B.

You only get all these items covered if you choose Plan F. It’s the full coverage plan, and it fills in all the gaps that Original Medicare leaves behind. In fact, that’s what all these plans do- fill in gaps. That’s how they got the name Medigap plans.

If you are needing some additional coverage beyond what the basic Medicare plan provides, but perhaps not as much as all of that we just mentioned, then you could go with one of the nine other Supplement plans. You can choose whichever one you want, so long as the insurance provider you are using sells it. Remember that not all of them sell all these plans.

Also keep in mind that the prices vary from one insurance company to the next. They can set their prices how they want, and that means that you should be comparing them and trying to find the most suitable plan for you at the best price you can.

You are able to find multiple versions of the same Medicare supplemental insurance 2019 plan for different prices, and it makes sense to just pick the cheapest one. You get the same coverage, after all. That’s something to keep in mind as you are examining these plans, and you should choose carefully to ensure that you are covered like you need to be for your healthcare expenses.



Medicare Supplement Plans

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