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There are a total of 10 different Supplement plans, and knowing about them can help you save a good amount of money.

Most of the plans offered you will never enroll in. There really are just a few plans that most people enroll in.

We can help you find the best Medicare Supplement plan to fit your needs!

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On your quest to find the best Medicare Supplement plan, you may discover that choosing between 10 different plans can be quite difficult.

You are trying to sort through the plans in order to find the perfect fit for you. For seniors, all these plans will cover different things.

Some of the plans will provide a lot of coverage, while you only get a little from other plans. However, you are likely aware of whether you need a lot or a little coverage.



What is the Best Medicare Supplement Plan?


The best answer to this question is that there isn’t a single best plan because everyone has different needs.

However, there really are just a few different plans that make the most sense for the majority of people on Medicare and wanting a Medigap policy.

Your medical needs are going to change from one year to the next, because of this, the coverage you need will most likely have to undergo a change to adjust accordingly.

The best Medicare supplement plan for most people now is Medicare plan G.  With just one small deductible and then 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare part a and part B, plan G is outstanding coverage for most seniors.

In 2021 the deductible that amount is $203.  Before Part B Medicare pays any of your medical bills someone must pay this deductible.  In most cases that is you, however with plan G after the deductible is met you will get 100% coverage for the rest of that calendar year.

This deductible resets every January.

For the majority of people on Medicare wishing to have Medigap Insurance, Medicare plan G is definitely the best Medicare supplement plan.



More coverage is usually needed as you get older, so considering a higher coverage plan is something you may think about doing.

If you are covered by Original Medicare, you may not need much extra coverage. Seniors who are in this position benefit greatly from the lower coverage plans.

It is more accurately explained by saying every plan is best at what it covers.

They are all different, and they all stand out differently to those with specific medical needs.

So it isn’t exactly possible to say that there is a single best Medicare Supplement Plan, as they all meet the needs of different people.

Just because a plan is ideal for one senior, doesn’t mean it will be as ideal for you.

You need to look over all of the plans and determine which one is the best fit for your specific needs.

Doing this will help you with medical insurance while saving money.



While it is important that you find the right plan for your needs, it is also recommended that you don’t get attached to that plan as a permanent solution to your medical insurance requirements.

That being said, you should always re-evaluate your plan each year. This will make sure you are keeping the best possible plan for your situation.

So while we can’t give you a specific “best Medicare Supplement Plan,” we can say that they are all great plans depending on the medical situation you are in.

It isn’t ideal to just go with the same plan that everyone else is going for. Each plan differs for each person’s incompatibility.


Medicare Basics


Medicare Supplement PlansNow, you may be asking yourself how you are supposed to find the right plan. So, we want to provide you with some information that will help you locate one.

First things first, before you begin your research on the plans, you want to examine your medical expenses. Primarily the ones you pay for out-of-pocket.

Find the total of what you pay every year, and that will give you a rough idea of what you need to have coverage for.

For Part D drug plans feel free to visit the Medicare website directly in order to get a list of every carrier that offers these.

You will also learn how Medicare covers various medical coverage. There are several different healthcare costs that these plans can cover, such as:

  • Nursing Care
  • Blood Use
  • Hospice Care
  • Excess Charges
  • Deductibles
  • Co-payments
  • And More

While some of these plans will only cover a few of these services and costs, some of them will cover all of them.

This is why you need to know what you are paying for. You will be able to determine the right coverage based on what your out-of-pocket costs are for.

The pricing of each plan is important to look at too. While you may get more coverage with one plan, you could be paying more than your budget will allow.

Medicare Supplement Plans

This isn’t uncommon. Many seniors who aren’t sure what they are looking for will pay more annually on their plan than they need to. If this happens to you, you will have to re-evaluate your situation to adjust your plan accordingly.

This process is not quick, and it will take some time to compare the plans. There are resources online that will help you compare prices. This does help the process move faster.

So in order to find the best Medicare Supplement Plan, we’ll need to evaluate your specific situation to determine which plan is best for you. They are all unique, just like we are all unique in our medical situations.

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Medicare Supplement Plans



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