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When looking for the best Medicare supplement coverage online, you’ve likely found that it isn’t easy. 

Using our Medicare Supplement plan finder, you can see how much health insurance providers are charging for their Medicare Supplement plans and compare those prices to get the best deal.

Medicare Supplement PlansThat’s possible since the medical benefits offered by Medicare Supplements are all standardized.

The government ensures that Supplement plans include a specific set of benefits, and then insurance companies can charge what they like for their version of the plan.

If seniors take the time to compare the different plans and prices, they can snag a great deal and keep their healthcare costs very low.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plans

Seniors can benefit from the diverse coverage of a Medicare Supplement plan.

These health insurance plans cover seniors for common expenses that they might otherwise have some difficulty paying. Each time you go to the doctor’s office, for example, you have to make a payment.

Every year, you have to meet the annual deductible. These expenses definitely add up, and for some seniors, they are tough to cover.

A Medicare Supplement can take care of these and more, and you can pick from a range of 10 different Supplement plans to ensure that you get the coverage that you need.

Medicare Supplements are made available to seniors once they reach age 65, and for those under 65 on Social security disability insurance.

They don’t have very many restrictions, but there are a few that you should know about.

First of all, most preexisting medical conditions will not necessarily keep you from getting approved for a Supplement plan, as each company has different approval guidelines. We can help!

Call us today at 1-888-891-0229 if you’re looking for coverage, we have an option for almost everyone.

Secondly, you will need to have Original Medicare in place in order to get any benefits from your Medicare Supplement. This is Medicare Part A and Part B.

medicare supplement plans


Supplement plans simply cannot function without Original Medicare. You are able to sign up for both at the same time, though, if you like.

Thirdly, Medicare Supplements will conflict with many other kinds of healthcare insurance plans. The Medicare Advantage plan overlaps with Medicare Supplements, making them incompatible.

That is true of most employer healthcare plans as well as those that come from unions.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Compare Medicare Supplement Plans


Let’s look at a few Medicare Supplements that you should know about.

These are the best selling or best value Supplements, and our plan finder website can help you to sort through them to find out who is selling them at the best price.

Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plan F


Medicare Supplement Plan fSupplement Plan F is going to give you more medical benefits than the other Supplement plans, however, it’s no longer available to everyone. 

It is limited to only those seniors who enrolled in Medicare before January 1st, 2020.


100% Coverage of the Gaps…BUT…

Plan F gives you coverage for all co-payments, all deductibles, the Medicare Part B excess charges, foreign travel costs for emergency medical care, nursing care, and hospice coinsurance.

But it’s too expensive, for too little benefit!

Compare that to Plan G, which provides a lot of the same benefits. It will not cover the Medicare Part B annual deductible for you, but it covers all the rest of your supplementary expenses.

Medicare Supplement Plan G


Plan G is less expensive than Plan F, obviously, and we recommend it as a good alternative because it is more accessible, more affordable, and often a better value.

With Medicare Plan G you simply only pay one small deductible each year. That is the annual Medicare Part B deductible.

Part B Medicare, which covers doctor’s services, pays nothing until you pay this deductible. This is whether you have a Medigap Plan or not.

But if you have a Plan G,  once you pay this deductible Medicare and Plan G will pay the rest of your medical bills 100% for the rest of the year.


medicare supplement plans


Medicare Supplement Plan N


Medicare Plan NAnother great option, especially for healthy people is Medicare Plan N. Our Medicare Supplement plan finder will help you compare Plan N to the other Supplements, and you can find a great deal on your health insurance this way.

Under Plan N’s coverage, you will be able to enjoy benefits for Medicare Part A copayments, Part A’s deductible, and the Part A hospice coinsurance.

You’ll also be covered for nursing coinsurance at skilled nursing care facilities.

The blood you use for the year will be covered as well, along with your foreign travel exchange costs and a few co-payments related to Medicare Part B outpatient services.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Finding the Right Plan


We understand that it can be confusing and overwhelming for seniors to sort through not just these three plans we mentioned but also the remaining Medicare Supplements.

Remember we said that there are 10 of them in total. You may find that one of the other ones is a better fit for you than any of the three we highlighted here.


Best Medicare Supplement Plans


While most seniors will do best with either Plan G or Plan N, some seniors actually need a low coverage plan.

There are so many different options, not just among the Medicare Supplements, but also Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.

You don’t have to be frustrated by trying to compare all these on your own. Then, as your needs change over time or your financial situation changes, we will be there to assist you in reevaluating your insurance coverage.

You may need to update your health insurance from time to time, and you can do that very easily through our site.

In order to find the right Medicare Supplement for your needs, you will want to look at your own out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Medicare Supplement Cost


Look at what you pay for every year for medical care, and that can help you Medicare Supplement Plansfigure out what kind of expenses you need to get covered and therefore which of the Supplement plans you need to go with.

Our site is very helpful in empowering you to sort through your choices.

You can see how different Medicare Supplements compare when it comes to pricing, and that can help you to find an affordable option.

It can also open up some new opportunities for you. For instance, you might not think that you could afford to enroll in one of the higher coverage Medicare Supplements, but by using our site you can find out just how affordable some of the higher coverage plans are.

You might be surprised at how little they can cost.


Get Quotes Now

The quotes that our site finds for you are sourced directly from health insurance websites. If we provide you with a quote for Cigna, for instance, then we get that pricing information directly from Cigna’s website.

Our site is able to do this very quickly, and it is much faster than if you were to try to source the quotes yourself.

You may be able to source a single quote on your own in the time it takes us to give you a list of quotes from a variety of websites and insurance companies.



Seniors trust us to be able to get accurate pricing information for them, and part of the way we ensure our pricing info is accurate is by using your zip code.

We use this information to give you local prices, and that tells you exactly what rates are being charged where you live.

Our Medicare Supplement plan finder is your plan finder to use. Feel free to come here as often as you like to use the site and find plans that are relevant to you.

This can save you so much money and time, and we think it will prove to be an invaluable resource as you try to get the perfect health insurance plan for your needs.


Medicare Supplement Plans