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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated June 23rd, 2023

A Quick Guide to Humana Medicare Supplement Plan NAre you a member of Original Medicare Parts A & B?

You’re probably well aware that Medicare benefits only cover around 80% of your healthcare expenses associated with services and benefits to do with Parts A & B.

Fortunately, a Medigap policy can help you with covering the out-of-pocket costs associated with the remaining 20%

Medigap Plan N is a good choice for healthy seniors due to its extensive coverage and low premiums.

Medigap policies are available from leading private healthcare insurers across the United States. Each insurer sets a different rate for Plan N, and its cost may vary widely between providers and the additional benefits it provides.

Humana is one of the top-rated private insurers offering Medigap Plan N. This guide gives you everything you need to know about Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N and how it works.

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Who Is Humana?

Humana is one of America’s largest healthcare insurers, with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The company offers Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap supplement insurance policies, Medicare prescription drug plans, Medicaid coverage, and vision and dental plans.


Who Is Humana


Humana offers individual and employer-sponsored healthcare plans and policies, covering approximately 8.7 million Medicare members in the United States, with around 333,000 Medigap policy beneficiaries.

It controls a market share of 2.1%, posting annual revenues of $92.9 billion in 2022.

Humana offers Medigap insurance plans in 49 states, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The only state it doesn’t cover is Virginia. Addental, Humana serves residents of Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin according to local laws, which differ from the rest of the country regarding Medigap policies.

Humana offers a wide range of Medigap policies, including Plan N, and it also provides many member benefits outside of the standardized coverage for Medigap policies.

However, the company’s pricing can be expensive compared to the market average, and it receives higher-than-average complaints regarding its policy pricing.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N At a Glance

Humana offers its Medigap beneficiaries several perks and discounts on its plans, including “Lifeline Medical Alert” for healthcare emergencies and hearing and vision benefits. It’s also one of the few providers offering members access to the “SilverSneakers” program for discounted gym memberships.

Humana has plenty of additional benefits for members but doesn’t offer any dental coverage.

You get great discounts for initial enrollment during the open enrollment period for Medigap, and it provides cross-nation coverage for seniors owning multiple homes across the country.

Humana is one of the more expensive Medigap providers, with the average premium across all Medigap plans being around 70% more expensive than the lowest-cost provider in each state.

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Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Benefits and Coverage

Humana offers Plan N beneficiaries the same standardized coverage and benefits as all other insurers in the United States. You can expect the following from your Plan N policy regarding Parts A & B Medicare coverage.Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Benefits and Coverage

  • Part A hospital stays and coinsurance up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits end.
  • Part A deductible.
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment.
  • Part B coinsurance ($20 copays for doctors’ visits and up to $50 copays for trips to the emergency room where you aren’t hospitalized).
  • Coinsurance for care at skilled nursing facilities.
  • The first three pints of blood in procedures.
  • 80% of emergency health care costs for services outside the US in the first 60 days of travel ($250 deductible and $50,000-lifetime maximum).


On top of these standardized benefits, Humana Plan N policyholders also receive access to telemedicine consultations, the company’s 24/7 nurse line.

A drug discount program for prescription medications, vision discounts through “EyeMed,” and discounts on hearing tests and hearing aids.

You also get a discount for Jenny Craig and access to the “MyHumana” app to review your claims.

There’s also a meal delivery program for members returning home from a hospital stay.

Humana has stringent policies regarding pre-existing conditions.

The company may deny you coverage outside the open enrollment period if you suffer from conditions like dementia, HIV infection, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and others.

It’s also important to note that Medigap Plan N doesn’t cover Part B excess charges incurred from physician consultations charged outside the Medicare assignment rates. Plan N also doesn’t cover the Part B deductible of $226 for 2023.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Monthly Premiums

Humana has higher-than-average premium costs in most states, mainly due to the additional perks that come with signing up for a Medigap policy. Humana offers preferred pricing for signing up for Plan N during the open enrollment period. Enrolling after this date may increase premiums by up to 15%.

Humana offers Plan N at average pricing rates in Atlanta but is more expensive than average in Los Angeles. Here’s the average cost of a Plan Policy with Humana for a 65-year-old nonsmoking woman.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Monthly Premiums


You can receive a 6% discount when enrolling in Plan N online, and Humana also offers household discounts. Members signing up for applicants in most states can qualify for a 6% discount for applying online.

You also get a $2 discount on your monthly premium if you set up automatic recurring payments for your premiums through your bank account.

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Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Customer and Industry Reviews

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N – Customer and Industry ReviewsHumana spends 80.3% of the premiums it collects on member benefits, which is well above the 60% industry minimum.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) states Humana receives approximately 31% more complaints than the industry average regarding its policies, with the bulk of complaints involving the higher premiums it charges members.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Humana an A+ rating, and the company scored 77 out of 100 on the ACSI health insurance satisfaction benchmark in 2022.

AM Best gives Humana an A- rating on its Financial Strength Index.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N is a type of Medigap plan offered by Humana that provides additional coverage to fill the gaps left by Original Medicare.


Who is eligible for Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Individuals who are already enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B are eligible for Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N.


When can I enroll in Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

You can enroll in Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts when you are 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare Part B. However, you may also be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period under certain circumstances.


What is the difference between Humana Medicare Plan G and Plan N?

Humana Medicare Plan G and Plan N are similar in coverage but differ in cost-sharing. Plan G provides more comprehensive coverage, including coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, while Plan N requires cost-sharing for certain services such as copayments for doctor visits and emergency room visits.


What types of coverage are included in Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N covers costs such as Medicare Part A and Part B coinsurance, except for a copayment for some doctor and emergency room visits, as well as the Part B deductible and excess charges.


Can I use any healthcare provider with Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Yes, you can choose any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare with Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N.


How do I choose the right Humana Medicare Supplement Plan for me?

Consider your individual healthcare needs, budget, and preferred level of coverage. Research and compare different plans offered by Humana to find the one that best suits your requirements.


Are prescription drugs covered under Humana Medicare Supplement plans?

No, prescription drug coverage is not included in Humana Medicare Supplement plans. You would need to enroll in a standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for prescription drug coverage.


What are the benefits of having Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Benefits of Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N include reduced out-of-pocket expenses, coverage for hospitalization and medical services, and the ability to visit any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare.


Where can I find more information about Humana Medicare Supplement plans?

You can visit the official Humana website, consult with licensed insurance agents specializing in Medicare coverage, or contact Humana directly to request detailed information on Humana Medicare Supplement plans.


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Our automated quoting tool on our site gives you a free quote on options for Medigap Plan N in your state with the lowest premiums.

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