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Medicare Supplement Plans
Russell Noga

Whether you’re just turning 65 or finally retiring and going onto Medicare, there’s a lot to think about!

There are a number of choices when it comes to various Medicare insurance plans.

You’ve got Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans, Part D drug plans, and Medicare Part A and B.

Where do you start?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because chances are I’ll answer your questions in this article below.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Now, one of the biggest questions, of course, people have is, how much is supplemental insurance for Medicare?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors. But don’t worry, I’m going to cover all of them.

So before I get into how much does it actually costs, we have to determine what it is we’re looking at.

Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates


medicare supplement plansThere are a lot of different Medicare supplement plans available.

Thankfully, there are just a few that makes sense that we’ll be talking about.

But asking how much they cost is like walking onto a car lot and saying, “How much are these?”

We have to determine which plan we’re talking about. But that comes down to the most popular Medicare supplement plans.

The ones that chances are, you’ll be enrolling in.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Now, those plans, to make it easy especially for people turning 65 now, are Medicare Supplement Plan G or Plan N in almost every case.

Medicare Supplement Plan fYou may be asking, “Hey, I heard about this Medicare Plan F, it sounds great!”

Well, Medicare removed Plan F for anyone new on January 1 of 2020.

No new Medicare beneficiaries who became eligible on that date and beyond can enroll in the Plan F.

Many of you reading this may still  have a Plan F and you might be asking, “Well, how much are Medicare Supplement Plan G and N?”

Don’t worry I’m definitely getting to that too!


Watch the video below to learn more!

Medicare Supplement Plan G


Now, before I do that, though, I do want to get into some of the benefits of each plan and the slight differences.

And we’ll start with Medicare Plan G, of course.medicare part g

That is 100% coverage just like Plan F after you pay a Part B deductible.

Simply put, a deductible is the amount of money that you pay prior to the insurance companies coming in and paying.

Now, with Plan G, Medicare Supplement Plan G, you must pay the Medicare Part B annual deductible yourself each year.

That’s a once-per-year deductible. Once you pay that, Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plan G will pick up 100% of your medical bills.

Medicare Supplement Plan N


Now, the other plan I mentioned, which is Medicare Supplement Plan N is a fantastic option as well.

This plan is very similar to G, where you still pay that Medicare annual Part B deductible, and then Plan N will come in and pick up the difference.

Medicare Plan NNow, Plan N has lower premiums than Plan G per month.

Now, you hear that you might say, “Hey, that sounds good.”

Well, let me just explain why they’re lower, but it’s not a big deal.

After you pay that Part B deductible on Plan N, you might have a small co-pay per doctor’s visit for the rest of the year.

Now, these deductibles are annual deductibles, meaning you pay them once during the year and they’re paid for the entire year.

Then it resets the following January; you do it all over again.

With Plan N, once you pay that deductible you might have that small co-pay Medicare Supplement Plansper doctor’s visit.

However, it will never be more than $20 for each visit.

Now, by a doctor’s visit, that can be defined as a doctor or a specialist.

Either way, it’ll never be more than $20. However, it could be less. It could be $6, $9, or $13. Or it could be nothing!

It all depends on how they code your office visit.

Medicare Supplement Plans


And you don’t pay the co-pay at the doctor’s office, they’ll bill you later.

Unfortunately, it may be a little surprise, but the good thing is you know it will never be more than $20 per doctor’s visit for a co-pay on Medicare Plan N.

So you might be saying, “Great, Russell, well, how much is that supplement insurance for Medicare?”

Well, aside from the fact that we have different plan letters, there are other factors that go into what determines the cost of Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Now, not a week goes by when either myself or one of my agents gets a phone call and someone says, “Well, my friend is paying X amount, and we’re the same age.”


Medicare Supplement Plans


And that’s great. But age is just one of the factors. We have zip code, which is a huge one, tobacco use, gender, and then perhaps they’re getting a household discount.

While not all companies offer discounts, many do so let us see if you qualify!

We’re able to dig those out, though, and find those discounts for you.

But make no mistake, the only way to find out how much supplement insurance for Medicare is, is to let an agent help you out and shop all the top rates.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Applying for a Medicare Supplement Plan

You could call an insurance company directly to get quotes, but they’re never going to tell you the rates from other companies!Medicare Supplement Plans

They’ll tell you THEIR rate only. Why?

Because they’re only looking out for THEIR best interests, which is selling you their policy!

We fight on your behalf and shop all the rates from the top companies. And there’s never a cost for our services.

We’ll shop them all based on those factors that I told you about to get you the lowest premiums.

Feel free to click below to instantly view Medicare Supplement quotes online based on your area!



We are one of the few websites (maybe now the only one!) that actually shows rates when you put in your information!

Everybody else will either sell your name ten times, or they’ll just have a big ‘thank you display on the page when you’re done when they promised you to quote the whole way.

Now, do you really want to go with a company that actually lied to you the entire time and said, “Get quotes here,” and then you never see quotes?

Again, we show you the rates so you can see. Because I want to earn your trust. I don’t want to lead you down a path of empty promises.



We’ve helped over 10,000 people with their Medicare insurance over the past ten years, and it’s because we’re honest, forthcoming, and we show you those lowest premiums.

Now, due to the fact that not every company lets me put the rates on the website, and it’s incredibly expensive to actually display quotes, it’s best that we do just have a quick phone call.

It takes less than five minutes, and we’re able to pull up all your information, match it up against the top companies to see if somebody else has a lower premium than what you see online.

As well, you might qualify for a household discount!

There are companies that offer household discounts if you apply with somebody, a spouse, say, or somebody you live with, who’s also applying.

There are companies who give you a discount if you live with somebody age 60 or over.

And then there are companies who give you a discount just if you live with somebody.


Medicare Supplement Plans


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Medicare Supplement Plans