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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated April 22nd, 2024


Does Plan G Cover Medicare DeductibleOver the course of your entire working life, you have paid into Medicare. Now that you’re 65, you’re ready to take advantage of the federally-sponsored health insurance program that you’ve helped to fund. While Medicare does cover a large portion of health-related expenses, it doesn’t cover everything, and you’re required to pay for what it doesn’t cover. One of the out-of-pocket expenses that you’re responsible for is the deductible.

Medigap insurance – supplemental insurance that you can purchase to cover the “gaps” in Medicare coverage – can help pay for some of the out-of-pocket expenses. There are a total of 10 Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans available. For new Medicare enrollees, Plan G is one of the most comprehensive, meaning that it provides the most coverage for the costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. But does it cover the deductible? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Deductible?

Before your healthcare plan kicks in and covers the expenses that your insurance provides, you’ll need to pay a pre-determined amount of money yourself. That pre-determined amount of money is known as a deductible. All health insurance plans have a deductible, including Medicare.

To illustrate, if your annual deductible for Medicare is $100, you have to pay for the initial $100 for health-related services or products that you receive yourself. Once the deductible is paid, Medicare will pay for a percentage of the expenses that are related to the services and products that your plan provides for the remainder of the year.


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What is the Medicare Deductible?

Both parts of Original Medicare – Part A and Part B – have a deductible. The following is an overview of this out-of-pocket expense for each part.

Medicare Part A Deductible

Medicare Part A Deductible

Part A of Original Medicare covers the cost of inpatient care that you receive, such as hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. The deductible for Part A is unique because, unlike deductibles for other health insurance plans (including other Medicare plans), it doesn’t operate on an annual basis; rather, it functions on the basis of a benefit period. This period starts on the day that you are admitted as an inpatient at a medical facility and it stops when 60 consecutive days that you have not received care in an inpatient setting have gone by.

Given the way the benefit period for Part A works, if you are admitted to a facility as an inpatient several times over the course of a year, you could potentially have several benefit periods. In that case, you would need to reach the full cost of the deductible for each new benefit period. The Part A per benefit period in 2023 is $1,600. If you were to receive treatment in a hospital as an inpatient, you would have to pay $1,600 out of your own pocket before Medicare Part A will kick in. If you are admitted to the hospital again a minimum of 60 days after the previous benefit period has concluded, a new benefit period will start and you would, again, need to pay another $1,600 before Medicare Part A will kick in

Medicare Part B Deductible

Medicare Part B Deductible

Medicare Part B covers a portion of the cost of medical care that you receive as an outpatient; doctor visits, outpatient surgeries, rehab, and preventative treatments, for example. Like Part A, Part B also has a deductible that you are responsible for paying before your coverage kicks in; however, the deductible for Part B resets on January 1 each year, so you only need to pay it once a year. Once you have met the Part B deductible, you will only be responsible for paying a 20 percent copay for any other covered services during the course of the year.

In 2023, the yearly deductible for Part B is $226, which is $7 less than the previous year. To reiterate, you are responsible for paying the full amount before Part B kicks in.

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Does Medicap Plan G Cover Deductibles?

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans (also known as Medigap plans) are designed to help Medicare beneficiaries cover the out-of-pocket expenses that Part A and Part B don’t cover. These plans are sold by private insurance companies, and there are a total of 10. Plan G is one of the most comprehensive plans, as it helps to pay for the most gaps in Medicare coverage.

Deductibles are one of the expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Part G covers the deductible for Part A, but it doesn’t cover the deductible for Part B.


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What Does Medigap Plan G Cover?

While Medigap plan G doesn’t cover the deductible for Part B, it does help to pay for many of the expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, including the Part A deductible. Other out-of-pocket expenses that Plan G can help you pay for include:

What Does Medigap Plan G Cover (1)

  • Part A copayment or coinsurance for hospice care
  • Part A coinsurance and hospital-related expenses of up to an additional 365 days after Part A benefits have been used
  • Part B copayment or coinsurance
  • Part B excess charges
  • Coinsurance for care provided in skilled nursing facilities
  • Blood transfusions for medical procedures; up to 3 pints
  • Emergency medical care received within the first 60 days while traveling abroad

What Doesn’t Medigap Plan G Cover?

While Plan G does cover a lot of the out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t pay for, including the Part A deductible, it doesn’t cover everything. In addition to the deductible for Part B, Plan G won’t pay for the following:

Are There Any Plans that Cover the Part B Deductible?

Plan F does cover the Part B deductible; however, since January 1, 2020, new Medicare enrollees can no longer purchase this plan. Those who were eligible for Medicare benefits prior to 2020 and purchased Plan F can hold onto it.

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Does Plan G Cover Medicare Deductible?



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