What Medicare Supplement Plans Include SilverSneakers?

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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated September 19th, 2023

SilverSneakers ProgramAre you an active senior? Staying fit, strong, and supple during your retirement goes a long way to reducing the healthcare expenses you incur during the year.

For this reason, some Medigap providers provide access to the “SilverSneakers” program when you take a Medigap plan from them.

You get a low-cost gym membership and the chance to stay fit. This isn’t by coincidence. Medigap insurers know that by staying fit and healthy, you reduce their liability to your medical expenses because healthy people don’t go to the doctor or emergency room for care as much as those who are couch potatoes.

So, what Medicare supplement plans include Silver Sneakers as part of your beneficiary benefits?


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What is the SilverSneakers Program? What is the SilverSneakers Program?

The SilverSneakers program is a healthcare initiative for seniors and retirees who want to stay active, fit, and healthy as they age. You get access to a gym and fitness classes at discounted rates.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover SilverSneakers but is available through Medicare Advantage and select Medigap plans.

Some of the benefits provided in the SilverSneakers program include the following.

  • Access to gyms and fitness locations across the United States.
  • Group exercise at the gym or online.
  • SilverSneakers online classes for cooking and art activities.
  • Access to the FLEX program in nontraditional fitness locations like parks and malls.
  • The highly-rated SilverSneakers GO app for your device.

You can’t buy a SilverSneakers membership as a standalone product. It’s only available through Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans.


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What Medicare Supplement Plans Include Silver Sneakers?

Fitness Programs

Several Medigap plans and insurers offer seniors access to the SilverSneakers program. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and Anthem offer beneficiaries the SilverSneakers program.

However, they don’t provide it in all states. That’s why you need our team to show you your options for Medigap providers offering SilverSneakers in your area.

AARP Medigap policies include a “Renew Active” membership program similar to SilverSneakers in the health and fitness benefits it offers beneficiaries. However, it’s also only available on select plans and in certain locations in the US.

Silver&Fit is another similar option to SilverSneakers through select plans and providers in certain states. These fitness programs, Silver&Fit, Renew Active, and SilverSneakers, help seniors save on annual gym membership costs.

Since most Gym memberships in America average around $50 per month, you can make considerable annual savings using these plans.

However, it’s important to note that taking a plan from a provider offering SilverSneakers might not always be the best option. For instance, taking a Medigap policy with SilverSneakers in Los Angeles might end up costing you $50 more in monthly premiums compared to other providers offering the same Medigap plan without SilverSneakers.

Our expert agents can help you assess whether or not going with the Medigap provider offering SilverSneakers is a good deal or if you can find a better option in your state.


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Which Insurers Cover SilverSneakers?

Most Medicare Advantage plans come with SilverSneakers included in the benefits. Half of the major healthcare insurers offer SilverSneakers with MA plans at no additional cost to your monthly premiums.

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and Cigna are just a few examples of providers offering SilverSneakers included in your policy benefits.

Here’s a brief list of top-rated Medigap providers offering SilverSneakers included in your benefits at no additional charge.

  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Kaiser Permanente

Some healthcare providers offering Medigap policies charge additional fees for including SilverSneakers in your policy benefits. While SilverSneakers is a great addition to a healthcare plan and a great way to enjoy reduced gym membership fees in your senior years, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing a Medigap provider.

The primary things to consider are the premium costs associated with the plan, whether it allows you to see your doctor of choice, and if it provides coverage for prescription medications. Many gyms offer discounts for pensioners and seniors anyway, so SilverSneakers might be a moot point.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  What are Medicare Supplement plans that include SilverSneakers?

Medicare Supplement plans that include SilverSneakers are insurance policies that offer additional benefits like fitness programs, health club memberships, and access to wellness resources.


  What does SilverSneakers offer in Medicare Supplement plans?

SilverSneakers provides gym memberships, fitness classes, and online workout resources, promoting physical activity and overall well-being.


  Do all Medicare Supplement plans offer SilverSneakers?

No, not all Medicare Supplement plans include SilverSneakers. It’s important to review plan details to see if this benefit is included.


  How does SilverSneakers benefit Medicare Supplement plan holders?

SilverSneakers encourages a healthy lifestyle by granting plan holders access to participating fitness centers, fostering regular exercise routines.


  Are there different SilverSneakers programs within Medicare Supplement plans?

Yes, SilverSneakers offers various programs tailored to different fitness levels, ensuring inclusivity and a personalized approach to exercise.


  Can you provide examples of exercises covered by SilverSneakers in Medicare Supplement plans?

SilverSneakers covers a wide range of exercises including aerobics, strength training, yoga, and swimming, catering to diverse fitness preferences.


  Is there an age restriction for accessing SilverSneakers through Medicare Supplement plans?

Generally, individuals 65 and older who are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan that includes SilverSneakers can enjoy its benefits.


  How does enrollment in a Medicare Supplement plan with SilverSneakers work?

When you choose a Medicare Supplement plan with SilverSneakers, you’ll receive details on how to access participating fitness facilities and classes.


  Are SilverSneakers classes only available in certain locations with Medicare Supplement plans?

SilverSneakers has a broad network of fitness centers across the country, allowing plan holders to find participating locations near them.


  Can I switch to a Medicare Supplement plan with SilverSneakers during any enrollment period? 

You can generally switch to a Medicare Supplement plan with SilverSneakers during the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period, which provides opportunities to explore plan options.

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