Which Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans Are Best?

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While Mutual of Omaha may be based in Omaha, Nebraska, you can actually purchase their plans in many different states.

They have a number of popular Medicare Supplement plans to pick from, but which Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are the best?

We are going to take a closer look at what they have to offer and how they compare to one another to find out.

Our hope is that you will be able to take this information and use it to inform your insurance buying decisions.



About Mutual of Omaha


Mutual of Omaha has been around for a while, and they sell their medical insurance plans through a number of subsidiaries. If you see the companies Omaha Insurance Company, United World Life, or United of Omaha, then you should know that they are all really Mutual of Omaha.

They offer more than just supplement plans, and you and your family can benefit from their life, health, and dental insurance.

There are lots of options for coverage through Mutual of Omaha, so you don’t have to stop with just Medicare Supplements. If you need additional insurance coverage, you may be able to save money by getting it through Mutual of Omaha. They don’t necessarily have the cheapest prices, but they do keep their rates competitive.

They also are well known or their excellent customer service, and that’s one of the top reasons why seniors choose them over other companies. They consistently rank at the top of the insurance company pile, and they are worth looking into for any senior who needs some additional insurance coverage of any kind.

You should also know that Mutual of Omaha is only selling a limited number of Supplement plans. Like other insurance providers, they are not going to offer all 10 Supplement plans.

That would simply be too much for them to keep up with, and so they only sell a few. You will definitely find all the favorites here, which would be the plans that most people sign up for. That’s Plan F, G, and N, among others.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019



How Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plans Compare


We are only going to talk about these three-high coverage plans here since most people sign up for them and since you probably need a high coverage plan, if you need Medicare supplemental coverage at all.

Plan F is the highest coverage plan of all, and it covers you for blood usage, foreign emergency transport, hospice care coinsurance, nursing care coinsurance, deductibles for Medicare parts A and B, part B excess charges, and copayments for Medicare parts A and B. Those are all the supplemental expenses, and only Plan F will cover them all.

That doesn’t make it the best plan, though. Because it covers so much, it is the most expensive Supplement plan.

Plan G is what people are told to pick when they are wondering which Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are best. This one covers you for most of the things that Plan F does, but it does ask that you pay the Medicare Part B deductible on your own.

Plan N is similarly high coverage, but it will not cover the same Part B deductible or the Part B excess charges. It also asks that you pay for some minor copayments every so often. Other than that, it covers all the supplemental expenses, making it a robust plan with a usually competitive price point.


Which Medigap Plan is Best?


mutual of omaha medicare supplementWell, we have listed the most popular plans that Mutual of Omaha has to offer, but which one is the best? 

There are some plans that will fit you better than others, but we can say that about anyone, and the plans that fit each person better than the rest could be different from one person to another.

For instance, if someone is already covered by the basic Medicare plan, then they may not need any Medicare Supplement plan or they may need a low coverage one.

Plan G is often called the most economical of the Supplement plans, but you may find it to be too expensive, and it may cover too many things that don’t apply to you.

Each person needs to pick a Supplement plan that works for them, based on what their current and future needs are. You are going to be stuck with the plan you choose for a year, after all. That’s the average benefit term, and once that term is over, then you can pick another plan if you like.

You should be evaluating your medical coverage from the time its time. See how the coverage plan is taking care of you and if your needs are changing or if the plan is set to change in the near future. Then you need to adjust your coverage as required to ensure that you are as covered as you can be at a price point that saves you money.

The goal is to choose a plan that costs less than it would require you to pay to cover the medical expenses on your own. Have you chosen a plan like that yet?

There are 10 of them to pick from, so even if you don’t find something among what we listed here that works for you, you have other options. You can also look at other providers besides just Mutual of Omaha.

Other companies offer a wider range of plans or a different lineup. You can choose one that fits your needs and that suits your lifestyle and health.

Which Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are the best? Call us today and we can help you decide!

Mutual of Omaha is a great insurance company that may have a plan that will save you money on healthcare, but you need to look at all your options before you settle down with any coverage plan.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans