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One of the more cost-effective Medicare Supplement plans is Medicare Plan N.

This is a high coverage plan that can take care of the majority of medical costs for you that are not already covered by the basic Medicare plan.

We want to look specifically at Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N.

We can show you what all it covers for you, why it’s a good idea to get it through Mutual of Omaha and how it stacks up to some other Medicare Supplement plans.

Our hope is that you will be able to take this information and use it to make an informed decision. We want you to know what your options are and how they compare.

That way, you can feel confident when you decide on one plan or another. We understand the dilemma presented to seniors by the wealth of chokes they have available.

There are tons of Supplement plans and other Medicare insurance plans to pick from. Plus, there are lots of insurance companies to choose those plans from. That leaves you with so many options that it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed.

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement

Enrolling in Medicare Plan N

medicare supplement plans 2020Let’s start by looking at what you would have to do if you decide you wanted Plan N. We know we haven’t explained what it is or why Mutual of Omaha is a good choice, but we promise we will get there.

Now, you can apply easily just by using our website and clicking below.

The application form is very short and only takes a few moments to fill out. Once you have submitted it, we will track it every step of the way. Policies are typically approved in a few days.

You need to apply during the enrollment period. This occurs when you turn 65 or achieve eligibility status some other way.

There are a few medical conditions that can help you qualify earlier than age 65, so talk to a Medicare agent to see if you qualify before you get too invested in one of these plans.

In order for Medicare Supplement Plan N (or any Supplement plan) to function properly, you need to have the basic Medicare plan, also known as Original Medicare.

This plan covers you for all sorts of basic and common medical expenses, but it leaves many things for you to pay on your own.

That’s where Plan N steps in.

We’ll cover how it steps in and what it covers in just a moment, but for now, we want you to know that you need to have that basic medical plan in order for the Supplement plan to do what it is supposed to do.

If you don’t, then the insurance company won’t let you sign up for their Supplement plan.

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Medicare Plan N Coverage

Medicare Plan NOnce you sign up for Medicare Supplement Plan N, you can be covered for a wealth of medical expenses.

These are things you would otherwise have to pay for out of your own pocket or have another insurance plan cover for you.

Now, Supplement Plan N isn’t compatible with a lot of other insurance plans, and you can’t have two supplement plans at the same time.

You will need to examine other insurance you have or want to have before you sign up for Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N to make sure there is no overlap and to ensure that you don’t have to drop one of your other plans.

Plan N covers all your copayments for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B These two expenses make up a lot of what Medicare subscribers have to pay out of pocket, and they are both amply covered under Plan N.

It will cover you for the Medicare Part A deductible too, which is very expensive, even if it is something you only pay once per year.

Plan N will also take care of the cost of some extra pints of blood for you.

You get some blood coverage if you have a basic Medicare plan, but that runs out for some people during the year, if they use enough blood.

Plan N provides three more pints of blood to you in its coverage terms. Those three pints get renewed each year.

Plan N is also going to take care of your skilled nursing care coinsurance costs.

That’s not the primary cost of nursing care, as that’s already covered under basic Medicare. But the copayment that basic Medicare leaves you to pay on that can be neatly covered by Medicare Supplement Plan N.

Also covered will be the cost of foreign travel exchange. That applies to instances where you need transport for a medical emergency to a medical facility that is not in the United States. It can cost a lot to be provided that transport.

If you ever need emergency medical transport outside the US, you will be glad you have this coverage.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement

Comparing Medicare Plan N vs Plan G

Now that we have looked at what Plan N can do for you, it’s time to look at what some other insurance plans cover for you and how they compare.

Plan N doesn’t cover all the supplementary expenses, but Plan F does.

This full-coverage plan is impressive in that covers all the things we listed earlier, as well as the Part B excess charges, the Part B deductible, and the small copayments that Pan N would leave for you to pay.

As you might imagine, that impressive coverage comes with an equally impressive price tag. Most people steer clear of Plan F unless they find it for a very good rate since it can be far more expensive than similar options while not offering a whole lot more.

Plan G is similar to Plan N as well, covering just a bit more than Plan N does. It covers the small copayments and it covers the Part B excess charges.

You will have to decide if that little bit of extra coverage is worth the extra cost each month for the premiums on Plan G. You should compare this and Plan F to Plan G to see which one is the best choice for you.

You may find that another Supplement plan works better than any of these, once you start looking at what Mutual o Omaha and other insurance companies have to offer.

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Why Mutual of Omaha?

Why did we choose Mutual of Omaha to talk about here? Well, it’s a company that has shown it is interested in taking care of its members and that really cares about what they need.

It has a strong and stable reputation, and that’s good for seniors who want that stability and who want to be well taken care of. You need to look at the rates Mutual of Omaha is charging for its plans, as they may be higher or lower than many of its competitors.

You can use a free online price comparison service to compare quotes and find the cheapest price.

However, just because Mutual of Omaha may not be the cheapest, that does not mean that it is a poor choice for you. The benefits of choosing this well-regarded insurance provider over other options could be enough to convince you that it is worth a little extra money each month.

Now that you have looked at Plan N and how you can get it through Mutual of Omaha, you should have a better idea as to whether it is right for you or not.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N  or if there is anything we can do to help you make your decision easier on you.

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