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Plan F was the big and bad Medicare Supplement for years.  It used to be the top-selling Medigap plan available, but some things have changed for this plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan fNo matter which insurance company you buy Plan F from, you are going to run into some restrictions that keep it from being as accessible as it used to be.

We want to tell you about Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plan F and what is different about it these days, as well as how Mutual of Omaha tries to add some real value to its plan.


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Medicare Plan F Benefits


For starters, only people who were enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 may still have or get, a Plan F.

Anyone who enrolls in Medicare Supplement Plan F- also known as Medigap Plan F- is going to get the same medical benefits.

These are the most comprehensive benefits of any of the Medigap plans. They are standardized benefits, so they are the same no matter whether you get Plan F from Mutual of Omaha or from another insurer.

Let’s take a look at these benefits and how extensively they cover your medical expenses.

Medicare Supplement PlansOne of the biggest medical expenses that any Medicare subscriber has to face is that of Medicare Part A’s annual deductible.

This deductible only needs to be paid once every year, but it costs a whopping $1,408. Medigap Plan F will cover that for you.

Plan F also covers very common expenses like the co-payments that you need to pay out every time you go to the hospital for a stay.

Or when you visit the doctor’s office, Original Medicare with its coverage will help to pay for some of your hospital stays, but it cuts off coverage at a point.

The Medigap plans can then step in and provide additional coverage for you, keeping you protected and keeping your costs down.

Plan F also covers you for the cost of the Medicare Part B annual deductible, and it is one of the very few Medigap plans to do that.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019


This $198 deductible for 2020 may not be much, compared to some of the other medical costs you have to deal with each year, but it can be reassuring to have your insurance plan cover it and you not have to be responsible for paying it.


Medicare Part B Excess charges


Medicare Part BMedicare Supplement Plan F will also take care of your Medicare Part B excess charges if they come up, though rare.  In other words, Plan F covers everything.

Another way Medicare Supplement Plan F covers you where the Medicare plan stops its coverage is in the blood you use for the year.

Medicare will cover you for all of your blood usages except for the first three pints, and Plan F covers those remaining three pints for you.

It will also cover the cost of nursing care coinsurance at skilled nursing care facilities. Hospice coinsurance is covered as well, along with foreign travel exchange.


Foreign Travel Benefit


That foreign travel coverage helps you with the cost of being transported for a medical emergency outside of the country.

You will be covered for as much as 80% of the cost each time you need this coverage, and you’ll be covered for a lifetime limit of $50,000.


How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2021



Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G


Plan F is a full coverage Medigap plan, meaning that there are no supplemental expenses it will not cover for you. However, you may not need all that coverage it can give you.

It may be more cost-effective to choose a lower coverage plan since it can cost considerably less. Plan F can be as much as $50 more than Medicare Plan G, and that’s just looking at Mutual of Omaha’s rates.

The price difference can be much more pronounced if you consider other insurance companies.

Plan F is not considered a very high-value plan because of its high cost. You can get very similar medical benefits if you enroll in the cheaper Plan G.




If you cut your coverage back a bit further with this plan, then you can save hundreds of dollars a year. The only difference between these two plans and what they cover for you is the Medicare Part B deductible of $203.

Plan G won’t cover it, but Plan F will. But you’ll save more money with Plan G!


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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N


Medicare Plan NAnother Supplement plan you will want to compare to Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan F is Medigap Plan N.

This one will cover most supplementary expenses, but it leaves off covering a lot of the Part B costs for you. It asks that you pay for the Medicare Part B excess charges as well as the Part B annual deductible.

It also will not provide coverage for some Part B copays but only covers a few of them for you. Plan N covers all the rest of the supplemental benefits, like Part A’s hospice, copays, and deductible. It also covers you for foreign travel exchange, nursing care, and hospice care.

This powerful plan may be missing a few supplemental benefits, but it is still a high coverage option that is a high-value choice for many seniors.

We recommend you consider Plan G and Plan N before enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plan F. We think you have a good chance of saving some money if you go with one of these other plans instead.




Who can Qualify for Plan F?


medicare supplement plan fIn the past, Plan F was Mutual of Omaha’s top seller among its Medigap plans. Now, that’s no longer the case.

This Medigap plan isn’t seeing as many new subscribers each year, and that is due to new regulations that have been put in place that have essentially delisted Plan F.

Now, you can no longer enroll in this plan if you are enrolling in Medicare for the first time at any point after January 1st, 2020.

You’ll have to choose a different Medigap plan, and it is all because Plan F was considered to be a poor investment and a low-value plan.

The insurance companies that sell Plan F used to charge more for it than the government thought it was worth, making it a bad choice for many seniors. Since Plan F is delisted, its subscribers are seeing major price increases.

From this point, there can be no new Medicare subscribers also becoming new Plan F subscribers, and that drop in new subscribers means that Plan F is now in a closed risk pool and will be seeing dramatic rate hikes.

This is why we don’t suggest that most seniors enroll in this plan. They are likely to just be overcharged for it. They are probably better off with Plan G or Plan N instead.

If any further changes occur to Plan F, we will let you know right here on this site. You can also call us up to get expert advice or to ask any questions about healthcare insurance and Plan F in particular.


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Mutual of Omaha Adds on Value


You could get Plan F from another insurer than Mutual of Omaha and receive the exact same medical benefits.

You may miss out on some of the member perks that Mutual of Omaha offers, as well as their low, competitive rates and household discount if you qualify which is up to 12%.

This company has some of the best rates in the industry, and you’ll see that when you use our website to source some quotes. You can easily compare them this way and find the best deal on Medigap insurance.

Mutual of Omaha works hard to have a great reputation and to build trust with its members. I does this by guaranteeing renewals for its Medigap plans and by offering a quick and painless claims process.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Mutual of Omaha also provides a household discount to people applying up to 12%. In some states, you just have to live with someone over the age of 60, and they don’t even need to be applying.

Even when Mutual of Omaha isn’t the cheapest health insurance provider, they are one of the better value ones. That’s because of all they do for their customers, the experience that they provide, and their perks that help consumers save money and enjoy a wide variety of services.

This is why we think that they are worth talking about and detailing to consumers. We believe they are one of the health insurance providers that you should be considering when you are planning to enroll in a Medigap plan.

Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan F has a lot of benefits, but it’s simply too expensive now to keep.

I highly suggest you consider a Plan G or even a Plan N from Mutual of Omaha.

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