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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated September 13th, 2023

Do you have Original Medicare Parts A & B? Enroll in a Medigap plan to cover the 20% of out-of-pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare.

There are ten Medigap plans; choosing between them can be challenging if you don’t know how they work.

Our Medicare supplement plans ratings and reviews examine the difference between the plans and who they suit.


What Medicare A and B Benefits Do You Get?What Medicare Part A & B Benefits Do You Get with Medigap Plans?

Medigap plans are available from private healthcare insurers. The federal agency CMS regulates the Part A & B benefits in these plans, ensuring consistency across the industry.

That means you get the same benefits in a Plan G policy with Humana as in a Plan G policy with Mutual of Omaha or any other insurer.

Medigap plans cover the remaining costs of healthcare services not covered by Original Medicare Parts A & B. The plans differ in coverage, with some being more comprehensive than others.

Choosing the right plan for your needs depends on how often you use healthcare services, the emergency coverage you want, and the budget you have available to spend on monthly premiums.

All Medigap plans in 2024 offer the following benefits.

  • Part A coinsurance and hospital costs for up to 365 days after using up Medicare benefits.
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment.
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment.
  • Blood transfusion costs for the first three pints of blood.

Plans F*, G, and N offer additional Medicare Parts A & B benefits.

  • Part A deductible.
  • Part B excess charges (Plan N doesn’t cover these charges).
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance.
  • 80% of emergency healthcare costs when traveling outside the US for 60 days. ($250 deductible and $50,000 maximum apply).
  • Unlimited coverage for all out-of-pocket costs.

*Plan F is the only Medigap plan offering coverage for the Part B deductible. However, it’s unavailable for seniors eligible for Medicare after January 1, 2020.

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Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans Ratings & Benefits

Let’s unpack the coverage and benefits you get from each Medigap plan. We’ll look at the cost of the plan, who it suits, and what you can expect from it.


Plans A, B, D

Plans A, B, & D are basic offerings. They suit seniors on a budget who want coverage for medical emergencies and hospital care.

Plan A offers basic benefits, and Plan B is similar, but you get coverage for the Part A deductible. Plan D is a mid-priced option with good coverage for Part A & B benefits.

Parts A, B, and D

These plans are affordable and good choices for seniors on a budget or with low income. All Medigap providers must offer Medigap Plan A.

However, they can choose to provide any of the plans. As a result, it’s hard to find many of the top-rated providers offering Plans B & D.


Plans F & G

Plans F & G are the most popular options in the Medigap range.

Plan F is the only policy offering coverage for the Part B deductible. However, you can only access it if you were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.

Plan F Eligibility

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, also known as “MACRA,” Brought an end to Medigap plans being able to offer coverage for the Part B deductible.

However, if you were eligible for Medicare before the cut-off date for Plan F in January 2020, you can still apply with carriers offering the plan.

Many of the top-rated providers offer Plan F if you qualify. Plan F provides “first dollar coverage,” meaning you have no out-of-pocket expenses for Original Medicare Parts A & B. All you have to pay is your monthly premium, and you’re covered.

While Plan F is a “fully comprehensive” Medigap plan, Plan G is the next best option. You get coverage for everything in Plan F except the Part B Deductible.

Plan G comes with a more affordable monthly premium than Plan F, sometimes up to $40 per month, which is less expensive than Plan F.

As a result, the savings you make on monthly premiums with Plan G over Plan F usually account for the cost of the Part B deductible.


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Plans K, L, & M

Seniors Looking for Better CoveragePlans K, L, & M are good choices for seniors looking for better coverage than Plans A, B, & D but want affordable monthly premiums.

Plans K & L are “accost-sharing” policies. With Plan K, you get 50% coverage for most Part B expenses and 75% coverage for Part B expenses with Plan L.

Plans K & L come with out-of-pocket limits. Plan K has a limit of $6,940, and Plan L has a limit of 3,470. Plan M is a good choice for low-income seniors.

However, you only have coverage for 50% of the Part A deductible.


Plan N

Plan N is a great choice for seniors who don’t use many healthcare services during the year. Plan N might be for you if you’re fit, active, and eat well.

Plan N if You're Fit, Active, and Eat WellYou get excellent coverage for medical emergencies, but you have to make copayments of $50 if you’re not admitted to the hospital when visiting the emergency room and a $20 copayment at the doctor.

Plan N also doesn’t cover excess charges. These charges incur when you visit a doctor, charging more than Medicare-approved rates (also known as “Medicare Assignment” rates).

However, you can avoid these charges if you see doctors charging Medicare-approved rates at their practice.


High-Deductible Plans F & G

Plans F & G are available from select insurers in a “high-deductible” plan. The high-deductible version gives you all the same benefits as the standard Plans F & G.

High-Deductible Plans F and G

However, your Part A deductible increases from $1,600 to $2,700 annually.

In return for a higher deductible, you get much lower premiums. Depending on the insurer, you could save up to 75% to 80% on the premiums for the standard versions of these plans.

They’re a good choice for seniors who want comprehensive or near-comprehensive care but don’t incur many medical expenses during the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  What are Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews, and why are they important?

Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews are assessments and feedback provided by policyholders based on their experiences with specific Medigap plans. They are crucial because they offer valuable insights into the quality of coverage, customer service, and overall satisfaction with different insurance companies.


  How can I access Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews?

To access Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews, you can visit official government websites like, which offers a comprehensive comparison tool that includes plan ratings and reviews from policyholders.


  What criteria are used to rate Medicare Supplement Plans?

The criteria used to rate Medicare Supplement Plans may include factors like customer satisfaction, claim processing efficiency, plan stability, complaint resolution, and overall value for money.


  How can Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings help me make an informed decision?

Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings can help you make an informed decision by providing insights into the experiences of others who have purchased the same plans. You can use this information to choose a plan that best aligns with your needs and preferences.


  Is it common to see variations in ratings for the same Medicare Supplement Plan?

Yes, it’s common to see variations in ratings for the same Medicare Supplement Plan as different policyholders may have diverse experiences based on individual needs, healthcare providers, and locations.


  Are there any red flags to look out for in Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews?

While reading reviews, be cautious of recurring complaints about denied claims, poor customer service, or sudden premium increases. These red flags may indicate potential issues with the plan or the insurance company.


  Can I rely solely on Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews to choose the best plan?

While Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews provide valuable insights, they should not be the sole basis for choosing a plan. Consider your personal healthcare needs, budget, and coverage requirements before making a decision.


  Is it possible to leave a review for my Medicare Supplement Plan?

Yes, some official websites and insurance company platforms allow policyholders to leave reviews and share their experiences with specific Medicare Supplement Plans.


  Are there any alternatives to official Medicare websites for accessing plan ratings?

Apart from official Medicare websites, private organizations and consumer advocacy groups may also offer Medicare Supplement Plan ratings and reviews. However, ensure that you use reputable sources for accurate and reliable information.


  How often are Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews updated?

Medicare Supplement Plan Ratings & Reviews are typically updated annually or as new data becomes available. Check the last update date on the website to ensure you have the most recent information when making your decision.

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