Medicare Supplement Plans 2022

Medicare Supplement Plans in 2022 are available to help pay expenses in both Medicare Part A and B. These include deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments. The most popular Medicare supplement plans for 2022 are Medicare Plan G, Plan N, and High-deductible Plan G.

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2022 are:

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan G
  • Medicare Plan F*
  • High-deductible Plan F*

*Plan F is no longer available to anyone enrolled in Medicare on January 1st of 2020 or later

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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2022

Though the plan letters are not changing in coverage for 2022, many people are in fact changing their Medicare supplement plan to opt for different coverage.

The biggest change is more and more people leaving Medicare Plan F and enrolling in Plan G or a Plan N. This is due to the high rate increases they are experiencing, and realizing that Plan G and Plan N are a much better value than Plan F.

At we do not usually recommend people stay with Plan F at this time. It’s simply too much money for no worthwhile extra benefit. In fact, you can check now to see the differences between Plan F vs Plan G or N simply by using our quote engine just to the right.

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Medigap Plans 2022 - The 3 Most Popular

There might be 12 different Medigap plans available for 2022, but in reality, most people will enroll in one of the three below. More people will enroll in Plan G, however, we highly suggest that you let us show you why Medigap Plan N is likely your best choice going into 2022 and beyond.

Others might find that high-deductible Plan G works well for them; however, the large deductible is turned off to meet. Read below to see which one might be best for you, then give us a call and we can answer any questions you have. 1-888-891-0229

Medicare Plan G - 2022

With Plan F not available to people new to Medicare, Medigap Plan G has now become the most popular of all the Medicare supplement plans for 2022, and for good reason.

Plan G offers fantastic coverage for those on Part A and B Medicare, with only one small annual deductible to pay. In 2022 this deductible is $233.

Once this deductible is met, Plan G will pick up 100% of your medical costs after Medicare pays the 80%.

Medicare Plan G

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With Medicare Plan G in 2022, there is:

  • No Network – Visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital in the country that accepts original Medicare
  • No Co-pays
  • No coinsurance
  • 100% coverage after you pay the annual Part B deductible ($233)

Medicare Plan N - 2022

A close second in popularity of all the Medigap Plans for 2022 is Medicare Plan N. This plan offers great coverage but does have the possibility of some additional out-of-pocket expenses.

You’ll have a lower monthly premium on Plan N than you would on Plan G in exchange for those.

Medigap Plan N Benefits

Plan N is very similar to Plan G, in that you still pay the annual Part B deductible before Medicare pays any of your medical bills.

After you meet this deductible, you might have a small co-pay for each doctor’s visit if you have Plan N. This co-payment will never be more than $20 and actually could be less than $20. The amount of the co-pay is based on how they code your visit.

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With Medicare Plan N in 2022:

  • You pay the Part B annual deductible of $233, then Medicare pays 80% of your approved medical bills
  • Plan N pays the remaining 20%
  • You could have a small co-pay of up to $20 per doctor’s visit after the deductible is met (Telehealth visits do not have a co-pay)
  • There is a $50 co-pay if you visit the emergency room and you are not admitted
  • You pay any Part B excess charges (Rare, and not even applicable to CT, MN, OH, PA, RI, VT, MA, or NY)

High-deductible Medicare Plan G

Yes, there are two Plan G’s! One is standard Plan G as explained above, and the other is a high-deductible version of this.

With standard Plan G, Medicare begins paying 80% of your medical bills after you meet the Part B annual deductible of just over $200. High-deductible Plan G is just like this, except it has just what it says: A high deductible.

In 2022 this deductible amount is $2490, annually. This means that Medicare will begin paying 80% of your medical bills after you meet the annual Part B deductible amount, however, you are required to pay the additional 20% of your bills (as well as anything that falls under Part A Medicare) until you reach an out-of-pocket amount of $2490 (or whatever the amount will be in 2022).

After you reach this amount on a high-deductible Plan G, then all of your bills will be paid for the remainder of the calendar year.

High-deductible Medicare Plan G in 2022 has:

  • A much higher deductible than standard Plan G
  • No Network
  • Much lower premiums than Plan G or Plan N

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Is it worth it?

Most people choose to go with Plan G or Plan N because for a relatively low monthly premium they can avoid the high deductible that comes with the High-G plan. Remember, with a standard Plan G the deductible is just a few hundred dollars, then 100% coverage.

How to Choose a Plan that's Right for You in 2022

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