Which Medicare Supplement Plans in 2021 are Best?

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As the year goes by quickly, many people on Medicare as well as those who are just turning 65 will likely be asking “Which Medicare Supplement Plans in 2021 are best?” Well, the answer is going to be different for everyone.

This is mostly due to people having different situations with their health, along with the monthly premiums being different for each plan in each area of the country.


Finding the Best Plan in 2021 for You

Whether you are just turning 65 in 2021, or you currently have a Medicare supplement plan, you should review your choices (or have us review them) every year to make sure you’re in the right plan with a competitive premium.

For those who have been on a plan for a few years, it’s likely you’ve experienced some rate increases and you’re wondering if you have the right coverage or if there’s a lower premium available from another company.


They’re All The Same

Remember Medicare supplement plans all have the same benefits within each plan letter, regardless of which company offers the plan. This means an Aetna Plan G is identical to a Mutual of Omaha Plan G.

Or any other letter for that matter. Each company sets its own rates, however, based on the risk pool. This means rates are adjusted based on the number of claims being paid out of the group.

That is why you’ll find such a large disparity in the premiums from one company to another for the same coverage. A Plan F from one company could be $165, and only $119 from a different company.


Medicare Plan G rates


It Pays to Let Us Help

We see ourselves much more as consultants than we do as agents. That’s because we first make sure you understand all your benefits and the options available to you, and then we shop the rates to help find you the lowest premium.

We don’t work for any of the insurance companies, we work for you!

Each year as you get rate increases we’ll continue to shop the market to make sure you’re always paying the least amount possible for the coverage you qualify for.


Medicare Plan F – No Longer the Best

Some of the greatest savings for Medicare supplement plans in 2021 will be people moving from Plan F over to a Plan G. The plans are nearly identical in coverage, but Plan G premiums are much lower than Plan F in most areas.

With the only difference being who pays the annual Part B deductible each year, there’s very little benefit for someone to pay more to have a Plan F pay that deductible for them.

Many people are quickly realizing this. If you have a Plan F currently and want to see just how much a Plan G can save you simply enter your zipcode below. Which Medicare Supplement Plans in 2021 are best?

The ones that will provide the greatest amount of coverage that gives you peace of mind, with a reputable company and a reasonable monthly cost.

Let us help you easily find the best coverage and rate for 2021!


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