Top 10 Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies of 2021

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Humana: Best Additional Member Benefits 


It has more than 13 million subscribers across the US. It has been around since 1961 and it is currently the third-largest health insurance company in the US. 

As one of the most well-known and respected insurance companies in the US, Humana has accumulated numerous awards. Because of its high-quality products and customer support, it has been given copious awards by the National Business Grop on Health, the Military Times and the American Heart Association.

The Better Business Bureau rated it as an A+ company. It sells a variety of health plans, like Medicare Part D coverage and Supplement plans.

If you purchase your Medicare supplement plan through Humana, you will enjoy a variety of extra perks with no extra charge. These perks would include discounts on eye exams, telehealth 24/7, and access to its Transplant Center.

The company also offers weight-loss programs, prescription glasses, and OTC medicines.




Currently, if offers 7 Medicare Supplements, namely: A, B, C, F, High-deductible F, K, L, and N. The plans are available nationwide. It also offers plans for states that have special requirements. But these 7 plans are not available in all states.

To know if the plan you wish to purchase is available in your state, you may use its online tool. You may also call its agents to inquire about the plan you wish to purchase. The company also offers a site that lets you request quotes without having to input your details.

You may also use the online comparison tool to compare the prices for MSI and Medicare Advantage. If you wish to add a drug plan in your policy, you may do so as Humana offers a Part D plan.


Pricing Structure 

The structure can be different from one state to another. However, the carrier typically utilizes attained-age pricing. It means that your premium will vary depending on the age you obtained the plan, as well as your gender, location and tobacco use.


To obtain a quote, you may enter your date of birth, the start date of coverage and gender. Purchasing coverage from Humana can be done through its website. If you do so, you are entitled to receive a small discount.

Aetna: Best Customer Service 


Aetna Medicare Supplement RatesIn the US, Aetna has nearly 40 million customers. It has diverse health insurance plans and it is well-experienced in providing Medicare Solutions. For more than a decade now, the company has been selling Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Aetna has a track record of giving back to the communities by contributing to charitable institutions. It also offers assistance after natural disasters. It emphasizes on offering excellent customer service. It also makes it easier for subscribers to get help whenever necessary.


The company offers 6 different Medicare Supplement plans. These would include plans A, B, F, and high-deductible F, as well as G and N. These plans are not available in all states that Aetna operates.

To see the plans available in your area, you may use the online coverage tool. However, you may call its representatives if you wish to know more about a particular plan. Aetna’s website is intuitive. It can easily tell you whether or not a certain plan is available in your area.

The Medicare Supplement plans of Aetna are guaranteed renewable. It means that Aetna can’t cancel your plan because of your medical condition. As a subscriber of Aetna’s plans, you can easily track your claims, make payments or view your policy through its website.


Pricing Structure 

The pricing structure for Medicare supplement plans will depend on the state you live in. Most Medigap plans of Aetna are community-rated and others are using issue-age structure. Because of the varying structures, the costs of the plan will vary depending on the state you live in.

No matter where you live, though, Aetna has a one-year rate lock. In that case, your monthly premium will not go up during the first year of coverage. You may also request price quotes by entering your zip code, state, gender, and date of birth, as well as your desired start date.

You can obtain a 12% discount if you are living with another senior with MSI from Aetna. This insurance provider lets you cancel your plan within the first 30 days and you get a full refund.





Cigna: Best Overall Value 


cigna medicare supplement plan gCigna operates around the world. It has more than 95 million subscribers worldwide. It is one of the industry leaders in the health insurance industry.

Cigna is known to offer competitive rates and high-quality coverage. The company is known to help people in improving health. Thus, as a subscriber, you can access many health programs. It is touted as the best insurance company for overall value because of its competitive premiums and extra perks.




The company sells 8 Medicare Supplement plans. These would include A, B, C, D, F, with high-deductible F. It also sells plans G and N. Cigna operates in all 50 states. However, these 8 plans are not guaranteed to be available in all states in the US. The reason for this is that it only follows state laws.

Cigna has several family company companies, like American Retirement Life Insurance. These family companies will provide you the insurance plan that Cigna offers in your state. You may research Cigna’s MSI plans through its website. Or you may choose to call its agents over the phone to talk about the plans you wish to purchase.

Medicare Supplements are not limited by their network. In that case, you are free to use any healthcare provider in your area, as long as the providers are accepting Medicare.  No matter what plan you choose, you can access Cigna’s Healthy Rewards program. It also provides savings on wellness products, massage therapy, and weight-loss programs.

You may also find other supplement insurance choices, such as accident expenses, cancer treatments, and heart attacks, among others. To know more about these non-traditional MSI plans of Cigna, you may call its customer support team. You may also purchase Medicare Part D or drug plan through Cigna and you can add it to your MSI plan.

Cigna is an online portal that lets you view your policy information, pay your monthly premium, or track your claims. You may also call its customer support team that is based in the US. It is available on weekdays, from 8 am to 8 pm.


Pricing Structure 

The pricing for MSI plans of Cigna will vary depending on the state laws. However, the monthly premiums of its plans are competitive. They are the most affordable options you can find. If you need to obtain quotes, first, you simply need to share some of your personal details. You will have to enter your date of birth, phone number, name, and email address to obtain quotes.

Cigna also offers discounts if you are living with a person that subscribes to one of Cigna’s Medicare Supplement plans.

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans 


United Healthcare Medicare supplementAmong the many health insurance companies offering MSI plans, AARP is the most experienced when it comes to working with seniors. It has been serving seniors since 1958. Its main goal is to ensure that seniors in the US are empowered, informed, and independent.

It provides several programs that make it easier for seniors to access and enjoy their health plans no matter where they are in the US.

AARP, per se, is not an insurance company. However, it teams up with health insurance providers, like United Healthcare to provide affordable insurance options. United Healthcare is a national health insurance company that has extensive experience in offering health insurance for seniors.



The company offers the following MSI plans: A, B, C, F, G, and K, as well as L and N. The plans are accessible in all 50 states. However, the plans’ availability will depend on your location. If you wish to know if a certain plan is available in your state, you need to input your zip code. AARP’s website will give you an estimate of how much a certain MSI plan will cost you.

The monthly premium provided assumes that you will turn 65 and not using tobacco products. In that case, there is a discrepancy in the actual premium and the price quote. You can sign up for AARP’s health plan through the company’s website. However, you may also sign up through United Healthcare if you want to add a prescription medication drug plan.

You need to be a member of AARP if you wish to get coverage. Membership requires a yearly fee of $16. Consider joining AARP when you sign up for Medicare Supplement insurance. When you are a subscriber of AARP, you get to enjoy discounted movie tickets, hotels, and car rentals, among others.


Pricing Structure

Most health plans of AARP utilize communized-rated. It means that the monthly premiums of seniors in a particular area are the same, regardless of their age. However, you can get a discount if you choose to enroll when you turn 65. But the discount decreases every year. As a result, the pricing model will be similar to the age-attained structure.


During the initial enrollment period, you get up to a 30% discount. Every year that passes, the number of discount decreases by up to 3%. It also includes a household discount of 5% if you are living with a person who is also enrolled in one of AARP’s MSI plans.


Mutual of Omaha 


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018It is touted as the best insurance company for Medicare experience. Since its launch in 1966, it has been offering MSI plans to members. With that in mind, it makes it one of the most experienced insurers that sell Medicare products. In the US, Mutual of Omaha has an excellent reputation for providing its members with high-quality health insurance options.

This insurance provider values its members so much that it processes 98% of Medicare claims in just 12 hours. With this genuine concern for the well-being of its customers, Mutual of Omaha is one of the best choices for MSI.



Mutual of Omaha doesn’t offer all 10 MSI plans designed by Medicare. Rather, it only sells 5 MSI plans, namely A, F, high-deductible F, G, and N. Although its coverage is available across the US, not all plans are accessible in all states. If you wish to purchase a drug program, you can do so as this carrier also provides Medicare Part D.

This carrier has various subsidiary companies. In that case, the policy that you have will carry a different name. For instance, your coverage may bear the name United of Omaha, which is one of the affiliate companies of Mutual of Omaha.

If you wish to know the costs of purchasing a plan from this carrier, you may request a quote through its website. When requesting free quotes, you need to fill out a form and enter your personal details.

After sending the completed form, the carrier’s agent will call you to discuss the options available for you. With that in mind, Mutual of Omaha is not the most ideal option if you wish to process all your health insurance issues online.

But, as soon as you are a policyholder, you can use its company’s website to track your claims, pay your monthly premium and read your policy details. You may also browse the company’s library of useful information and find answers to a lot of commonly asked questions regarding healthcare and coverage.


Pricing Structure

One of the complaints of many seniors about this carrier is that they cannot easily request quotes through its website. The carrier’s customer support team will contact you to give you all the details that you need about a particular plan.

Regarding the pricing structure, the company uses an attained-age rating. In this case, your monthly premium will increase as you age. For that reason, you may wish to compare quotes from different birth years in your area to know how much you will pay as you get older.

If you are living with your spouse who also has coverage from Mutual of Omaha, then you will get a maximum 12% discount. You will also receive a discount if you are living with another person who is over 60 years old for at least a year and that person has an MSI with this carrier.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019




Manhattan Life


It is the most experienced insurance company that operates in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. Manhattan Life is one of the longest insurance providers in the US based on its founding in 1850.

With that in mind, it is one of the most experienced insurers in the US. The company is known to resolve the unique and diverse needs of its subscribers, regardless of their location and their status in life.

The company operates in 35 states and it offers MSI Plans A, C, F G, and N. It doesn’t have any Part D, though. Thus, if you are looking for a drug prescription, you may have to look for another provider.

Manhattan Life belongs to a group. Thus, if this carrier cannot provide you with coverage in a certain area, other companies within its group can give you coverage. If you wish to know more about your policy, you may use its intuitive website.

It is known to be transparent about each plan and what its coverage is. In that way, you will not be wasting your time trying to determine whether or not Manhattan Life is the best provider for their medical needs.




It is awarded as the best for coverage in specialized states. Transamerica has been around since 1904. Since its inception, it has evolved into one of the most trusted insurers in the US. It doesn’t just protect your financial well-being but it will also protect your physical and emotional health. Currently, AM Best gave this carrier an A+ rating. It means that AM Best thinks it is a superior carrier.

The plans are available in all 50 states. It also provides coverage to states with specialized Medicare laws. These would include Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. The specialized laws in these states are the reasons many companies don’t offer their MSI plans here. But you can be sure that Transamerica can offer you coverage in those states mentioned.



It currently offers plans A, F, G, K and N. As mentioned, you can find its plans in various parts of the US, including states with specialized Medicare laws. But not all of these plans are available. Transamerica lets you use any doctor in the US, as long as the healthcare professional accepts Medicare as a payment method. MSI doesn’t have any network restrictions.

However, it doesn’t offer Medicare Part D. But it has other insurance options, like retirement planning and life insurance. With this in mind, it makes this carrier a medical choice if you wish to bundle your MSI plans with other financial options.


Pricing Structure

When you visit its website, you cannot find any pricing information. You need to call its customer support team to obtain a quote. Speaking to an agent directly to request quotes will require you to reveal your age, gender, coverage start date, and location. Depending on the state you live in, the agent may ask you for other personal details. Typically, the company uses attained-age pricing.

The carrier offers discounts. However, the amount will depend on your collation. Transamerica can give you a small discount if you choose to enroll in its automatic online payment method.


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