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There are three high-coverage plans from Medicare that can be bought through private insurance companies.

Out of them, Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2021 is the one with the lowest coverage.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad plan by any means. What it means is that it is the cheapest of the three and that is does still offer a lot of coverage since it is a high-coverage plan.

Medicare Supplement PlansWe are going to look at exactly what coverage comes from Plan N. It’s not the cheapest plan available, nor is it the one with the most coverage.

It’s not quite in the middle of the list of plans available, but it is far enough away from either extreme to make it a good choice for a large number of Medicare subscribers.

With this plan, you will receive coverage for nursing care services.

Now like all the coverage from Medicare supplement plans, you are only covered at those healthcare facilities that are within the insurance provider’s network.

Not all hospitals and doctor’s offices will be, so you do want to make sure that there is a healthcare facility near you that is part of the company’s network who you are considering buying the plan from.


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Plan N provides more than just coverage for nursing care. It also covers you for a few more pints of blood each year than Medicare basic provides.

The base form of Medicare offers a lot of coverage, but it does leave some room for more coverage, even on some of the expenses it covers partially.

This includes hospice care, which Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2021 will cover to some extent. Plan N offers 365 days of hospice care coverage, and this is to last you for the lifetime of your plan.

It will also provide you with coverage for the Medicare Part A and Part B co-payments.

Now with the Part B co-payment, Plan N does require that you pay $20 for certain visits to the doctor’s office as well as $50 copay for emergency room visits if you are not admitted into the hospital.


Medicare Supplement Plan N


It covers the Medicare Part A deductible too, which is a charge that can come up quite often.

Just as common is the Part B deductible, which Plan N does not cover. Thankfully, it is a small expense.

The final piece of coverage from Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2017 is for emergency medical services in foreign countries.

It won’t cover everything for you on this expense, as it only goes up to $50,000 or 80%, whichever comes first. It also requires that you pay a deductible with this expense which is $250.

Again this is for emergency services only.


And that is Plan N’s coverage in its entirety. There are still some gaps in it, as you can see, but a lot of the major expenses are covered as much as they can be by a supplemental plan.

If you are thinking about picking Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2021, then rest assured you will get great coverage.

And at a lower premium than both Plan F or G, with lower annual rate increases.

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