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Those of you who have thought about enrolling in Plan F in the past, this is no longer the same Plan F. So, it is important that you re-evaluate the new Plan F. Medicare Supplement Plan F 2021 is not the same as Plan F from a few years ago.

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The changes with Plan F

What use to be the most popular of supplement plans, which was Plan F, is no longer available to new enrollees beginning January 1st, 2020.

Due to new legislation that affected the previous Plan F, only those who had the plan prior to January 1st, 2020, will be the only people to ever have that plan because of a restriction placed on it by the new legislation.

So, those who already had the plan will be the only ones able to continue to sign-up for it again, and that is just for renewing it.

What this means is that none of the new enrollees (after January 1st, 2020) to Medicare is not going to have the ability to access Plan F (the old Plan F), and it will only be available for renewals.

So, the rumors going around about the plan being discontinued is not the truth. From year to year, enrollees of the plan will drop one by one, whether it be to change their plan to one they feel offers them better benefits or something else.

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The previous Plan F has now entered what we refer to as “a closed risk pool.” This means that on account of there being no new enrollees, the plan will cover duration is going to increase in its price, a lot!

It is a new enrollee that offset the plans cost, making insurance companies profitable. Insurance companies realize they can get away with overcharging new enrollees, and at the same time, continue charging the enrollees that have been with them for a while at a lower price.

However, they can no longer use this as an option to gain profits, which means that to replace their lost profits, the cost of the plan will have to be increased substantially.

Those who already had Plan F prior to January 1st, 2020, will no doubt be seeking a different plan soon as the cost is going to become extremely higher.

It will be an enrollee’s decision if they want to stick with the plan they have and pay a much higher price or seek one the other many plans available.

But for those that are not currently an enrollee of Plan F, you will not need to take time to compare Plan F with the others, as it is no longer one of your options.

Those interested in finding out what Plan F coverage covered, just continue reading.

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The Coverage of Plan F

Medicare Supplement F for 2021 is referred to as a full-coverage plan. It is going to cover all healthcare expenses labeled as supplemental.

The following is a list of what Plan F covers: The coverage of Medicare Supplement Plan F covers the co-payments expenses under Medicare Part A (hospital stay) as an inpatient.

The co-payments will also be covered for each individual to stay in the hospital. As with all Medicare Supplement plans, Plan F covers the costs left behind by Original Medicare.

This plan will cover the cost of coinsurance for hospice care under Plan A, and not even the greatest Advantage plan covers this expense.

Its coverage includes the coinsurance for nursing care and most of the expenses for the services of skilled nursing care, and it covers the deductible for Medicare Part A, which itself is generally about $1,400. One of the less expensive things that it covers is the deductible for Medicare Part B.

With Plan F, the costs related to the coinsurance of Part B, including the excess charges under Part B, will all be covered. The excess charges we are referring to here are the ones you are charged when you receive your healthcare from a healthcare professional who is not a participant of the Medicare program.

Plan F also covers the first three pints of blood needed each benefit year, and Original Medicare covers the rest. Lastly, it covers 80% of the healthcare costs of transporting you to a medical facility outside of the United States borders. Which gives you a lifetime of coverage up to $50,000.

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Medicare Plan G - A better option

Those of you who already have Plan F will eventually start searching for an alternative plan to take the place of this one for once the cost of it begins to increase, it will continue to do so. Now that Plan C has also been given restrictions, that one is out of the ball game for many seniors. Plan G would be the next in line to have a plan coverage that comes the closest to Plan F.

The only thing different between this plan and Plan F is that Plan G does not cover the deductible for Medicare Part B.

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nfortunately, Plan F has been limited by legislation, and from now on, the deductible for Medicare Supplement Plan B will be your responsibility to pay. Plan G costs less and gives more than Plan F does.

Another alternative to Plan F is Plan N, which is like the coverage provided by Plan G and Plan F. This plan takes care of all the expenses under the supplemental, except the deductible for Part B, any excess charges, and many of the co-payments for medical facility visits. Either one of these two plans would be a good one for seniors to replace the Plan F with as it would make a perfect or as close to perfect alternative for the Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2021.

It is estimated that there will be many seniors looking for a different plan to change due to how the new legislation affects Medicare Supplement Plan F, as the way it is going to start affecting the pricing of it soon. So, investigate the new Medicare Supplement Plan F 2021!