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More coverage for your medical expenses may mean more savings for you, but only if you buy a plan that gives you the coverage you need at a price that you can pay easily.

A Cigna Medigap Plan N for 2021 could just be that plan for you.

What it offers is tons of coverage for expenses like nursing care, emergency care outside the US, coinsurance (hospice care or hospital costs), and even a deductible.

It further covers co-payments and more blood, which all comes up to some well-rounded coverage.

Now you may still have to pay for some medical expenses out of your own money, but there shouldn’t be a lot left to pay.


Out-of-Pocket Expenses on Plan N

Cigna Medicare supplement plans 2019With Plan N you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself each calendar year. Once that is met, you might have up to a $20 co-pay per doctor’s visit and all 20 percent coinsurance will be paid for you.

If you go to the emergency room and have Plan N, you might have to pay a $50 co-payment.

This only happens if you’re not admitted into the hospital. Also, Plan N doesn’t cover Part B excess charges.


Cost of Plan N – Shop Around!

How much this plan actually helps you though will really depend on what your current medical and financial situation is. If you are in great health and almost never visit the hospital, Plan N is a great choice due to its lower premiums while still providing additional coverage on top of what Medicare gives them.

It’s not for everyone, but for those, it benefits it really is a big help.

The coverage listed above is not the same coverage it will probably have in five or six years. The coverage changes every now and then, but no changes are upcoming on plan benefits. If you want to see some changes in the plan, you are going to have to look at the rates.

They increase on about an annual basis, even with a financially stable company like Mutual of Omaha. And the amount they increase is up to the individual insurance companies.

You can find out what those rates are at right now if you look at the quote generator on our site.

This tool gives you the ability to look at rates for a few different providers at once, comparing prices and tracking increases.

Come back and check regularly to see if the Cigna Medigap Plan N for 2021 is a good plan for you.


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